Ryan Fitzpatrick earned the lowest game grade ever by a QB in loss to Chiefs

The Jets QB recorded a 21.4 in PFF's 0-100 grading scale for his awful game in loss to Chiefs -- one week after earning the top grade among QBs.

| 9 months ago
(Peter Aiken, Getty Images)

(Peter Aiken, Getty Images)

Ryan Fitzpatrick earned the lowest game grade ever by a QB in loss to Chiefs

New York Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick landed on PFF’s Team of the Week for his excellent performance in Week 2 in a Thursday night win over the Buffalo Bills, but he followed that up with a six-interception disaster against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 3.

That earned him a PFF grade of 21.4, a catastrophic score that isn’t just the worst single-game grade of the season, but is the worst single-game grade we have ever seen from a QB over the past decade of grading.

To put it in even harsher perspective: PFF has graded 2,717 games of NFL regular and postseason play, and Fitzpatrick just posted the worst single-game performance we have ever seen.

By our system it was worse than the Peyton Manning dumpster fire from a year ago against the Chiefs that saw him benched after four interceptions for his own sake. It was worse than any game Jamarcus Russell managed, or the trainwreck performance Josh Freeman had for the Vikings that seemed to have effectively ended his NFL career.

Check out the full list of the worst-ever QB performances below:



What’s truly remarkable about Fitzpatrick’s performance is that it wasn’t a product of overwhelming pressure. Fitzpatrick was pressured on just 10 of 47 dropbacks, which was one of the lowest rates in the league this week. Only the Broncos’ Trevor Siemian and the Giants’ Eli Manning were pressured less often than the 21.3 percent of dropbacks that Fitzpatrick felt heat on, and he was actually a little better when he was pressured than when he was just allowed to implode all by his own from a clean pocket.

This is one of those performances where all of the numbers speak for themselves — and all of them are entirely damning.

When under no pressure at all, Fitzpatrick had a passer rating of 10.5, and completed 40 percent of his passes. He completed as many passes to Kansas City defenders as he did to his own receivers on balls that traveled 10 or more yards downfield.

You may never see again a player show so completely the two extremes of their play from one week to the next. Fitzpatrick is the archetypal gunslinger, who will put the ball in the air and let his receivers try to make a play. He doesn’t have the same physical gifts as a guy like Brett Favre (maybe the ultimate “gunslinger”), so it will always get him into more trouble over the long term, but with the receiving corps he has it at his disposal, with Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker and the emerging Quincy Enunwa, it will result in some big games when he gets it right.

When that happens, like last week against Buffalo, Fitzpatrick can put up big numbers and be one of the biggest reasons his team wins games. But the wheels can just as quickly fall off and things swing the other way. When it goes wrong, Fitzpatrick just keeps firing, putting the ball into the air with wanton abandon and little regard for who is going to come down with it.

You may never see a bigger QB implosion than Fitzpatrick had on Sunday against the Chiefs, and as things stand currently, it was the worst QB performance PFF has ever seen in a decade of grading.

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  • Michael Burry


  • techvet

    And yet Manning and Grossman both went to the Super Bowl in 2015 and 2006, respectively. That’s a good sign for the Jets!

    • https://twitter.com/MALACHiOFCOURSE Malachi


    • crosseyedlemon

      The other good sign for the Jets is that they probably qualify for a special spectators discount and favorable seating.

      • TheTruthNow

        The Broncos defense got them to the Superbowl. They have a better offense now. I don’t see the Jets taking that from them this year but the Chiefs have proven they can and we are missing half our starting offensive line our best running back and our best pass rusher. All slated to return at varying points this season. It is a long way from post season. This is going to be an interesting year!

  • Daniel Song

    When is Pro Football Focus going to go back to the +/- system? I liked that a lot better than the 0-100 system they have now.

    • nonono

      they won’t anytime soon… nfl teams are paying a premium for their raw stats…. they can no longer afford to offer it to the public

  • Brandon Chester

    The Chiefs defense has 3/4 of the worst performances ever by a QB. Manning last year when being benched. Hoyer in the playoffs. Now Fitz. I’m beginning to think this is more of a casual thing for the KC’s defense.

    • Joe Doe

      3/10 not 3/4

      • Brandon Chester

        Thats true. Thats my fault for not reading the article for commenting. The article I read this morning was over at Arrowhead pride(Chiefs fan site) thats where I got the 3/4 from.

        • Joe Doe

          No worries, we’ve all done it.

        • TheTruthNow

          But still. Manning last year and Fitzmagic this year is a great trend for a budding secondary that currently is not being noticed for their achievements by the media but you can bet they are being noticed by DC’s all over the NFL. I love that my team is not getting the praise they deserve. They will only improve as a result.

        • 44Grim

          Well, they got the [email protected] wrong for Peyton’s. It was a home game for Manning.

      • Lollo Rosso

        3/7 not 3/10

    • TheTruthNow


    • Scott Mahurin

      I wonder what Brady’s PFF score was from the 9/30/14, MNF game against the Chiefs. Brady was benched after two INTs and fumbling twice earning a NFL 11.6 QBR.

  • crosseyedlemon

    Like all good Irishmen, Fitz is resilient and after consoling himself at a local pub with a few cold Guinness, will rebound from this setback.

  • jesse

    What happened between 10 months ago and now that made Peyton Manning go from having a 0 QB rating to a 23.3? PFF stated the prior to review Peyton Manning had a 0. I’m curious to know what goes on in that review and if there is an official rating. Sure 6 pics are bad but I think Manning had 4 and only 35 yards passing and he played less minutes.