NFL power rankings entering Week 13

The Broncos come in at No. 5 after a big SNF win. See which team tops Nathan Jahnke's power rankings.

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(AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

(AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

NFL power rankings entering Week 13

In preparation for NFL Week 13, here are the updated PFF power rankings. This week, the rankings are presented with a player I would select for an “All-Star team.” This isn’t necessarily the best player on each team, but one picked to ensure the roster had as few weaknesses as possible. A statistic about each player is provided.

1. Carolina Panthers

Linebacker Luke Kuechly has the best tackling efficiency among linebackers in the league. He has one missed tackle on a rusher, compared to 33 made tackles in the run game, and one missed tackle on a receiver, compared to 29 made tackles in the passing game.

2. New England Patriots

Tight end Rob Gronkowski has 441 yards after the catch, the most among all tight ends.

3. Cincinnati Bengals

Cornerback Adam Jones has 19 stops on the year, which is the best for all cornerbacks who don’t play a significant number of snaps in the slot.

4. Arizona Cardinals

Quarterback Carson Palmer has 886 of his passing yards coming on deep passes, the most in the league. He’s completed 28 deep passes, which is also second most; eight have gone for touchdowns, most in the NFL.

5. Denver Broncos

When cornerback Chris Harris Jr. lines up in the slot, opposing quarterbacks have an NFL passer rating of 46.5 when targeting him, the best in the league for CBs with at least 150 slot coverage snaps. He would play outside in base and slot in nickel for this All-star team.

6. Minnesota Vikings

Nose tackle Linval Joseph has a run defense rating of 95.0, second-best among all defensive tackles.

7. Green Bay Packers

Right guard T.J. Lang is the only starting guard not to give up a sack or hit this season. He’s done this on 425 pass blocks.

8. Atlanta Falcons

Fullback Patrick DiMarco has a PFF run block rating of 88.0, while no other fullback has managed a run block rating above 75.0.

9. Houston Texans

3-4 defensive end J.J. Watt has 13 sacks and 29 hits this year, which both lead the position. No other 3-4 DE is within five sacks or 11 hits of his numbers.

10. Oakland Raiders

3-4 outside linebacker Khalil Mack has a run stop percentage of 10.7, and 22 total run stops—both best among players at the position.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers

Wide receiver Antonio Brown has 401 yards on 11 deep passes, which are both second-best in the league.

12. Kansas City Chiefs

Safety Eric Berry has allowed just 54 passing yards combined over his last five games. That is the fewest for any safety over the past six weeks of the season (among those targeted more than 10 times).

13. Seattle Seahawks

Linebacker K.J. Wright has the best tackling efficiency among 4-3 outside linebackers (among those with at least 150 snaps this year). He has one missed tackle, compared to 33 made tackles in the run game, and two missed tackles compared to 34 made in the passing game. He would play 3-4 inside linebacker on this All-Star team.

14. Baltimore Ravens

Free safety Will Hill is one of just two safeties with a PFF rating above 85 in both run defense and coverage. He would play in the dime defense for this All-Star team.

15. Buffalo Bills

Cornerback Ronald Darby is one of two starting cornerbacks to allow a catch rate below 52 percent, and 11.0 yards per catch or fewer—the other being Carolina’s Josh Norman. Darby would play outside in this All-Star team’s nickel defense.

16. Indianapolis Colts

Punter Pat McAfee is averaging 49.1 yards per punt, the best for all punters. He also serves as this All-Star team’s kickoff man.

17. Philadelphia Eagles

Safety Malcolm Jenkins has 26 stops on the year, sixth-best among all safeties.

18. New York Jets

Nose tackle Damon Harrison has a run stop percentage of 16.9, the best for all defensive tackles. This would be the third straight year he leads the league (for DT/NTs with at least 150 run snaps). For this All-Star team, he would play in run-specific situations.

19. Chicago Bears

3-4 outside linebacker Pernell McPhee has a pass rushing productivity of 16.3, the best for all players, regardless of position, with at least 50 pass rushes this year. He has five sacks, 10 hits, and 37 hurries on 247 pass rushes.

20. New Orleans Saints

Left tackle Terron Armstead has a pass blocking efficiency of 97.5, third-best among all tackles. He’s allowed just two sacks, two hits, and eight hurries on 382 pass blocks this year.

21. Dallas Cowboys

Center Travis Frederick has been among the top two centers by PFF run block grade each of the past three years. In 2013, he was second best, in 2014 he was the best, and in 2015, he is currently the best again, with a PFF run block grade of 94.0.

22. St. Louis Rams

Defensive tackle Aaron Donald is the only DT in the league with a PFF grade above 90 in both run defense and pass rushing; and he has above 93 in each category. He would play 3-4 defensive tackle for this All-Star defense.

23. Jacksonville Jaguars

Wide receiver Allen Robinson has 462 receiving yards on 14 deep passes, both best in the league.

24. Washington

Receiving tight end Jordan Reed has forced nine players to miss tackles on him this year, which is the fourth-best for all tight ends.

25. New York Giants

Left guard Justin Pugh has a PFF overall grade of 87.3, which is seventh-best among all guards.

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Halfback Doug Martin has forced 46 missed tackles on his carries this year, the most in the league. This has helped lead to his 3.5 yards after contact per carry, which is also the league’s best.

27. Miami Dolphins

Slot receiver Jarvis Landry has 48 catches when lined up in the slot, the best in the league. His 1.72 yards per route run in the slot is also second-best among receivers who spend at least two thirds of their snaps in the slot. Landry also serves as this All-Star team’s punt returner.

28. Detroit Lions

Kick returner Ameer Abdullah is averaging 31.2 yards per kick return this year, which is the best among all players with at least 10 kick returns.

29. Cleveland Browns

Right tackle Mitchell Schwartz has a PFF overall grade of 88.2, the best among all right tackles.

30. Tennessee Titans

Run blocking tight end Craig Stevens has a PFF run block grade of 84.9, third-best among all tight ends.

31. San Francisco 49ers

Kicker Phil Dawson is a perfect 12-for-12 on kicks beyond 30 yards this year. Only two other full-time starters have remained perfect from that distance this year.

32. San Diego Chargers

Receiving halfback Danny Woodhead has 573 yards after the catch this season, which is over 100 yards more than any other running back this year.

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  • Nick_CT

    i was thinking Broncos were too high at 5 but who else are you going to put there?

    • Rick S.

      I was thinking the Broncos were too low….They’re 4-0 against teams in the top ten, when no other team has 2 wins against top ten teams. Its subjective and doesn’t matter, but they should be #2 and 3 at the lowest

      • Nick_CT

        They also got manhandled by KC and Indy two teams that nobody else in the top ten has lost to

        • anon76returns

          I don’t think anybody’s putting much on that KC loss- the Broncos started a QB that never should have been on the field considering his injury status, and he threw 4 INTs which directly led to 13 KC points.
          They certainly were not “manhandled” by the Colts, anymore than NE was manhandled by the NYG. It was a close loss that easily could have gone the other way had the defense not literally resorted to eye-poking at the end of the game.
          The point still stands- Broncos have the 3rd best record in the NFL, and have the best record against top 10 teams.

          • Nick_CT

            i guess you are riding the Brock high right now

          • anon76returns

            Looking very closely, I don’t see any mention of Brock in my comment whatsoever.
            I like Brock, for four years I’ve hoped he could perform as he has these last 2 games if ever he was called on. But I think Manning is the better QB even this year, provided he stops throwing dumb INTs. Manning avoids sacks better, was throwing for a higher completion % and more yards/attempt, and was even hitting on some nice bootleg throws during the Cleveland->Indy stretch. My guess is next Broncos-Pats game will once again feature Manning and Brady.

  • Trend5x5

    This is a hot mess. Nathan, could you put down the airplane glue and come with me ? Your friends and family would like to talk to you about how your choices are affecting them and how worried they are about you.

    • Malachi


    • Mike Weisel

      Can’t agree more its almost like he grabbed the standings moved a few things around and went tada. Eagles just got drilled twice, but hey they still ok. Chicago has been playing well as well as detroit, the ravens are blocked kick away from getting passed all over by cleveland and losing. Dallas is pure garbage without romo. Washington beats the giants and eagles, but nope they are bottom tier.

      • Jefferson

        USELESS. Truly. Literally.

        The author should check some half-intelligent lists out there: whether it’s Football Outsiders’ Team Efficiency (Weighted DVOA or Total DVOA rankings, a better guide without even attempting to be a power ranking), or ESPN power rankings (totally subjective but better than this), to the ELO rankings at 538 website (totally unorthodox metric but far more realistic).

        The power ranking here is simply NOT EVEN CREDIBLE. Atlanta, Oakland, Houston, Seattle, Giants, Detroit — these and other teams are off by 5-10 placements or more.

  • William Elgin

    Redskins at 24 with The eagles at 17???!?! You guys are crazy

    • sikologik

      not to mention 3 spots behind Dallas at 21. LMAO. Perhaps we’re supposed to read this as if #32 is actually #1 and #1 is actually #32?

    • SadRedskinsFan

      This is BS. They ranked the entire NFC East backwards lmao.

  • Dollar Flipper

    Chiefs beat Houston and Pittsburgh head on. Surprised to see them ranked lower than both of those teams and Oakland. A win this week would move them up I guess?

  • roppert

    Still got Atlanta & Oakland way too high. Atlanta is just terrible.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Betting against the Falcons is like having a key to the ATM machine.

  • Ryan Crinnigan

    Serious forest/trees situation here with Atlanta, PFF.

  • David Stinnett

    I don’t think #8 Atlanta could beat #13 Seahawks

    • crosseyedlemon

      The way Atlanta has been playing lately they’d be happy to beat Georgia Tech.

    • caradoc

      #8 Atlanta will likely lose to #26 Tampa Bay this weekend.

  • Tim Edell

    The Ravens at 14???!!!! Could we please get Gordon or Sam to do these rankings this article has now become a weekly don’t read for me.

    • crosseyedlemon

      It’s pretty obvious the Ravens ranking is influenced by having the Bengals and Steelers in their division. If Baltimore was in the AFC South they would probably be ranked several spots lower.

    • Rob

      I believe the Ravens ranking is based off the fact that every game but one has been decided by 6 or fewer points; the one game that wasn’t was decided by 8 points. The Ravens could easily have a winning record at the moment if it wasn’t for mistakes in crucial times in games.

  • Chris

    Packers at 7? You do realize they have lost 4 of their last 5 games right? Two of those at home to your 19 and 28th ranked teams? This site is a hot mess.

  • Backinmd

    After watching the Browns – Ravens game yesterday , thought the Browns would be ranked 32 or 31 …

  • Backinmd

    Seems like Falcons start off with a bang every year then slowing get worse every game during the season …Matt Ryan is fools gold …

  • Captain Kuechly

    PantherNation kickin back smiling.. “Yeah, we’re good!”

  • Numbers Logos

    1 Dec computer comparison of SEASON records: 1. New England,
    2. Carolina, 3. Cincinnati, 4. Arizona, 5. Denver. The 32 team rankings fit visibly to records
    (W, L, PF, PA) AND schedules like pieces of a puzzle:

  • Lukewarm chilly hot guy

    I didn’t know the raiders are a 3-4 defense under del rio. I thought that they were a 4-3

  • caradoc

    #26 has already beaten #8, #17, #20, #21, and #23.

  • Arnav Gupta

    The pats will be number one once gronk, edelman, gronk, amendola, gronk, the o line, gronk, jamie collins, gronk, donta hightower, and gronk come back. Did I mention gronk by the way, cuz I feel like I must of left him out. All jokes aside, the pats rule!!!!