Rams re-sign DT Easley to 1-year deal

Easley has been a very efficient player in his time with the Rams on a per-snap basis.

| 3 weeks ago
Aaron Donald

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Rams re-sign DT Easley to 1-year deal

  • On Thursday, the Los Angeles Rams re-signed DT Dominique Easley to a one-year, $1.797 million deal. Quietly, on a per-snap basis, Easley has been one of the more productive defensive interior players in the NFL.
  • He had overall grades of 79.1 (ranked 26th) and 82.6 (not enough snaps to qualify) in 2016 and 2015, respectively.
  • Easley moved around in 2016, showing versatility — he played 38.1 percent of snaps over the LG, 35.3 percent over the RG, and 17.2 percent over either tackle.
  • While it may be impossible to replicate the play of teammate Aaron Donald, since being signed by the Rams, Easley has proved to be a productive player that the Patriots cut bait on.

Dominique Easley

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