PFF Week 14 pick ’em with Cris Collinsworth

The PFF staff makes their predictions for every Week 14 NFL game and updates the picks leaderboard.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Jonathan Bachman)

(AP Photo/Jonathan Bachman)

PFF Week 14 pick ’em with Cris Collinsworth

Every week of the season, the PFF staff will be making picks for all NFL games. Here’s how the voting broke down for Week 14—we’ll update each week with who is in the lead.

The panel: Cris Collinsworth, Mike ClayJeff Dooley, Rick Drummond, Khaled Elsayed, Neil Hornsby, Nathan Jahnke, Gordon McGuinness, Sam Monson, Steve Palazzolo, and Ben Stockwell.

(Editor’s note: Cris Collinsworth won’t be making picks on the games which he is announcing. Page may be updated throughout day upon analyst submission.)


Minnesota Vikings at Arizona Cardinals

Vikings: 0

Cardinals: 11


Buffalo Bills at Philadelphia Eagles

Bills: 6 (Collinsworth, Clay, Drummond, Elsayed, Jahnke, Monson)

Eagles: 5 (Dooley, Hornsby, McGuinness, Palazzolo, Stockwell)


San Francisco 49ers at Cleveland Browns

49ers: 4 (Collinsworth, Drummond, Hornsby, Jahnke)

Browns: 7 (Clay, Dooley, Elsayed, McGuinness, Monson, Palazzolo, Stockwell)


Detroit Lions at St. Louis Rams

Lions: 10 (Collinsworth, Clay, Dooley, Drummond, Hornsby, Jahnke, McGuinness, Monson, Palazzolo, Stockwell)

Rams: 1 (Elsayed)


New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Saints: 1 (Elsayed)

Buccaneers: 10 (Collinsworth, Clay, Dooley, Drummond, Hornsby, Jahnke, McGuinness, Monson, Palazzolo, Stockwell)


Tennessee Titans at New York Jets

Titans: 0

Jets: 11


Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals

Steelers: 7 (Dooley, Drummond, Hornsby, McGuinness, Monson, Palazzolo, Stockwell)

Bengals: 4 (Collinsworth, Clay, Elsayed, Jahnke)


New England Patriots at Houston Texans

Patriots: 9 (Clay, Dooley, Drummond, Elsayed, Hornsby, McGuinness, Monson, Palazzolo, Stockwell)

Texans: 1 (Jahnke)


Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars

Colts: 5 (Dooley, Drummond, McGuinness, Palazzolo, Stockwell)

Jaguars: 6 (Collinsworth, Clay, Elsayed, Hornsby, Jahnke, Monson)


San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs

Chargers: 0

Chiefs: 11


Washington Redskins at Chicago Bears

Redskins: 2 (Collinsworth, Hornsby)

Bears: 9 (Clay, Dooley, Drummond, Elsayed, Jahnke, McGuinness, Monson, Palazzolo, Stockwell)


Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers

Falcons: 0

Panthers: 11


Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos

Raiders: 0

Broncos: 11


Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers

Cowboys: 0

Packers: 11


Seattle Seahawks at Baltimore Ravens

Seahawks: 11

Ravens: 0


New York Giants at Miami Dolphins

Giants: 4 (Clay, Drummond, Elsayed, Hornsby)

Dolphins: 7 (Collinsworth, Dooley, Jahnke, McGuinness, Monson, Palazzolo, Stockwell)


Standings through Week 13:

1. Gordon McGuinness 126/192 65.6%
2. Neil Hornsby 122/192 63.5%
3. Mike Clay 120/192 62.5%
4. Khaled Elsayed 117/192 60.9%
5. Cris Collinsworth 116/192 60.4%
6. Sam Monson 115/192 59.9%
7. Nathan Jahnke 113/192 58.9%
8. Rick Drummond 112/192 58.3%
9. Steve Palazzolo 111/192 57.8%
10. Jeff Dooley 110/192 57.3%
11. Ben Stockwell 106/192 55.2%
  • xmikstick

    Picture for the article is Marcus Mariota…. and then not one person picked the Titans…

    • crosseyedlemon

      The Titans were just one of seven teams getting zero respect and based on the performance of the staff we can assume at least 3 of those teams will manage an upset. I will pick the Vikings, Titans and (insert laughter here) Falcons to surprise.

      • Justinius Maximus

        I’m a Vikings fan. The team is awful is primetime, not to mention that the offense is currently anemic and the D is missing it’s 3 best and most impactful players. This is almost a guaranteed loss. Any betting line on this game is soft.

        • crosseyedlemon

          After being humiliated before their own fans by the Seahawks I expect the Vikings to have a huge chip on their shoulder and be looking to reclaim some pride. You would think that the team with the leagues best running back would get at least one vote from the staff.

          • David Stinnett

            Do they ever pick any team against AZ ?

    • David Stinnett

      The pic is his consolation prize

    • crosseyedlemon

      Well a pic of a QB wearing a visor doesn’t instill a lot of confidence. Your QB should project an image of fearlessness (think of Dan Fouts playing with a taped broken nose).

  • crosseyedlemon

    The NFL is facing a dilemma this week. They don’t know whether to charge admission to a game involving the 49ers and Browns or send inmates to attend as punishment for their crimes.

  • Farshad

    Laugh at me later but my 2 upsets this week are Saints and Redskins.