PFF Week 16 pick ’em with Cris Collinsworth

The PFF staff makes their predictions for every Week 16 NFL game and updates the picks leaderboard.

| 2 years ago
Pittsburgh Steelers OLB James Harrison

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PFF Week 16 pick ’em with Cris Collinsworth

Every week of the season, the PFF staff will be making picks for all NFL games. Here’s how the voting broke down for Week 16—we’ll update each week with who is in the lead.

The panel: Cris Collinsworth, Mike ClayJeff Dooley, Rick Drummond, Khaled Elsayed, Neil Hornsby, Nathan Jahnke, Gordon McGuinness, Sam Monson, Steve Palazzolo, and Ben Stockwell.

(Editor’s note: Cris Collinsworth won’t be making picks on the games which he is announcing. Page may be updated throughout day upon analyst submission.)


San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders

Chargers: 0

Raiders: 11


Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles

Redskins: 4 (Collinsworth, Clay, Drummond, Monson)

Eagles: 7 (Dooley, Elsayed, Hornsby, Jahnke, McGuinness, Palazzolo, Stockwell)


New England Patriots at New York Jets

Patriots: 10 (Collinsworth, Clay, Dooley, Drummond, Hornsby, Jahnke, McGuinness, Monson, Palazzolo, Stockwell)

Jets: 1 (Elsayed)


Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans

Texans: 10 (Collinsworth, Clay, Dooley, Drummond, Hornsby, Jahnke, McGuinness, Monson, Palazzolo, Stockwell)

Titans: 1 (Elsayed)


Cleveland Browns at Kansas City Chiefs

Browns: 0

Chiefs: 11


Indianapolis Colts at Miami Dolphins

Colts: 2 (Drummond, Stockwell)

Dolphins: 9 (Collinsworth, Clay, Dooley, Elsayed, Hornsby, Jahnke, McGuinness, Monson, Palazzolo)


Jacksonville Jaguars at New Orleans Saints

Jaguars: 4 (Collinsworth, Dooley, Drummond, Jahnke)

Saints: 7 (Clay, Elsayed, Hornsby, McGuinness, Monson, Palazzolo, Stockwell)


San Francisco 49ers at Detroit Lions

49ers: 0

Lions: 11


Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills

Cowboys: 0

Bills: 11


Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bears: 2 (Jahnke, Stockwell)

Buccaneers: 9 (Collinsworth, Clay, Dooley, Drummond, Elsayed, Hornsby, McGuinness, Monson, Palazzolo)


Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons

Panthers: 11

Falcons: 0


New York Giants at Minnesota Vikings

Giants: 0

Vikings: 10


St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks

Rams: 0

Seahawks: 11


Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals

Packers: 1 (Hornsby)

Cardinals: 10 (Collinsworth, Clay, Dooley, Drummond, Elsayed, Jahnke, McGuinness, Monson, Palazzolo, Stockwell)


Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens

Steelers: 11

Ravens: 0


Cincinnati Bengals at Denver Broncos

Bengals: 0

Broncos: 11


Standings through Week 15:

1. Gordon McGuinness 148/224 66.1%
2. Neil Hornsby 146/224 65.2%
3. Mike Clay 140/224 62.5%
4. Khaled Elsayed 139/224 62.1%
5. Cris Collinsworth 138/224 61.6%
6. Sam Monson 134/224 59.8%
7. Jeff Dooley 133/224 59.4%
T-8. Rick Drummond 132/224 58.9%
T-8. Steve Palazzolo 132/224 58.9%
10. Nathan Jahnke 131/224 58.5%
11. Ben Stockwell 124/224 55.4%
  • crosseyedlemon

    So now it’s time to decide which of the 9 teams getting zero respect have a shot at the upset. The Niners, Cowboys and Bengals would be my choices.

  • Robert Anasi

    I wish they would pick on the spread, and list the spread also. Got to help those gamblers out there.


    Falcons pulled off the upset fuck Carolina panthers we in this man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!