SEA-TB grades: Mike Evans, Lavonte David lead Buccaneers in upset win

Highest-graded player and top takeaways from the Buccaneers' Week 12 win over the Seahawks.

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Mike Evans

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SEA-TB grades: Mike Evans, Lavonte David lead Buccaneers in upset win

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14, Seattle Seahawks 5

Here are the highest-graded players and top takeaways from the Buccaneers’ Week 12 victory over the Seahawks.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Quarterback grade: Jameis Winston 75.3

Winston starts hot in win

Winston completed 21 of his of 28 pass attempts with no drops for 220 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception. Under pressure, Winston was five of nine for 38 yards. The second-year QB finished two for six on passes of 20 yards or more downfield for 49 deep-passing yards; his TD and pick also came on deep passes. Winston was successful using play action, completing 10 of 11 play-action pass attempts for 76 yards and a touchdown. Winston started hot with pinpoint throws to give the Bucs a lead that their defense would not relinquish. Winston had a touchdown pass late in the fourth quarter called back on a holding penalty, and then followed the play up by throwing his interception via a coverage misread on an end-zone fade.

Jameis Winston vs pressure

Top offensive grades:

WR Mike Evans, 91.4

QB Jameis Winston, 75.3

C Joe Hawley, 74.5

G Ali Marpet, 73.4

T Donovan Smith, 73.3 

Evans finds space in Seahawks’ zone coverage

Mike Evans was the best offensive player on the field Sunday, hauling in all eight of his catchable targets (11 total targets) for 104 yards and two touchdowns. Evans hauled in one of his touchdown passes on a reception of 20 yards and added another reception on a deeper target. Tampa Bay was committed to running the ball, as this set up Winston on play-action passes. Bucs guard Ali Marpet helped lead the way on the interior, as he graded well in run-blocking and helped the Buccaneers control the line of scrimmage.

Top defensive grades:

LB Lavonte David, 93.9

CB Alterraun Verner, 85.2

DT Gerald McCoy, 83.9

ED Noah Spence, 83.2

CB Vernon Hargreaves, 82.8

Bucs’ defense lights out

Tampa Bay’s defense was relentless throughout the game, and was led by Lavonte David, who had a hit and a hurry on Russell Wilson in nine snaps rushing the passer, as well as a tackle and an assist in run defense. The Bucs’ secondary performed well with Alterraun Verner, yielding three receptions for 38 yards and a pick on targets into his coverage. Hargreaves surrendered three receptions for 11 yards as the Bucs blanketed the Seahawks receivers. Tampa Bay’s pass-rushers set the tone early and often, as DE Noah Spence had two sacks and four QB hurries, while Robert Ayers had a sack, three QB hits, and four hurries. Gerald McCoy added two sacks and two hurries rushing Wilson from the interior.

Seattle Seahawks

Quarterback grade: Russell Wilson, 36.5

Wilson has tough time against Buccaneers’ defense   

Russell Wilson completed 17 of his 33 pass attempts for 150 yards and two interceptions. Wilson had two of his passes dropped, and was sacked six times. The Seahawks QB was under pressure on 23 of his dropbacks, and completed only two of his 13 pass attempts while under duress. Wilson completed one of his five pass attempts of 20 yards or more downfield, and was three of four on play-action passes, also.

Russell Wilson vs pressure

Top offensive grades:

C Joey Hunt, 75.3

TE Luke Wilson, 72.2

WR Doug Baldwin, 70.4

T Bradley Sowell, 67.4

WR Paul Richardson, 67.4

Bucs’ pressure downs Seahawks’ offense

Seahawks C Joey Hunt allowed only one hurry, but George Fant was charged with two sacks and five QB hurries, while rookie Germain Ifedi gave up three sacks and four QB hurries as the Bucs’ pass-rush was too overwhelming for the Seahawks’ offense. Seattle struggled to find rhythm and put their offensive line in tough situations.

Top defensive grades:

LB K.J. Wright, 86.2

S Steven Terrell, 85.8

S Kam Chancellor, 85

LB Jordan Tripp, 73.9

LB Bobby Wagner, 73.4

Defense makes plays to keep Seattle in game

Safeties Steven Terrell and Kam Chancellor were all over the field on Sunday. Chancellor had five tackles in run defense and gave up no yards receiving on one target into his coverage, while Steven Terrell yielded two receptions on three targets for 20 yards, and added two tackles and a stop in run defense. K.J. Wright made plays defending the pass in coverage, while Bobby Wagner was solid in run defense, with four tackles. 

PFF Game-Ball Winner: Lavonte David, LB, Buccaneers

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  • Shoutout to all the guest

    Interestimg that joey hunt was the top graded offensive player. A lot of people during the game swore he was the problem.

    • JR

      I thought hunt played great. Tom Cable is the most overrated coach in the NFL. Why they continue with George Fant is unbelievable. I think they should consider keeping hunt at Center and moving britt to either tackle position or even Right Guard. Seahawks are reaping what they’ve sown with their offense of line. They can move players around all they want but you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken s#!t

      • Shoutout to all the guest

        Any seahawks fan knows that Britt is no good at guard or tackle. Completely different player at center though…playing remarkably well for us this season. Hunt could be the future for the Hawks at the center position if he continues to play well and Britt leaves in Free Agency (i think he will). I agree that Tom Cable has been praises time and time again about his coaching ability but the Seahawks continue to have one of the worst olines in the NFL, but much can be due to the fact that we have basically the most inexpensive line in football (by far). Tbh I think Odhiambo should be starting at LT over Fant, Ifedi to RT and move Hunt to guard.

        • jr

          no question britt is a MUCH better center than tackle/guard but, sadly, he is likely an improvement over sowell/gilliam/fant at tackle. ifedis pass blocking has been off the charts bad so putting him at tackle would just magnify his problems. im all for moving hunt and/or odhiambo into the mix somewhere. its astounding to me cable thought gilliam was the answer to replacing okung. its equally astounding that jahri reed wasnt even considered worthy of making the team at the low price they got him at. the icing on the cake is watching james carpenter become a fantastic LG at a reasonable price after the hawks let him walk in free agency a couple years ago. im not saying the hawks need to break the bank on the o-line but for goodness sakes lets get a couple guys that are great blockers versus being great “athletes” that cable seems to over value so much…

    • AKjester

      I thought during the game that the pressures had to be due at least in some part to a lack of communication. There was a lot of pressure inside and I have no way of knowing if that is a communication issue. However, many replays I have seen have shown the line just getting beat in one on one situations. I am curious if there were misses on when a player should be double teamed.
      Oddly, the Seahawks seemed to chip the outside pass rusher a lot less during this game as well. I think Fant still needed the help.

      • Shoutout to all the guest

        I agree as well. It seemed like none of the O-line were on the same page all game. Joey Hunt may be decent at blocking 1 on 1’s but i don’t think pff takes communication errors into account.

  • crosseyedlemon

    Apparently the Buc players forgot to read that PFF article on why the Seahawks should be feared.

  • Richard Halvorson

    Our Offense was HORRIBLE in that game! Couldn’t convert on 3rd down! (Last I saw they were 0-10 on 3rd down-Don’t know the final stat there) But, the Defense other then the first two positions was great as usual,you’re not going to win many games when you’re offense couldn’t do jack shit!

  • Eric

    Interesting that PFF rated Luke Willson and Garry Gilliam as the 2nd and 3rd best offensive players for the Seahawks when they played a combined total of five snaps for the whole game. The text for this article even credits Gilliam with surrendering no hurries.

    Shouldn’t the top players consist of the guys that saw significant action? Do they not even realize that Gilliam was yanked after the first 3 plays? If the starting/baseline score is 60.0, how did Luke Willson jump all the way to 72.2 if he only played 2 snaps?

    Its stuff like this that make you shake your head.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Your making some good sense there but determining a floor for snap counts might create problems as well. 2 or 3 plays can dramatically change the complexion of a game if they involve turnovers. Then there are players who might only have a couple of regular snaps but have a huge impact on special teams.

      • Eric

        Well, they have edited this article since my post to remove the comment that Gilliam allowed no hurries, and they also removed Gilliam from the top 5 grades for the Seahawks’ offense.

        I just think that if you are looking for the guys that played the best, its silly to single out a guy that played 2 snaps. At best its misleading, and at worst it makes you lose confidence in what PFF is reporting. BTW Willson had 0 snaps on special teams, and Gilliam logged just one additional snap on specials. No one comes here looking to see guys that logged 2-3 snaps, when they are curious who played well.

        And yes, I recognize that finding good grades is tough when a team scores 3 points against a lousy Bucs D.

        • crosseyedlemon

          I think the fact they made some edits and adjustments is confirmation that your argument contained some excellent logic Eric. Despite what some believe, the staff are open minded to intelligent feedback from readers and will consider it when they look at ways of improving their product.