NFL power rankings entering Week 16

Jonathan Stewart and the Panthers remain No. 1 after moving to 14-0. Find out where the remaining 31 teams stack up.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Mike McCarn)

(AP Photo/Mike McCarn)

NFL power rankings entering Week 16

In preparation for NFL Week 16, here are the updated PFF power rankings. This week, the rankings are presented with a player who has never made the Pro Bowl before, but is deserving of consideration this season.

1. Carolina Panthers

Halfback Jonathan Stewart has made 49 players miss tackles on his carries, second-most in the NFL.

2. New England Patriots

Linebacker Jamie Collins has a 10.4 run stop percentage, which is sixth-best for 4-3 outside linebackers.

3. Arizona Cardinals

Cornerback Tyrann Mathieu, out the remainder of the season due to injury, has 16 run stops and a 5.7 run stop percentage, both top for his position.

4. Cincinnati Bengals

Tight end Tyler Eifert has a 77.4 percent catch rate, third-best for tight ends with at least 35 targets. He has caught 48 of 62 passes thrown his way.

5. Green Bay Packers

Safety Morgan Burnett has a 7.4 run stop percentage, fourth-best among safeties. He is the only safety in the top five with fewer than six missed tackles in the run game—and he only has one.

6. Seattle Seahawks

Linebacker K.J. Wright has a 33.7 tackle efficiency, which is the best among 4-3 linebackers. He has just three missed tackles on the season, compared to 86 made tackles.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers

Right guard David DeCastro has an above average PFF grade in each of his last 11 games after starting the season with three straight games with a below average grade. His grade over the first three weeks was -2.3, while his grade over the last 11 has been +19.3.

8. Denver Broncos

Linebacker Brandon Marshall has 0.67 yards per coverage snap, fifth-lowest among inside/middle linebackers.

9. Minnesota Vikings

When Harrison Smith is thrown at, opposing quarterbacks have an NFL passer rating of 26.8, third-lowest among safeties who have been targeted at least 10 times.

10. Oakland Raiders

Linebacker Khalil Mack has 26 run stops, which is five more than any other 3-4 outside linebacker.

11. Atlanta Falcons

Right tackle Ryan Schraeder has a pass blocking efficiency of 97.1, tied for second-best among all tackles.

12. Kansas City Chiefs

Tight end Travis Kelce has made 12 players miss tackles on him, which is fourth-most among tight ends.

13. Houston Texans

Wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins has 2.22 yards per route run, ninth-best among wide receivers.

14. Buffalo Bills

Eric Wood is one of just three centers with a PFF season grade above 83 in both pass blocking and run blocking.

15. New York Jets

Halfback Chris Ivory has 613 rushing yards after contact this season, third-best for running backs.

16. Philadelphia Eagles

Safety Malcolm Jenkins has 36 stops for the season, fifth-best among safeties.

17. Baltimore Ravens

Tight end Crockett Gillmore averages 7.5 yards after the catch, third-best for tight ends with at least 15 targets.

18. New Orleans Saints

Left tackle Terron Armstead has only allowed 19 pressures this season, the lowest among the 28 offensive tackles with at least 500 pass blocks this season.

19. Chicago Bears

Outside linebacker Pernell McPhee has a pass rushing productivity of 15.8, which is the best for edge rushers. He has five sacks, 11 hits, and 40 hurries on just 274 pass blocks.

20. St. Louis Rams

Cornerback Trumaine Johnson has six interceptions, second-most among all CBs.

21. Dallas Cowboys

Sean Lee has 22 stops in the passing game, fourth-most for 4-3 outside linebackers.

22. Washington

Since Week 12, Bashaud Breeland has allowed a 37.9 percent catch rate, the lowest among cornerbacks who have been targeted more than 17 times.

23. Indianapolis Colts

Linebacker Jerrell Freeman has a 13.3 run stop percentage, second-best for all linebackers.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars

Halfback T.J. Yeldon has forced 0.18 players to miss tackles on him per carry, which is the fifth-best for HBs with at least 150 carries.

25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Wide receiver Mike Evans has 2.43 yards per route run, sixth-best for wide receivers.

26. Miami Dolphins

Olivier Vernon has 70 pressures when pass rushing from the right, the most for 4-3 defensive ends. Only five other 4-3 DEs have more than half that much.

27. Detroit Lions

Since Week 8, CB Darius Slay has only allowed 26 yards after the catch, the fewest for any corner who has been targeted at least 15 times.

28. New York Giants

In eight of C Weston Richburg’s 14 games this season, Richburg hasn’t allowed a pressure. He has allowed just nine pressures this season, which is the fewest for all centers with at least 500 pass blocks.

29. Cleveland Browns

In 10-of-14 games this season, right tackle Mitchell Schwartz has allowed three or fewer pressures. He has yet to allow more than two combined sacks and hits in a game this year.

30. Tennessee Titans

Tight end Delanie Walker has forced 16 missed tackles on his catches, the most for a tight end this season.

31. San Francisco 49ers

Defensive tackle Ian Williams has 32 run stops, which is fourth-most among defensive/nose tackles.

32. San Diego Chargers

Melvin Ingram has 29 pressures when lined up on the defenses right side, fifth-best for 3-4 outside linebackers.

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  • LeeinDC

    What in the fuck? Washington just crushed the bills and the saints? The also have beat the Bears (in Chicago) and the Eagles whom are in front of them… No wonder you guys are seen as jokes. OAKLAND AND ATLANTA #10 & #11!?

    • Kyle Ferguson

      Saints and eagles are trash (at the time). I would take Bills over wash all day

      • Kyle

        Bills are trash, eliminated, and just got curb stomped by Washington. It was 35-17 until they scored in garbage time. Redskins are clearly the best team in the division.

  • Steve Jones

    Can’t take these rankings seriously when a 6-8 Raiders team is top 10 and ranked ahead of a 9-5 Chiefs team who went into Oakland and beat them.

    • andy

      I wonder if the Raiders and Falcons are “buying” these guys’ “services” w/ Collinsworth as its main pitchman. What a joke? KC has a very strong chance to beat out Denver for the division and has won 8 straight.

      • James Winslow

        overall grades that don’t take in account the importance of other positions.

        • andy

          That is why I have a problem w/ their individual grades for each position and compile them and “grade” the team as a whole. TEAM ranking should focus on the whole team performance like Football Outsiders’ analysis. If they don’t “consider” the weighted average for strength of schedule, then what is the purpose of the ranking in context of how “good” the team is. Isn’t that the point of “ranking’?

          • James Winslow

            yeah, but individual grades is what they do, I don’t mind it is just different information. Overall, anyone could do power rankings based on wins and current momentum, and as a resul most those lists are the same.

          • andy

            I don’t have a problem w/ what they “do” within the context of their business, but to “assume” that the sum of your parts is “better’, based on a weekly performance versus “bad” team, does not reflect the true performance of one team. Maybe they should just stick to their ‘individual grades” and ranking the players, instead of their team. No, I like their individual players ranking w/ some merits, but not as the team overall performance.

          • James Winslow

            Yeah but anyone can do power rankings I mean the power rankings I get from bleacher report and the ones I get from all are most likely going to be the same. I mean power rankings are blatantly obvious if you do it based on records, I am glad that this list offers something different.

          • andy

            So record does not mean anything. I thought win and loss dictates the “success” of a team. BTW, it is also the ONLY thing that will determine a team is going “somewhere”. I didn’t say that they couldn’t do their own, I just disagree with its methodology. I don’t care much about “power ranking”, it how the team has performed, consistently, from week to week. It calls trending. I guess it is “one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure” kind of thing. It is cool.

          • James Winslow

            Yeah but their list is based on player grades, its just a different list. WIN/LOSS means nothing in the context of this list. This .list is just showing you the amount of quality players each team has. It is different list maybe it should be called highest graded teams, not power rankings. Overall, the list has some valuable information, you just to know how to use it.

          • andy

            I understand that, which I am not arguing their point of making the list. I am just questioning their methodology. I am not quite sure I am “buying” your argument of the word “power” in context of this discussion. So is there a difference in meaning between this ‘power” ranking and the others? To me “power’, in this context, means you are a “better” than your competitors in terms of performance from the result in standing, which determines by a win/loss record. You can argue that one winning team might not be better than another one, due to many variables, but to say one losing team is much more better than a winning one does not make any sense because they have better ‘graded” players. Aren’t “good” teams supposed to be made up of “good’ players? And to me, “good” players suppose to have “good grades”, don’t they?

    • Sam Doohan

      I think the Chiefs are a bit of an aberration – They are a team playing way above the sum of their parts. On paper the Chiefs are an above average team at best but they’ve shown a lot more than that. With a good coach that’s built an offense around Smith’s abilities and a supporting cast with no egos just playing together as a unit they’ve absolutely flourished even with no real standout performances.

      It’s not easy to string together eight (or potentially ten wins) but all the really high quality opponents were early in the season and they lost to Denver, Green Bay, Cinnci and Minnesota which doesn’t speak to their chances in the playoffs.

      I think they totally deserve to be a spot or two higher but I can understand why most people list them where they are. As a non-fan it’s hard to find anything to be excited about and nothing leads anyone to believe they are superbowl bound. They’re good but still limited and while their eight straight wins is absolutely an accomplishment it’s hardly been a murders row for them. If the Jets or the Vikings had that same schedule you’d expect them to win every game too without a major sweat.

      The Chiefs are a good team going forward, especially if they can get Jamaal Charles back at anything like his old form then they should absolutely win their division next year and make a good playoff run. They might even win a wildcard game this year just because of injuries in Cinnci and the lackluster opposition from the AFC South but against the Pats or the Steelers in the divisional round? That’s a seriously long shot.

      • KaHa

        To say that KC lacks performers that are not capable of being standouts would be pretty inaccurate to those of us who watch them on a regular basis. Besides their patchwork offensive line and their average-by-choice quarterback, they have a ton of relatively unknown commodities that would almost definitely thrive in any other system that doesn’t seem to place such a premium on team concepts instead of milking their individual talents and playing time. Luckily, it makes for a good balanced roster with very few holes and has been an uncountable factor in their recent success.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Getting a team to play above the sum of it’s parts is really what defines a good coach since even mediocre coaches can be successful if they have a star studded roster. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the Chiefs as a playoff winner either – especially if they continue to win the turnover battles.

      • Dollar Flipper

        Nope. Chiefs don’t put up amazing PFF numbers because they go conservative when they’re up, and they do it very well. Smith opens up the field when necessary, but it’s not always needed and we don’t force the ball (cough cough Steelers – lucky that INT at the end of the game didn’t affect the outcome).

        PFF is valuable for Fantasy and that’s about it.

        • Sam Doohan

          You think the Chiefs’s masterful conservatism will win them the AFC then? For real? Or are they just a 6th seed who doesn’t have much of a shot?

          So who is the one who really knows the team here? A guy who says they are good but still flawed? That’s literally who they are this year. They are good. They deserve a playoff spot even. But they are clearly, obviously flawed.

          • Dollar Flipper

            5th seed.

            I still don’t understand the flaws you’re talking about. Top 10 offense. Top 10 special teams. Top 5 defense.

            Two fluke losses away from being 11-3 right now. 3 out of the 5 losses were out of conference games too.

      • Brandon

        Before you go ahead and judge a team that you obviously know nothing about take the team to look at why we may have started slow. Yes we lost to Denver in week 2 we led the entire game with 4 turnovers and lost the lead with 30 seconds yet BUT there was key injuries that played a factor in all of these games. Besides its not like we were as fortunate enough to have the bengals, packers, and other tough teams at home like Denver. Our top two tackles were injured for the first three weeks and we were without Sean smith CB for the first three games as well. Don’t forget how bad they dismantled Manning and Broncos at home. Even when they benched Manning we still picked off Brock. Everyone always assumes to bow down to the patriots but id feel confident that we can confidently beat the patriots why? Because we beat them last year without such stars like DJ and Peters. That’s also when the patriots Revis and Wilfork. How are we not confident being super bowl bound? Are turn over ratio is ridiculous, our offense rarely turns it over and stats show in the history of the NFL if you win the turnover battle you win 65 percent of the time. No one has confidence in us because of our slow conservative offense (which is still a top 10 scoring offenso tho) besides we are dismantling teams by an average of 20 points. Pittsburgh is the scariest but honestly no one else scares me. After all we should.of swept the broncos this year but we best ourselves by bad coaching.

  • crosseyedlemon

    At this point in the season ranking the bottom portion of the list gets a bit difficult because some of those teams are just going through the motions now and looking to next years draft.

  • shayaan

    well done guys, these are the worst power rankings on the internet.

    • andy

      10th and 11th team are not even making the playoffs. Really nice ranking, PFF. GB over Seattle? CIN w/o Dalton, really?

      • Brian Dugan

        I seem to remember GB beating Seattle convincingly… and that was with Marshawn Lynch.

        • andy

          “Convincingly”? Huh, Seattle had a lead going into the 4th quarter at Lambeau w/ almost the same yardage- Seattle 324 GB 361. I wouldn’t consider that a “blow out”.

          • Brian Dugan

            Didn’t say “blow out.” My comment is right above yours for reference. That was the first lead Seattle had all game and it was short-lived. Green Bay controlled the entire game. My point was that Andy’s outrage over GB being above Seattle was a bit of strong reaction.

          • andy

            Huh? I thought the word “convincingly” means one dominates overwhelmingly the other(s). But I guess my definition of “convincingly” is difference from you. According to PFR, w/ 9 minutes left Seattle still had a “win” probability at over 90% when they trailed 24-17, but downhill from there. Merry X-mas.

        • Leelue

          Also, Green bay is playing worse and Seattle is playing much better. It’s been about 3 months since then.

          • Brian Dugan

            Yeah Seattle has looked dominant against the Ravens and Browns. Must be nice to get to play Jimmy Clausen every week.

          • Leelue

            Oh I remember when Seattle chose who they got to play against.

            Good teams are supposed to dominate bad teams. The packers havent done that in a few weeks, and they’ve both played Minnesota. Seattle also played well against the two super bowl contenders they played (Arizona and Pittsburgh) before they started flattening underwhelming competition.

          • Brian Dugan

            I hope the comment underneath this one where you said you “won’t be coming back to the site anymore” comes true. That way I won’t get anymore notifications regarding your convoluted rambling responses.

          • Leelue

            Please let me know what part of my response seems convoluted.

    • James Winslow

      based on overall grades, doesnt account on tje importance of some positions over the others

    • Kyle Ferguson

      I actually like theirs more than or ESPN

  • shaeto

    If I want PLAYER rankings, I’m going to PFF. If I want TEAM rankings, Football Outsiders is the way to go. Their DVOA system is pretty solid.

    • Jeff

      Very true! On all counts. It seems that they just add up all the player grades and that gives them the team rankings. I mean the Raiders and Falcons at 10 and 11? Seems a bit generous. At least FO base their rankings on a formula counting variables such as defense, offense, and special teams among other things.

      • James Winslow

        But player rankings is what they do? This is how they should list the team.

    • CountMahdrof

      And, since it IS a team game, PFF has more value to fantasy fans than football fans.

  • AdamT

    Soooo, the Redskins are below the Bills, who the Skins just beat (pretty bad), the Eagles, who the Skins beat, the Bears, who the Skins beat, and THE SAINTS who the Skins absolutely obliterated. Makes sense?

  • Papa41

    This ranking devoids PFF of all credibility. If Belechick says you are not reliable – you are not reliable. Redskins 22? Are you kidding me? This site is a joke.

  • Dollar Flipper

    I love these power rankings. They prove that individual performance isn’t the only thing that matters in a team game. Sure, it’s easier when everyone is playing well, but some of that can be coached around.

  • sikologik

    are you sure you guys updated this list in the past 3 weeks?

  • Leelue

    Chiefs under the raiders and falcons? Is this April 1st? I won’t be coming back to this site anymore..