OAK-TEN Grades: CB David Amerson posts career game

The top takeaways and highest-graded performers from Oaklands' 24-21 win over Tennessee.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

(AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

OAK-TEN Grades: CB David Amerson posts career game

Here are the top takeaways and highest-graded players from the Raiders’ 24-21 win over the Titans.

Oakland Raiders

— Second-year quarterback Derek Carr (0.0) had a better day than his overall grade suggests; the two big knocks on him were his false start penalty and his fumble when dropping the snap. However, as a passer, he had a +2.5 grade, fueled by his ability to hit passes over 10 yards, going 9-16 for 223 yards.

– Prior to this game, the Raiders seemed to have turned around David Amerson’s (+5.9) career; after finishing as the lowest-graded corner last season, it was understandable why Washington cut him one week into the season. However, over the course of the year, the Raiders had Amerson playing just above average. No one could have expected the performance that Amerson produced versus the Titans. He was targeted nines times, allowing just one catch for 5 yards with an interception off of a miscommunication, and four pass deflections.

– First-round pick Amari Cooper (+1.6) once again showed why he was the first wide receiver taken in the draft, and how much life he has helped infuse into this wide receiving corps. While Cooper has struggled with drops this season, where he has the second-worst drop rate, at 15.9 (only ahead of Mike Evans), he has shown the ability to be a game-changer. He was able to take the ball right off of Blidi Wreh-Wilson’s (-2.7) helmet for a big completion in this game.

Top performers:

CB David Amerson (+5.9)

WR Seth Roberts (+3.0)

LB Malcolm Smith (+2.3)

TE Clive Walford (+2.2)

DL Denico Autry (+1.9)


Tennessee Titans

– Marcus Mariota’s (+0.5) box score stats look worse than his actual performance, only completing 46 percent of his passes and throwing two interceptions. However, a lot of this was due to miscommunications between the quarterback and his receiving group. Both interceptions where the result of these miscommunications, with Mariota throwing the ball with trust that his receivers were running the same route, but both ended up being picked off, as the receivers ended up running different routes. The second interception that ended the game was an example of this, as rookie receiver Dorial Green-Beckham ran a curl, but Mariota threw a post route before the break, and it ended up being an easy pick for Oakland.

– With Perrish Cox (+3.1) being in and out of the lineup due to injury this season, it was good to see the player the Titans had hoped to be signing in the offseason. Cox had his best day on the field, as he only allowed 28 yards and only 50 percent of passes to be completed against him (5-of-10), and had one pass deflection. As the Titans’ season is now more about looking towards 2016, Cox could be a vital piece to turn them around in the near future.

– The Titans, going against the most efficient offensive line, struggled to get much of a pass rush. Derek Carr was only pressured on 27.5 percent of his passes, as the only player to give the Raiders’ offensive line any issue was Karl Klug (+0.4). Klug record four total pressures and a +1.9 pass rushing grade. Overall, Oakland’s offensive line was able to take over to give the Raiders just enough to beat the Titans.

Top performers

CB Perrish Cox (+3.1)

OL Taylor Lewan (+2.5)

SS Da’Norris Searcy (+1.7)

FS Michael Griffin (+1.5)

OL Chance Warmack (+1.4)

  • Matt

    Both of the picks were miscues because of Mariota, the second one he threw there were three Raider players in the vicinity of the ball… don’t know how Mariota grades higher than Carr in this one, it was obvious who the better QB was.

    • Jeff

      I think all that was shown was who has the better supporting cast. Mariota is doing well with no receivers and a terrible line. Carr has one of the top O-line and a top WR.

      • Matt

        Same thing was said about Carr last year though. I wouldn’t call Cooper a top receiver yet, he’s good but not great yet. Still, interceptions like the one’s Mariota threw yesterday are inexcusable. He gave the Raiders two gifts…

    • https://twitter.com/MALACHiOFCOURSE Malachi

      they blamed the receivers on the picks

      • Matt

        They were poor throws, look back at both plays there were no receivers close to the ball, maybe the receivers ran the wrong routes but he shouldn’t have thrown either one of those balls. Look Mariota looks to be a nice, staple qb for the Titans for years to come, but he’s going to make errors. Carr did last year too. Growing pains.

        • https://twitter.com/MALACHiOFCOURSE Malachi

          i didn’t watch this sad game, was just pointing out what the article clearly stated

  • Steve

    lol that’s fine to say his cast… But Carr played REALLY well and Mariota played awful, as someone who played QB… This is a horrible rating to have Mariota > Carr for this game.

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  • Mike Riley

    That false start was the worst false start penalty I’ve ever seen. He wasn’t even lined up under center. I understand why they would give him the fumble but working w/ someone playing center for the 1st time in his brief career will do that.

    Guessing the late hit by Mack dropped him from the top performers list.