NYJ-NYG Grades: Rookie Leonard Williams dominant in win

The highest-graded performers and top takeaways from the Jets' 23-20 win over the Giants.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

(AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

NYJ-NYG Grades: Rookie Leonard Williams dominant in win

Here are the top takeaways and highest-graded players from the Jets’ 23-20 win over the Giants:

New York Jets

– Ryan Fitzpatrick (+1.4) had a second positive game in a row after a low run previously. This week versus the Giants, Fitzpatrick dropped back 58 times and attempted 50 passes; he was under pressure on 45 percent of those dropbacks, but managed to preform well under pressure, completing 62 percent of his passes for a QB rating over 100. On passes between 10-19 yards, Fitzpatrick was at his best, completing 10-of-13 for 165 and a TD.

– The duo of Leonard Williams (+4.1) and nose tackle Damon Harrison (+3.0) where able to control the Giants’ offensive line in the run game. Combined, they recorded five run stops on 37 run snaps, and consistently beat the blockers to force the running back to make cuts he did not wish to. After a slow middle of the season, it looks like the sixth overall pick, Leonard Williams, is back to his early season form.

– In the third round of the 2015 draft, the Jets selected Lorenzo Mauldin (+2.5), who against the Giants, had his best game for his young career. While Mauldin didn’t record any sacks this week versus the Giants, he was able to cause the Giants’ offensive line issues in the limited snaps he played. If Mauldin can continue to use his speed to cause problems for offenses, then the Jets might have finally figured out their long-term answer for an edge pass rusher.

Top performers:

DL Leonard Williams (+4.1)

WR Brandon Marshall (+3.5)

DL Damon Harrison (+3.0)

CB Antonio Cromartie (+2.7)

DL Muhammad Wilkerson (+2.7)


New York Giants

– Eli Manning (-2.3) has always had a reputation of being a hot or cold quarterback; however, we are watching his worst season in the PFF era. Over the course of the year, Manning has a player rating of 54.9, which is tied for 31st (out of 38 QBs who qualify) with Matt Cassel. While the amazing play of young receiver Odell Beckham Jr. (+2.5) takes all the headline, the inconsistent play for Manning is being overlooked. Manning, in particular, has struggled on passes outside the numbers over 10 yards, only completing 33 percent of such passes.

– With Robert Ayers (+5.8) and Jason Pierre-Paul (+3.1), the Giants where able to cause havoc against the Jets’ offensive line—combined they recorded 18 total pressures. When the Giants moved Ayers into a defensive tackle position, he was able to consistently beat both James Carpenter (-1.3 pass blocking grade) and Brian Winters (-2.3) with speed to the outside. Pierre-Paul was moved to the left side to go against right tackle Breno Giacomini (-5.8), who struggled with Pierre-Paul’s bull rush, as he was beaten quickly and often to the quarterback.

– How could it be a Giants’ game without spectacular catches from Odell Beckham Jr. (+2.5)? This week, he managed to take a short slant pass for a 72-yard touchdown (off of a coverage bust); however, that wasn’t even his best grab of the game, as he managed to reel in an overthrown pass with one hand, making it look effortless.

Top performers

DL Robert Ayers (+5.8)

DL Jason Pierre-Paul (+3.1)

WR Odell Beckham Jr. (+2.5)

FS Landon Collins (+2.2)

LB Jasper Brinkley (+2.0)

  • James Winslow

    Eli manning is luckiest qb of all time. he still gets pro bowl stats while being terrible

    • Carolina pete

      I agree he is lucky because he throws at least 20 Eli specials (pass that should of been picked off) every year and yet he is still and always will be a bum compared to his brother.

  • BITW44

    As someone who has watched every Giants game this year i simply cannot agree that Eli is the 31st ranked QB in the league.

    • Grisha

      but PFF rates Robert Ayers as one of the best Defensive Ends in football for the season… don’t get me wrong, I like Ayers, but the grades are so absurd, I start to wonder… frankly if Ayers and JPP were that good, don’t you think they might have gotten a little more pressure on the QB? Similarly, I realize that Odell Beckham hasn’t been getting a lot of help, and he is one of the most talented WRs in football, but how many game-clinching TDs has he now dropped? Perhaps the issue is just that PFF grades each play without context… so a failure to get to the QB on 4th and 6 is worth just as much as on 2nd and 6… in the case of Eli’s pick, it was pretty much equal to an incomplete pass (plus 6 yards)… but do they grade it as a backbreaking play?

      • Jonathan Seidman

        the main thing to understand is that the grades are based on what another player would have done in a similar/same situation (game, teams, defense, offense, weather, down and distance, etc.).

        meaning, they compare what Eli’s doing/did to what they think Cam, Brady, Cousins, etc. would do if they were playing for the Giants against whomever the Giants are playing.

        simplified it, but that’s the gist.

        • Grisha

          I get it. Individually pretty much everyone, except Eli apparently, is in an impossible situation. So in relative terms, Ayres for example, gets a bit of a boost in score because his play is held back by bad coaching and poor teammate play. And JPP, gets a bit of a boost in the ratings, because he is surrounded by bad coaching and poor teammate play… and apparently down the line… individually most of the starters on the defense, this last game at least, rated remarkably well despite a tangible lack of impact and success, precisely because each is surrounded by the others and the defense stinks. And it does. And Eli gets the opposite of a boost, because as QB he is supposed to make the supporting play better. And the team stinks. I know I am being a little facetious, but I can’t take seriously a rating system that rates Aryes among the very top DEs despite registering only 15 tackles, and yes, 4 sacks and 2 forced fumbles. I like Ayres, but that’s a bit like rating Tony Romo among the top 5 QBs in the NFL this year, because when he plays, he’s great!

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  • crosseyedlemon

    Having bragging rights in New York is important even when the teams are struggling this badly. Speculation about Tom Coughlin’s future will resume now with added vigor.

  • Brian

    Fitz under pressure on 45% of his dropbacks. Well, least that’s SOMETHING. The return of JPP has really been a positive, and Ayers getting healthy too.

    No doubt Eli has struggled with passes outside the numbers. Lots of us have been wondering what the hell is going on there, especially since i never saw it as an issue before. We wonder if the new OC is part of it? Does seem he’s been throwing it always right to the sidelines, often missing, other times forcing the WR to make tough catches. Passes outside the numbers >10 yards has absolutely been a struggle, and it recent games he’s been not quite as sharp as earlier in the season but I watch him every day and 31st ranked QB? I just can’t see it. I also though this has been one of his most consistent seasons?

    I mean, the short quick dink and dunk offense was brought here for that? To simplify things and turn down the picks and Eli’s wildness. I don’t know, I love the grading you guys do on lineman and coverage, “true” passing yards etc etc but some of your QB ones really boggle my mind

  • a57se

    PFF really needs to start taking into consideration the players involved in match-ups…
    Beating the Giants crap OT’s is not the same and should not be graded the same as beating the better OT’s in the league.

    • Jonathan Seidman

      they do take that into consideration

  • Dave

    PFF fools people in thinking that they are objective. They have their favorites just like everybody else. They hated Leonard Williams coming out, and they are the first to jump on him when he’s not playing well. Comparing him to Ty Warren? Insulting!Chris Harris is another one of their favorites and I’m a broncos fan. No talent evaluator in the NFL will tell you he is better than Aqib Talib, and their contracts reflect that. Harris is good, but make no mistake about it, Talib is the no.1 corner.

    • Jack Casey

      That’s incorrect. Daniel Jeremiah is a former scout and said he likes Harris better than Talib. I’m obviously no scout, but I also like Harris better. Talib is very good as well, and he has stretches of dominance.. But he also can run cold. I think Harris is as complete CB as there is in the league… He plays the outside and the slot equally well. He plays man and zone both well.. Can play off, press, he tackles well. Plays the run, has ball skills, even blitzes well for his size.

      • Dave

        Harris is the best nickel corner in the NFL IMO. However, you must view this as a matchup issue. The notion is Harris covers the quick small guys while Talib covers the big guys. In reality though, Harris really struggled staying in front of TY Hilton this year after complaining in the playoffs about not covering him. For a smaller guy, his long speed is average at best(4.5 I’m guessing), and he does not have the fluid hips that nearly all elite corners possess. So not only do you not want him on the Julio Jones or Demaryius Thomas’ of the world, he’s not great when he is tasked with going up against elite small receivers either(look at his tape against Julian Edelman last year). He really struggled against Mike
        Wallace, who while is very fast, runs basically 3 routes. Bradley Roby is actually the outside corner opposite Talib in nickel and I think he a better outside corner than Harris.

        As for Talib, he does take chances, and sometimes it costs him, but he possesses traits you want in a number one corner. He has good long speed, fluid hips, good size and perhaps most importantly ball/return skills. He’s at his best when his eyes are toward the QB playing one side of the field(he and Sherman at best at NFL at this), but to me he is very undervalued because unlike Sherman up until this year he can play all over the field(Jimmy Graham had 0 catches).

        This is an interesting read and while I do not fully agree with it this partly explains why he is struggling more in Wade’s scheme which is really all man-to man coverage.


  • Dusty

    This article recorded a negative grade of -0.2 for multiple misspelled words. On the other hand, the editor scored a -3.4 grade for not catching the errors.