PFF Divisional Round pick ’em with Cris Collinsworth

Cris Collinsworth and the PFF staff make their Divisional Round picks and update the leaderboard.

| 1 year ago
(AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

(AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

PFF Divisional Round pick ’em with Cris Collinsworth

Three members of the PFF team went four-for-four over Wild Card weekend, but can they keep the perfect streak going through the Divisional Round?

As always, the panel: Cris Collinsworth, Mike ClayJeff Dooley, Rick Drummond, Khaled Elsayed, Neil Hornsby, Nathan Jahnke, Gordon McGuinness, Sam Monson, Steve Palazzolo, and Ben Stockwell.

(Editor’s note: Cris Collinsworth won’t be making picks on the games which he is announcing. Page may be updated throughout day upon analyst submission.)


Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots

Chiefs: 1 (Jahnke)

Patriots: 10 (Collinsworth, Clay, Dooley, Drummond, Elsayed, Hornsby, McGuinness, Monson, Palazzolo, Stockwell)


Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals

Packers: 0

Cardinals: 10


Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers

Seahawks 7 (Clay, Dooley, Drummond, Elsayed, Jahnke, Monson, Stockwell)

Panthers: 4 (Collinsworth, Hornsby, McGuinness, Palazzolo)


Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos

Steelers: 2 (Hornsby, Stockwell)

Broncos: 9 (Collinsworth, Clay, Dooley, Drummond, Elsayed, Jahnke, McGuinness, Monson, Palazzolo)


Playoff standings:

T-1. Rick Drummond 4/4 100.0%
T-1. Neil Hornsby 4/4 100.0%
T-1. Steve Palazzolo 4/4 100.0%
T-4. Mike Clay 3/4 75.0%
T-4. Cris Collinsworth 3/4 75.0%
T-4. Khaled Elsayed 3/4 75.0%
T-7. Jeff Dooley 2/4 50.0%
T-7. Nathan Jahnke 2/4 50.0%
T-7. Gordon McGuinness 2/4 50.0%
T-7. Sam Monson 2/4 50.0%
T-7. Ben Stockwell 2/4 50.0%


Final regular season standings:

1. Gordon McGuinness 166/256 64.8%
2. Neil Hornsby 162/256 63.3%
3. Mike Clay 157/256 61.3%
4. Khaled Elsayed 156/256 60.9%
5. Cris Collinsworth 155/256 60.5%
T-6. Rick Drummond 152/256 59.8%
T-6. Sam Monson 152/256 59.8%
8. Steve Palazzolo 151/256 59.0%
9. Jeff Dooley 150/256 58.6%
10. Nathan Jahnke 147/256 57.4%
11. Ben Stockwell 142/256 55.5%


Cumulative standings (regular season + playoffs):

1. Gordon McGuinness 168/260 64.6%
2. Neil Hornsby 166/260 63.8%
3. Mike Clay 160/260 61.5%
4. Khaled Elsayed 159/260 61.2%
5. Cris Collinsworth 158/260 60.8%
6. Rick Drummond 156/260 60.0%
7. Steve Palazzolo 155/260 59.6%
8. Sam Monson 154/260 59.2%
9. Jeff Dooley 152/260 58.5%
10. Nathan Jahnke 149/260 57.3%
11. Ben Stockwell 144/260 55.4%
  • anon76returns

    So much for Hornsby picking the Chiefs to come out of the AFC!

    • Tim Edell

      Yeah that didn’t last long

    • crosseyedlemon

      I guess a 30-0 playoff victory just wasn’t enough to convince him to stand pat.

  • Russ Smith

    I think the hawks D should be better against Carolina O vs Carolina D vs Hawks O. At least that’s what the stats say.
    23-13 seattle

    • anon76returns

      It’s possible, but it assumes that basically everything that went wrong on Sunday for the Seahawks was weather related. Anything near that level of production from the team will get them soundly beaten by the Panthers.

      • eYeDEF

        Holding a team to 3 or 4 field goals and no touchdowns will get them soundly beat by the Panthers? I think not. That’s an outstanding day for most defenses and good enough for most teams to secure the win.

        • anon76returns

          LOL! An effort that holds the Minnesota Vikings (season avg. 321 ypg, 23 ppg) to 3 or 4 FGs will yield a lot more to the Panthers (367 ypg, 31 ppg). The Panthers are a top 11 team at moving the ball, and the #1 team at scoring points. Vikings are 29th and 16th in those two categories, respectively. The Panthers defense is also better than the Vikings defense, and we all know that if the Vikings kicker hadn’t missed a chip shot FG then the Seahawks defensive performance wouldn’t have been enough to beat Minnesota. Any sane Seahawks fan is going to agree with me- they need to play a lot better this weekend if they want to beat the Panthers.

          • crosseyedlemon

            There is no rule against winning ugly but teams that do usually get the best of the turnover battle. That could be a tough assignment against the Panthers who had a league best +20 during the regular season.

          • eYeDEF

            Effort? You sound ridiculous. There’s no way to measure effort outside of results on the field. Like I said, three or four field goals is a great defensive performance.

          • anon76returns

            4 FGs for Minnesota = 12 points > the 10 points that Seattle scored last week.
            Carolina >>>>>>>> Minnesota
            I literally can’t dumb it down any more than that. If you don’t understand, you’re a lost cause.

          • eYeDEF

            lol. I was talking about defense and you knew it until I called you to the mat on your ridiculous presumption about ‘effort’. Switching tacts now and pretending like I was talking about offense won’t save you either. Everyone knows that subarctic temperatures affects a passing game because it’s just physics. So again, your presumption that the problems on offense were effort and not weather related would actually make YOU the lost cause. Too bad Denver doesn’t have a Super Bowl caliber quarterback anymore eh? Your logic fail is so poor these days you sound purely motivated to argue out of envy.

          • anon76returns

            I guess my degree in physics never prepared me to explain how cold weather only effects one team on the field. Must be an extremely localized phenomenon! My guess is it exists solely in the minds of you and like-minded Hawks fans at this point.
            I never presumed anything about what caused the Seahawks problems, and in fact I said Hawks fans better hope it was weather related. You responded to my post, so whether you were solely talking about defense or not is fairly irrelevant. I’m defending my point, not trying to take on any strawman constructs.
            Good luck to you if the Hawks don’t play better today. I’m guessing that if so it would take much more luck than the opposing kicker shanking a field goal for them to advance.

      • gomer_rs

        The assumption isn’t unreasonable because the Hawks had WRs running free in the deep third of the field several times and could not deliver the ball despite Wilson being one of the best deep ball throwers in the NFL.

  • Adrian Brody’s O face

    A healthier Steelers team would have made for a much more difficult game to call. But with so many integral parks of their offense hurting this week, its hard to pick them over the Broncos.

    • crosseyedlemon

      So typical of Steeler fans to have the excuses for losing in place before they even take the field. God forbid they ever actually give credit to their opponents for being the better team.

  • SeattleSteve

    Tempting to bet on the Packers tbh.