OAK-JAX grades: Raiders’ O-line keeps Derek Carr clean in win

Highest-graded players and top takeaways from the Raiders' road win over the Jaguars in Week 7.

| 8 months ago
Raiders QB Derek Carr

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OAK-JAX grades: Raiders’ O-line keeps Derek Carr clean in win

Oakland Raiders 33, Jacksonville Jaguars 16

Here are the biggest takeaways and highest-graded players from the Raiders’ 26-9 road victory over the Jaguars. 

Oakland Raiders

Quarterback grade: Derek Carr, 77.1

Derek Carr utilizes short passes to pull out road win 

The majority of Derek Carr’s passing success against the Jaguars came on short attempts, as he completed 13 of 19 throws targeted between 0-9 yards from the line of scrimmage. Carr didn’t have tremendous success throwing downfield against the Jaguars; he only completed two of eight passes to the intermediate level (10-19 yards downfield), but did complete both of his deep passes (targeted beyond 20 yards downfield).

Raiders QB Derek Carr vs pressure

Top offensive grades:  

OT Donald Penn, 83.9

OT Austin Howard, 80.1

WR Michael Crabtree, 78.5

C Rodney Hudson, 76.6

OG Gabe Jackson, 74.4

Raiders’ offensive line shines in victory

The Raiders’ vaunted offensive line did not allow a single sack of Derek Carr against the Jaguars, and only surrendered one hit and six hurries. Michael Crabtree was the most heavily-targeted Raiders’ wide receiver, since Jalen Ramsey was covering Amari Cooper. Crabtree caught 8 of 11 targets, and Derek Carr’s QB rating when targeting him was 129.4.

Top defensive grades:

LB Perry Riley, 85.4

CB David Amerson, 84.3

LB Malcolm Smith, 83.4

ED Bruce Irvin, 77.0

ED Khalil Mack, 75.7

LB Perry Riley, CB David Amerson shine in win

LB Perry Riley recorded one QB hurry, one run stop, and an 80.5 coverage grade in a well-rounded performance. CB David Amerson continued his ball-hawking ways, intercepting a pass and batting down another; he only gave up three catches on four targets for 31 yards. Edge defender Khalil Mack had one sack and three hurries on 50 pass-rushing snaps.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Quarterback grade: Blake Bortles, 37.2

Bortles’ performance littered with mistakes

Blake Bortles had a rough day against the Raiders’ defense. Bortles threw two interceptions when he wasn’t under pressure, and his accuracy to the intermediate level was sub-par, as he only completed two of nine passes targeted between 10-19 yards downfield. Bortles also accomplished a feat rarely witnessed in the NFL, as he drew an intentional grounding penalty on a free play in which the defense was offsides.

Blake Bortles vs pressure

Top offensive grades:

WR Marqise Lee, 77.5 

C Brandon Linder, 76.2

OT Jermey Parnell, 73.3

WR Arrelious Benn, 71.5

OG A.J. Cann, 70.4 

Jaguars’ offense struggles to generate points

WR Marqise Lee was the Jaguars’ most productive offensive player against the Raiders. Lee caught seven of his eight targets and provided 63 yards after the catch to his receiving total of 107 yards for the game. Center Brandon Linder only allowed one QB hurry on his 55 pass-blocking snaps. The Jaguars’ got very little from their ground game against the Raiders, as their running backs only carried the ball 11 times and provided a combined 28 yards after contact.

Top defensive grades:

LB Telvin Smith, 89.0

CB Aaron Colvin, 83.9

LB Paul Posluszny, 80.0

ED Dante Fowler, 76.6

ED Dan Skuta, 74.1

Jaguars’ linebackers impressive in loss

Linebacker Telvin Smith had one QB hit and four run stops against the Raiders. In coverage, Telvin Smith was targeted twice and only allowed one reception for -2 yards; he also knocked one pass down. LB Paul Posluszny added three run stops. Jalen Ramsey is at least getting “lockdown corner” treatment, as he covered Amari Cooper all day and Derek Carr only threw into the rookie’s coverage once (for an incompletion).

PFF Game-Ball Winner: Raiders LB Perry Riley

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  • Aashay Vyas

    Perry Riley looking like the next great ex redskin pickup by the Raiders!!

  • Jed Dej

    This was the biggest win in terms of point differential for the Raiders all year. Yet it felt like a somewhat poor performance. Especially in the second half. Did anyone else feel the same way watching this game?

    • Jed Dej

      If King didn’t turn a bad snap into a first down, who knows what would’ve happened??

      • codered5

        The raiders would have won. Jacksonville was still down 2 scores with no timeouts and 3 minutes to go. The raiders win probability was 99.7% at the time

        • Jagrick

          The Raiders won that game before it even started. Jax is trash.

    • David Xu

      Musgrave goes conservative whenever we have a 1 score advantage. In almost every other game we were behind or had a close score and Musgrave turned up the heat.

      • codered5

        This is the most accurate comment I’ve ever read on this site. I think it’s del rio that likes to “play to his defense” with any lead and it’s ridiculous because derek rarely throws int’s. You hear that the raiders play too many close games and give up to many passing yards but del rio runs the ball three downs in a row and plays simple zones the moment he has a lead so it’s conducive to allowing teams back in. The two blow outs the raiders had last year ended too close because of that including a 38-31 win over san diego that was at one point 31-3 but philip rivers ate up those zones after repeated three and outs from running up the middle. It doesn’t help that everyone in the stadium knows they are going to run it up the a#gaps when they get a lead

      • Erskine Clemons

        When he was with the Eagles everything went deep with Jackson and Maclin with the raiders everything is 3 to 5 yards pass I don’t understand that

      • warcrimes

        You realize the whole “go conservative when nursing a lead on the road” thing is JDR? He did the same thing in Jacksonville.

    • Mike Riley

      The Jags are that bad. Also JDR is the game manager. Fans seem to think Musgrave is the guy in charge of game situations but its Del Rio 100%. Musgrave just calls the plays to suit Del Rio’s MO. I’m pretty sure that Carr fade to Cooper on the right sideline w/ 3-4 minutes left on 3rd down was an audible. We can’t play this way vs (no offense Jags fans) more efficient QBs because I don’t trust this defense or coaching staff to finish teams off.

  • MARK IS THE BOSS (baby Al)

    Lookout NFL! The Raiders are coming!!

    • Jagrick

      From beating the Jags? OK good luck with that.

      • MARK IS THE BOSS (baby Al)

        We are 5-2 go cry somewhere else

  • daniel pattison

    I hope the redskins keep cutting guys so we can find more starters! Go Raiders

  • Mike

    In my opinion, you can’t really take anything away from the Jags game other than the win. Giving up 330+ yards to the Jags terrible offense is about the same as giving up 450+ to a team like the Chargers, Falcons, or Saints. That means the defense didn’t necessarily “improve” and pretty much stayed the same. The offense putting up 33 pts on the Jags is nothing special either. In fact, I think it’s pretty terrible that we had to kick so many FG’s in the red zone against their relatively poor defense, given our talent on offense. Nice stats against an inferior opponent means nothing to me at all. I’ll take the W and see how we play against a slightly better Bucs team and, more importantly, against a VERY tough Denver team the following week.

    • Jagrick

      The Raiders have a QB. Carr over Bortles everyday of the week.

      • Mike

        No doubt about that! Carr is a top5 QB in the league right now……killin’ it

  • KoolKell

    Dink and Dunk.

    • Bobby Johnson

      a .

  • KoolKell

    Everybody the Raiders have beaten this year is sub .500
    Derek Carr has one of the lowest Yds Per Attemp 7.02 yds
    Derek Carr completes 2-5 yd passes all day

    I guess since his older brother took a beating in the NFL, Derek runs out of a clean pocket at first hint of pressure, and dinks and dunks.

    The coaches are perfectly content sitting on a 3 pt lead in the first qtr.

    • Mike Riley

      Yes that 54 yard bomb to Crabtree at the end of the half was a dumpoff. So was the 26 yard corner route to Seth Roberts. Might as well have handed it off to them huh? You must not watch any of their games. Instead you probably just look at box scores right? If you are this clueless maybe you should avoid commenting at all. Bye.

    • Mike

      Stupid post. He takes what the defense gives him and moves the ball as-needed. When we’re down, he opens it up and launches some of the best deep balls I’ve ever seen. GTFO if you think he’s nothing more than an underneath passer.

  • KoolKell

    How in the Hell can you play so conservatively on Offense with the worst Defense in the League?

  • Rob Campbell

    Malcolm Smith was terrible in this game. His pass coverage was garbage and he was called for PI and defensive holding at least three times. How could he be graded so high?

    • Mike

      How the hell did he miss that easy INT in the end zone?! WTF? He let Thomas snatch it right out his hands.