Seahawks reportedly considering Griffin, Kaepernick as backup

Seattle has been looking to upgrade its backup quarterback, and the two veterans are reportedly in the mix.

| 2 weeks ago
(Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

(Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Seahawks reportedly considering Griffin, Kaepernick as backup

  • Pete Carroll said Monday in an ESPN Seattle interview that the team is looking to add competition to the team’s existing QBs behind Russell Wilson. When asked specifically about free agents Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick, Carroll confirmed that they were among those being considered.
  • Griffin III started five games for the Browns in 2016, finishing the season with a 52.1 overall grade. Kaepernick started 11 games for the 49ers last season, and earned a 61.6 overall grade.
  • Wilson was PFF’s fifth-ranked QB last season with a PFF grade of 89.6. Wilson accomplished this despite playing behind PFF’s lowest-ranked offensive line. He was under some form of defensive pressure on 41.6 percent of his snaps, fifth-most among QBs, but was accurate on 72 percent of his passes under pressure, fourth-best in the league.
  • Bearing this in mind, it stands to reason that performance under pressure would be a valuable skill for a potential backup QB in Seattle. Kaepernick faced pressure on 42.4 percent of his snaps (fourth-most), while RGIII was pressured 37.2 percent of the time (14th).
  • When facing pressure, RGIII was accurate on 77.4 percent of his passes, second-best among quarterbacks with at least 25 percent of team snaps at QB. Kaepernick was accurate on 61.1 percent of his throws under pressure, 23rd out of the same 37 QBs.

Colin Kaepernick

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