NFL power rankings entering Week 12

The Patriots reclaim the top spot in this week's edition of Nathan Jahnke's NFL power rankings.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

(AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

NFL power rankings entering Week 12

In preparation for NFL Week 12, here are the updated PFF power rankings. This week, the rankings are presented alongside an interesting receiving statistic for each team.

1. New England Patriots

Tight end Scott Chandler has run three pass routes while on the 1-yard line. He has been targeted twice, and caught both for touchdowns. He is one of just two players with two receiving touchdowns from the 1-yard line. Rob Gronkowski is one of six players with two touchdowns from the 1- or 2-yard line.

2. Carolina Panthers

Tight end Greg Olsen has 5.00 yards per route run on go routes, which is the most in the league, regardless of position, for receivers with at least 15 go routes. On those routes, Olsen has nine catches for 225 yards.

3. Cincinnati Bengals

Wide receiver A.J. Green has 188 yards on hitches, which is the most in the league. He’s caught all 22 hitches thrown his way, also giving him the best catch rate on hitches.

4. Arizona Cardinals

Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald has 9.18 yards per route run on screen routes, which is the most in the league. He has 14 catches on 17 screen routes for 156 yards and two touchdowns.

5. Denver Broncos

Wide receiver Demaryius Thomas has 3.62 yards per route run on in-routes, which is the most for receivers with more than 15 in-routes. He has 19 targets on 50 in-routes which has led to 15 catches for 181 yards.

6. Atlanta Falcons

No receiver has been targeted more within 10 yards of the end zone than Julio Jones, at 10. He’s been targeted on half of his routes and has caught six of those passes for four touchdowns.

7. Green Bay Packers

Two players are tied for the lead for most touchdowns when the offense is within 5 yards from scoring. Those two are Randall Cobb and Richard Rodgers, with four touchdowns each.

8. Minnesota Vikings

Wide receiver Stefon Diggs has 2.47 yards per route run, which is the best in the league for all rookies, and ranks eighth among all wide receivers.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers

When Martavis Bryant lines up outside of the right numbers, he has 339 yards on 13 catches and three touchdowns. He’s done this on 52 routes, giving him 6.52 yards per route run—the best for any receiver with at least 15 routes run outside the right numbers. The second-best in the league outside of the right numbers is Antonio Brown, who has 5.15 yards per route run, thanks to 489 yards on 23 catches.

10. Philadelphia Eagles

No receiver has run more crossing routes than the Eagles’ Jordan Matthews, at 61. He has been targeted on just over a third of them, and has 17 catches for 155 yards.

11. Oakland Raiders

FB Marcel Reece has run just 15 hitch routes, but he’s been targeted on five of them and has caught three for 77 yards. That has given him a 5.13 yards per route run on hitches, the best for receivers with at least 10 hitch routes.

12. Buffalo Bills

Buffalo has four wide receivers, two tight ends, and two running backs with at least 50 routes, and they all have a yards per route run above 1.0. They are the only team in the league that can say this.

13. Houston Texans

Wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins has 358 yards in the fourth quarter, which is the most for all receivers. He’s done that on 23 catches, and has tied the league lead with four fourth-quarter receiving touchdowns.

14. Kansas City Chiefs

When Jeremy Maclin is pressed by a cornerback, he has 4.70 yards per route run, the best in the league for those with at least 15 targets when pressed. He has 15 targets on 50 routes, which has led to 10 catches for 235 yards.

15. Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawk with the most yards per route run is backup tight end Luke Willson, at 2.03. He has 11 catches on 69 routes for 140 yards.

16. Indianapolis Colts

When T.Y. Hilton is not facing press coverage, he has 2.12 yards per route run. When he has faced press coverage, he only has 0.48 yards per route run.

17. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens have yet to come close to replacing Steve Smith and his 2.90 yards per route run, which ranks third-most in the league for those with at least 200 routes run. Their current receivers are Jeremy Butler (1.65), Chris Givens (1.52), Kamar Aiken (1.31) and Marlon Brown (0.47), which are all below league average in this regard.

18. New Orleans Saints

When Willie Snead lines up outside of the left numbers, he has 4.00 yards per route run, the most for those with at least 30 routes outside of those numbers. He has caught all 10 passes thrown his way for 184 yards on 46 routes.

19. New York Giants

When the Giants have been within four yards of scoring, they’ve only had Shane Vereen run five routes. Shane Vereen has been targeted on three of those, and has caught all three for touchdowns.

20. Chicago Bears

When Alshon Jeffery does not face press coverage, he has 3.42 yards per route run which is the best in the league for those with at least 60 pass routes without press. When he is facing press coverage, that number is drops to 1.75 yards per route run. That 1.67 yard per route run difference is the largest for those who have faced press coverage at least 25 times.

21. Dallas Cowboys

Tight end Jason Witten’s yards per route run has been on a steady decline in each year we have data for him. In 2007, his yards per route run was 2.38. In each year following it’s been 2.03, 1.98, 1.92, 1.68, 1.65, 1.58, 1.53, and this year, it’s at 1.46.

22. St. Louis Rams

The Rams’ leader in receiving yards is Kenny Britt at 341 yards. They are the only team in the league without a player with at least 400 receiving yards.

23. New York Jets

No receiver has been pressed more than Brandon Marshall, who has been pressed on 111 of his routes. On those routes he has 20 catches on 33 targets for 320 yards and three touchdowns.

24. Miami Dolphins

Wide receiver Jarvis Landry has been targeted on 21 screen routes, which is five more than any other receiver. He has 18 catches for 112 yards.

25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Vincent Jackson has only run 11 corner routes, but he has been targeted on nearly half of them. He has five targets on corner routes which has led to four catches for 73 yards. He has 6.64 yards per route run on corner routes.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars

Wide receiver Allen Robinson has 420 yards on go routes, the most in the league. He’s also been targeted 31 times on such plays, which is also the most in the league.

27. Tennessee Titans

Wide receiver Kendall Wright has 7.06 yards per route run on slants, the best for receivers with at least eight slant routes. He has been targeted seven times on 17 targets for six catches, 120 yards, and two touchdowns.

28. Washington

Tight end Jordan Reed was in the top five for yards per route run in his first two years in the league, and is on pace to make that each of his first three. In 2013 he was third-best at 2.19, in 2014 fourth-best at 1.89, and he is currently fourth-best at 2.00.

29. Cleveland Browns

Tight end Gary Barnidge has run 102 out-routes, which is the most in the league. On those routes, he has 19 catches on 23 targets for 205 yards.

30. Detroit Lions

Halfback Theo Riddick has 180 yards on pivot routes, which is the most in the league. He’s caught 15 of the 17 thrown his way, and has made 10 players miss tackles on those catches, the most in the league.

31. San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are the only team where their leader in yards per route run is a fullback. Bruce Miller has 2.02 yards per route run, thanks to 119 yards on 59 targets and six catches.

32. San Diego Chargers

Dontrelle Inman has run 55 in-routes, which is the second-most in the league. He’s only been targeted on nine of them, and has caught just five for 72 yards.

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Nathan has been with Pro Football Focus since 2010. He is the Director of Analytics, an NFL analyst, and a fantasy writer.

  • roppert

    Way too high for the Raiders and Falcons

  • Thomas Koeller

    Will the Falcons even make the playoffs?

  • Thomas Koeller

    The Falcons? Last three games: lost to TB, lost to SF, lost to IND.

    • crosseyedlemon

      They must be getting bonus grades for consistency.

  • KWS13

    So Falcons lose 4 of last 5 to some really bad teams and 1 win against an even worse team, and somehow manage to stay in the top 6 every week. This is most curious indeed

    • crosseyedlemon

      I can understand the PFF staff making a mistake and over rating this team but I thought the sportsbooks who are generally very sharp would have made an adjustment on this team by now.

    • Pete

      I don’t know how that Pats were not ranked #1 for the entire season….even the bias pundits of ESPN has better concluded rankiings….this PR is all fluff anyway….meaning PFF ranking is bias and irrelevant….make up your own Power Rankings…

      • vera wright

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  • Sam

    I am not sure I understand what these rankings are based on. How is it that the Bengals are ahead of the Cardinals? Certainly, they should be close but how can you justify Cincy being ahead of them after a head-to-head loss?

    How can the Ravens be so high? Aren’t power rankings meant to indicate the direction a team is going in addition to their overall record and recent performance? The Ravens have a strong run defense and not much else, and have lost all three of their starting-caliber skill-position players. In what universe are the trending forward enough that they’d be ranked ahead of teams like the Bears and Giants? I mean even the Buccaneers and the Jaguars probably ought to be ranked higher.

    How can the Eagles be 10th? They look listless and lost, no leadership and the supposed strength of their team, their defense, just got absolutely dominated up-front by a Buccaneers team that has struggled at the point-of-attack most of the year. They are clearly trending downwards, and even if you like their potential for the stretch run, 10 seems awfully, awfully high. I’d say the 5-5 Texans have every right to be ranked higher. Or the Chiefs?

    Power rankings shouldn’t be based on a team’s cumulative PFF score, which is the only logic I can think of that could produce these results. That’s obviously a misleading way to rank teams as a single players’ excellence can artificially elevate the team’s overall ranking. Power rankings are about trends. I love this website but this list is worse than counter-intuitive, it’s really indefensible.

  • John Ethan Edwards

    last week the panthers were number 1, then they routed the deadskins (while staying relatively healthy) and the Patriots lost two more receivers to injury while barely beating the bills and SOMEHOW they jump to #1 again? I’m flabbergasted.

    • Pete

      The Patriot’s schedule and opposition is tougher than Carolina’s and QBR is higher..

      • John Ethan Edwards

        I’m not saying they shouldn’t be #1. I’m saying it makes no sense that last week the Panthers we’re number #1 (possibly unfairly), and then get moved down after they play their best game of the season and NE plays one of their worst. If they’d just kept NE in the #1 spot the whole time I wouldn’t have an issue with it.

  • Fantastic Ray

    17 for the Baltimore Ravens? Really. They won 3 games and lost there QB for the year. Lost to the 49ers who are ranked 30 with the same amout of wins. #noclueaboutfootball

    • derek lundeen

      Yeah, still don’t get it?

    • Pete

      ESPN had the Ravens at 30th last week…..

  • Adam LeClair

    I’ve seen some Power Rankings in my day, but good god. The only way this would make sense is if this is a list power ranking those throwaway pass-catching stats.

  • derek lundeen

    I never thought i’d say this but Tampa Bay should be higher.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Being a Bears fan myself I’d like to see Lovie Smith do well in Florida but let’s not get carried away.

      • derek lundeen

        Yeah, I never thought we should fire him after a 10-6 record.

        • Zach Ware

          It’s like firing your coach after 3 consecutive division titles and going 39-9 in those regular seasons…. but the fans gotta have what the fans want.

        • crosseyedlemon

          A coach is usually on borrowed time if they hire a new GM because the GM will want to bring in his own coach. Rex Ryan found himself in the same ‘lame duck’ situation as Lovie Smith the following year.

          • derek lundeen

            Oh yeah I forgot about Emery.

  • Tim Edell

    Is Nathan really on the payroll of PFF or does he hack in every week to post his ridiculous power rankings!?!?

    • crosseyedlemon

      Not sure Tim but I’ll admit it’s hard to have confidence in someone making this list when they apparently can’t even remember what comes after Washington.

    • Jay Mitchell

      worse than his picks record this year

  • Rodman89

    The Eagles lost to Miami and got crushed by the Bucs, yet they’re ranked 10th? How can anyone even vouch for the Eagles being a top 10 team period?

    • Pete

      Very good point……should be down to 20th…

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