NFL power rankings entering Week 14

The Panthers remain No. 1 after moving to 12-0 last week. Find out where the remaining 31 teams stack up.

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(Tom DiPace /AP Images for Nike)

(Tom DiPace /AP Images for Nike)

NFL power rankings entering Week 14

In preparation for NFL Week 14, here are the updated PFF power rankings. This week, the rankings are presented with an interesting statistic or grade that takes into account only the past four weeks of the season. All rankings are relative to all players from Week 10 to Week 13.

1. Carolina Panthers

Inside linebacker Luke Kuechly has the most tackles without a missed tackle, at 22.

2. New England Patriots

The safety with the most passes defended through the past four weeks is Patrick Chung, at four.

3. Cincinnati Bengals

The defensive tackle with the best pass rushing productivity is Geno Atkins, at 16.0. He has two sacks, four hits, and 21 hurries, for a total of 27 pressures, which is also the most among defensive tackles.

4. Arizona Cardinals

The wide receiver with the most yards per route run is J.J. Nelson, at 5.59. He has 229 receiving yards on just 41 routes run.

5. Denver Broncos

The Broncos have both the best and second-best 3-4 defensive ends by run stop percentage. Derek Wolfe leads the league at 17.9 percent, while Vance Walker is at 14.8 percent. Wolfe has 14 total run stops, which is also the best among 3-4 defensive ends.

6. Green Bay Packers

The Packers have two of the top five cornerbacks in terms of total pressure. Casey Hayward has four pressures, which is tied for second-most among cornerbacks, while Quinten Rollins has three pressures on just four pass rushes.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers

The wide receiver with the most yards on deep passes is Martavis Bryant, at 276. He’s caught six-of-14 passes thrown his way, and two have gone for touchdowns.

8. Seattle Seahawks

Quarterback Russell Wilson has tied the league lead in terms of accuracy percentage, at 83.7, as well as accuracy percentage on deep passes, at 66.7.

9. Atlanta Falcons

The rookie defensive tackle with the best run stop percentage is Grady Jarrett, at 12.9 percent. He has four run stops on 31 run snaps.

10. Minnesota Vikings

The wide receiver with the best catch rate through the past four weeks is Jarius Wright. He’s caught all nine passes thrown his way.

11. Oakland Raiders

The safety with the most coverage snaps without allowing a catch the past four weeks is Charles Woodson. He’s had 135 coverage snaps, and has just been thrown at once.

12. Houston Texans

The 3-4 outside linebacker with the most run stops has been Whitney Mercilus, at eight.

13. Kansas City Chiefs

The wide receiver with the most catches over these past four weeks without a drop is Jeremy Maclin, at 24. On the year, he has just one drop in Week 5, compared to 66 catches.

14. Buffalo Bills

The wide receiver with the second-most yards on deep passes is Sammy Watkins. He had 236 yards on six deep completions, and two went for touchdowns.

15. Baltimore Ravens

The guard with the best pass blocking efficiency is Marshal Yanda, at 99.6 He has not allowed a sack or hit, and has allowed just one hurry over these past four weeks.

16. Philadelphia Eagles

The tight end with the most yards per route run is Brent Celek, at 3.03. He has 239 yards on from 79 routes.

17. Dallas Cowboys

The center with the best pass blocking efficiency is Travis Frederick, at 99.5. Over the past four games, he hasn’t allowed a sack or hurry, and has allowed just one hit.

18. New York Jets

The most elusive running back has been Chris Ivory,at 114.1. He’s had 19 players miss tackles on his carries, which is the most in the league, with another three missing tackles on his receptions.

19. Chicago Bears

The 3-4 outside linebacker with the best run stop percentage is Lamarr Houston, at 21.4. He’s had six run stops, despite playing just 28 run snaps.

20. Indianapolis Colts

The inside linebacker with the best run stop percentage is Jerrell Freeman, at 21.1 percent. He’s had eight run stops on 38 run snaps.

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The running back with the most yards after contact is Doug Martin, with 336. That is 83 yards more than any other back.

22. New Orleans Saints

Over this past three games, Jairus Byrd has 93 coverage snaps, was thrown at once, and had an interception.

23. Miami Dolphins

The 4-3 defensive end with both the most pressures, as well as the best pass rushing productivity, is Olivier Vernon, at 32 pressures and a 15.6 pass rushing productivity.

24. Washington

When quarterbacks have targeted Quinton Dunbar, they’ve had an NFL passer rating of 14.2, lowest in the league. When they’ve targeted Will Blackmon in the slot, they’ve had an NFL passer rating of 22.3, which is the lowest among cornerbacks while in the slot.

25. St. Louis Rams

The 4-3 defensive end with both the most run stops and best run stop percentage is William Hayes, at 10 stops and 15.4 percent. They also have the top two 4-3 outside linebackers in total run stops, with Mark Barron at 13 and Akeem Ayers at 12.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars

Wide receiver Allen Robinson has forced seven players to miss tackles on him on his catches, which is the second-most in the league.

27. New York Giants

Although Jason Pierre-Paul has yet to record a sack since Week 9, which is when he returned, he has four hits and 20 hurries for a total of 24 pressures, tied for the third best among 4-3 defensive ends in Weeks 10 through 13.

28. Detroit Lions

The cornerback with the best yards per coverage snap is Darius Slay, at 0.17. Over these last 164 coverage snaps, he’s allowed just three catches on 10 targets for 28 yards.

29. Tennessee Titans

Tight end Delanie Walker has 25 catches and no drops, which is tied for the most catches among tight ends with no drops. On the year, he only has one drop in Week 5, compared to 67 catches.

30. Cleveland Browns

The quarterback with the best accuracy percentage while under pressure is Austin Davis, at 83.3 percent. He’s completed 13-of-23 passes, with two passes getting dropped, four getting thrown away, and once he was hit while throwing.

31. San Francisco 49ers

The 3-4 defensive end with the second-highest pass rushing productivity is Arik Armstead at 14.7 percent. Despite not having a sack, he has two hits and seven hurries on 46 pass rushes.

32. San Diego Chargers

Right tackle Joe Barksdale is one of three right tackles with at least 100 pass blocks and no sacks or hits allowed. He has allowed just five hurries on his 102 pass blocks.

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  • Dollar Flipper

    Chiefs have beaten and have a better record than Oakland and Houston. They also beat Pittsburgh head to head, Yet they are ranked below all three teams. I can live with Pittsburgh as they were playing without Ben that week, but the other two make no sense.

  • Everyone

    …Why are the Falcons and Vikings in the top ten???

    • crosseyedlemon

      The Falcons ranking has been a joke for more than a month now but presumably they could lose all their remaining games and still be in the top ten.

      • Tim Edell

        Eventually the Falcons will have more losses then the spot their ranked at.

    • Rickn3car

      Falcons suck and Vikes are legit

      • SeattleSteve

        Unless it’s against teams with winning records.

  • John Stanton

    How the heck are the Oakland Raiders, (Who Chiefs just beat), Houston Texans (who Chiefs beat in week 1), ahead of the Chiefs? Ridiculous ranking

    • crosseyedlemon

      Well if the rankings were based on single game results then wouldn’t the Eagles have to be placed higher than New England?

      • John Stanton

        Not even comparable. The Raiders have a record of 5-7, the Chiefs 7-5. The Chiefs have won their last 6 games and are firmly in the Wild Card hunt to make the playoffs. It makes absolutely no sense to put the Raiders at a higher ranking and no serious publication would put the Raiders two spots ahead of the Chiefs at this point.

        • Brandon

          Thank you! Everyone overlooks the chiefs. Yet we have Eric Berry the top rated safety Maclin who has dropped one pass all year! Justin Houston a top 3 olb a,QB,who hasn’t thrown a pick since week three. A 5th ranked offense in scoring. A seventh ranked defense in points allowed. Yet we get NO love. I like NFL’s ranking at ninth.

      • Rickn3car

        I think they are better and I hate them

    • Tony

      The rankings are based on player grades, not the overall team performance, it makes no sense, but there you have it.

      • MosesZD

        And that’s the problem with their ratings system. They’re not the only ones though so I’m not going to rank on them too much.

        For example, one year the Eagles were rated by one site as a Top-10 team despite finishing 8-8. Which put them ahead of THREE 10-6 teams, including the New York Giants (10-6, ranked 14th) who won the Superbowl.

        And Miami, at 1-15, was ranked 27th!

        So while I find some of the stats here to be interesting and worthwhile to use in fan discussions to limited player-subjectivity-bias. But after that I find much of their process and modeling to be highly flawed.

    • MosesZD

      You’re right. If the draft was held today, the Chiefs would draft 24th based on record. The Raiders, depending on the coin flip, would draft 13th or 14th. Because the draft, ultimately, is based on the real world results of a team on a TEAM basis.

      And there are plenty of other disconnects.

    • Mike Riley

      Inferiority complex much? Jk the ratings here are kind of ridiculous.

  • Rickn3car

    Really the falcons at 9. Please be real, more like 19 and you know it.

  • Andrew Ellis

    These are the worst rankings I’ve seen all year.

  • mlander80

    This has to be the single weirdest power ranking I’ve seen. It can’t be based on stats alone since its wrong if it is, and it can’t be based on the eye test alone because it’s also really wrong. The explanation that “All rankings are relative to all players from Week 10 to Week 13″ just can’t be true and this list be what it is.

  • Backinmd

    Falcon this high .. Don’t agree ..Seems like they start off with a bang then fall off a cliff ..Ravens at 15th – they should be in the lower 20’s …..

  • Adam Walker

    What a joke. Panthers at 1 is the only thing correct in the top 5.

  • Tim Edell

    The Ravens ranked 15th and the Jets 17th???? Atlanta ranked 9th???? Instead of interesting ststistics please have him explain why teams are ranked where they are because these are ridiculous.

  • shayaan

    The Falcons haven’t won a game in a month and a half. The arrogance required to rank them so high without explanation is astonishing.

  • meatmane

    Uhh am I missing something? Geno Atkins has 8 sacks.