KC-OAK grades: Mistake-free Smith propels Chiefs to win

The top-graded players and biggest takeaways from Kansas City’s win over the Raiders.

| 2 months ago
(AP Photo/Gail Burton)

(AP Photo/Gail Burton)

KC-OAK grades: Mistake-free Smith propels Chiefs to win

Kansas City Chiefs 26, Oakland Raiders 10

Here are the top-graded players and biggest takeaways from Kansas City’s 26-10 win over the Raiders.

Kansas City Chiefs

Smith nearly mistake-free in road win

Quarterback grade: Alex Smith, 76.2

Quarterback Alex Smith had one of the most efficient games you will ever see. While you need to take into account that his average depth of target was just 6.8 yards, Smith completed 19 of his 22 passes with one of those three attempts being a dropped pass. On the downside, on one of the incompletions he nearly turned the ball over as he did not see safety Reggie Nelson who undercut the wide receiver’s route and dropped a would-be interception. However, Smith did have success downfield too as he completed three of his five attempts that travelled more than 10 yards in the air, including a beautiful 38-yard strike to Jeremy Maclin.

Top offensive Grades:

HB Spencer Ware 76.2
OT Eric Fisher 73.5
TE Travis Kelce 72.5
C Mitch Morse 70.1
WR Jeremy Maclin 68.7 

Ware steals the show in Charles’ return

Although running back Jamaal Charles returned from injury and even scored a touchdown, it was Spencer Ware who carried the load for the Chiefs offense. Ware averaged 5.4 yards on 24 carries as he ran for 130 yards including a touchdown. In addition, he forced four tackles and gained an average of 2.9 yards after contact. Also, while Kansas City also schemed to protect Alex Smith with several rollout passes and play actions, the Chiefs offensive line also did its best when it came to keeping Oakland pass rushers away Smith. The unit allowed only three total pressures on 25 pass plays.

Top defensive Grades:

OLB Dee Ford, 83.3
CB Marcus Peters, 81.7
ILB Derrick Johnson, 80.4
S Ron Parker, 73.2
S Daniel Sorensen, 73.0

Dee Ford has a career day

Chiefs OLB Dee Ford was dominant throughout the game, especially as a pass rusher. Ford repeatedly beat Raiders RT Austin Howard, finishing with two sacks, five hurries and a pair of run stops. Rookie DE Chris Jones, Kansas City’s second-round pick in this year’s draft, played well after an injury to starter Allen Bailey forced Jones into a larger role. Jones finished with four hurries, earning a 79.8 grade in his 22 snaps. CB Marcus Peters also missed some snaps due to injuries, but allowed just 32 receiving yards on six targets, and added an interception. ILB Derrick Johnson was targeted four times, allowing three catches for just five yards, and blew up a screen pass to rookie HB Jalen Richard late in the fourth quarter with one of the biggest hits of the 2016 season.

Oakland Raiders

Carr struggles under pressure

Quarterback grade: Derek Carr, 34.9

Carr was our highest-graded quarterback though Week 5, but has lost his position at the top of the rankings after his first negatively-graded performance of the 2016 season. While the pouring rain may have been a factor, Carr fumbled twice, threw an ugly interception to Chiefs CB Marcus Peters and had another interception dropped by Chiefs LB Justin March-Lillard. Carr earned a positive grade with a clean pocket, but really struggled under pressure; his QB rating dropped from 100.1 to 35.6 when pressured.

Top offensive Grades:

WR Amari Cooper, 88.0
C Rodney Hudson, 82.9
 RG Gabe Jackson, 78.4
LT Donald Penn, 77.3
LG Kelechi Osemele, 73.2

Chiefs have no answer for Cooper

Raiders WR Amari Cooper was unguardable, especially in the first half. The Alabama product had a slow start to the 2016 season, but has 16 catches for 267 yards in the past two weeks, and has just two drops through the first six weeks of the season after dropping a league-worst 18 passes last year. C Rodney Hudson’s 82.9 overall grade was his best of the year; Hudson was perfect in pass protection and also graded well in the run game. Oakland probably would have been better off with a bigger commitment to the run game in the first half, especially given the poor weather conditions. The Raiders rank fifth in team run-blocking grade this season, but top HB DeAndre Washington finished with just 11 carries before the Chiefs took a two-score lead to force them to abandon a balanced offensive game plan.

Top defensive grades:

LB Perry Riley 82.4
S Reggie Nelson 82.3
DI Dan Williams 79.6
DI Stacy McGee 79.5
DI Justin Ellis 76.1

Defensive line impresses as Kansas City picks on rookie

Despite the result and the Chiefs’ success on the ground, the Oakland defensive line held up relatively well against the Kansas City offensive line and had a good game overall. However, while they were opening room for other defenders, linebackers missed tackles in crucial situations and could not take advantage of the line’s work. On the other hand, rookie safety Karl Joseph had a long day as Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith kept looking his way on key plays. Overall, Joseph gave up four receptions and 43 yards on four targets and was unable to prevent Kansas City moving the chains.

PFF Game-Ball winner: OLB Dee Ford, 83.3

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  • 24AHAD

    The raiders are still the raiders.

    • Mr McMurderer

      The Raiders are 4-2 and lead the division. They lost a game in a downpour missing a key element that is most important when playing in the rain, their starting RB, against a head coach notorious for being tough to beat after the bye. There’s a reason they were dubbed the “road Raiders” this year, and KC will find out why soon enough….still leading the division though

      • Dave Reid

        C’mon man cant be bitching about the weather it was the same for both teams. Injuries too Chiefs were down to 3rd/4th CBs. and still have Hali banged up and Houston not even ready yet.

        Raiders have hardly looked invincible so were bound to struggle against a team with a simple game plan and execution. Let see the season play out Raiders 4 wins dont look all that hot now.

        • Mr McMurderer

          Both teams played in the weather but both teams weren’t equally prepared for the weather. Carr had played in 2 rainy games in his career before Sunday, and it would have been the first for the 9 rookies we have scattered across the team, including our 2 RBs. Oakland’s greatest strength is the deep passing game, something you can’t do when WRs are slipping and falling all over the place (that interception ring a bell? Crabtree slipped and fell, which is why it happened). Take away any teams strength and they are vulnerable to defeat, especially a team with a very bad defense. Coincidentally KC is built perfectly to play in the rain, with RBs who can run on any defense, let alone the Raiders terrible run D. This Gabe was set up perfectly for the Chiefs to win, from having 2 weeks to prepare to a downpour which plays to their strengths. Raiders are and have been a much better team on the road as the final nail in the coffin, so this game was heavily weighted in KCs favor. Thankfully the Raiders travel to KC here shortly, and it will be a completely different game, of that you can be sure.

          • Dave Reid

            Still cant give the Chiefs any credit huh? Even Alex Smith was able to complete a few shots down field the rain also took some of the Chiefs Playmakers out the game Maclin and Kelce only caught 4 passes. I’ll say it again same for both teams, the only credence I’ll give your argument is that it forced Andy Reid to commit to the run game which was a blessing in disguise for the Chiefs.

            As JDR said they got out coached, Deandre Washington averaged nearly 5 a carry so maybe they should have stuck with the run like the Chiefs did it could have been a different game.

            Sounds like a lot of excuses and sour grapes, what you going to do in the Play offs when you got to go to Denver or New England in non Californian conditions

          • Mr McMurderer

            A’s you just did, Macklin and Kelce only caught 4 passes, as the down field passing game was nearly impossible. Ever look up in the rain? Its hard to track anything in the air with rain blinding you. Our starting RB and both of our TEs were out, which represents our entire short passing game. Granted our coaches should have stuck with running the ball (and we have a 250+ lb fullback named Jimaze that didn’t have a single touch in that game, for whatever reason). Our coaches tried using the deep passing game, and once that caused a turnover completely buckled on the game plan. Idk what the coaches were thinking, but it sure wasn’t being prepared for anything.

          • Dave Reid

            Also that Interception was due to Carr throwing a bad pass off his back foot due to the RT giving up a pressure, the slip from Crabtree was irrelevant.

          • Mr McMurderer

            No, that pass was a curl route, one that Carr and Crabree hit on in every game. Trying to cut back Crabtree fell, or he would have been right where the pass was.

          • 24AHAD

            Lol yeah, definitely.

          • Tazmosis

            Mr. Mc, check you schedule. The Raiders don’t go to the Chiefs ’till Dec. 8th. Just sayin’.

      • Rodrigo Campos Pedro

        lol at road “Raiders”
        They have beaten the Titans,Chargers,Ravens and the Jaguars by a dominant 12 points.

        • Mr McMurderer

          We play the Jaguars this week. We beat the Saints in NO, Ravens in Baltimore, and the Titans at home. The first 2 are notoriously difficult places to play, and all of those teams are proving to be better than their records. Btw, the Chargers beat the Broncos, which means they are also better than their record. Ried had 2 weeks to prepare for us, and that showed in their flawless execution. That’s all their is to it.

          • Dave Reid

            Get your excuses in now back to back trips to Florida, both games will be shoot-outs with the Raiders Defense. I can see another defeat coming possibly 2.

          • Mr McMurderer

            Actually both the Jags and Bucs have offenses that play to our defenses strengths, ie poor running games, big WRs, young flusterable QBs. Plus we’re a much better team on the road, so there a lot working in our favor. Btw we’ve only lost a single shootout this year, and that was to Atlanta (who got very lucky on a tipped pass that was caught for a TD by a WR who wasnt the intended target. Twice that happened, one for a TD and the other in the redzone. I’ve personally never seen luck like that before).

          • Tom

            How did that prediction work out for ya? Keep your head in the sand bud.

          • Dave Reid

            Big Deal! Come back to me next week after the Buccs game then I’ll eat crow. I said one defeat possibly two.

          • Tom

            626 yards of offense enough for ya? I think we can conclude the Raider are legit playoff contenders. The next 8 weeks where they are on the road in Denver/SD/KC as will as home games agaisnt Carolina/Denver will determine if they are SB contenders. Big game in Denver this week.

          • Tom

            Add Denver to the kill list. Legit enough yet?

          • Dave Reid

            Get a life this started with your Boyfriend bitching about the Rain as an excuse for the Chiefs loss. I never once said Raiders weren’t for real. I only pointed out that the excuses he would use for defeats in Florida.

          • Tom

            LOL it must hurt to your feelers to be wrong. Enjoy a season full of it and keep those outdated homophobic slurs coming.

          • Dave Reid

            Homophobic? Please explain?

        • Matt

          We haven’t played the Jags yet bud, do your research. :)

          • rodrigo pedro

            Yeah,meant Saints.
            Switched the bad team you beat with the bad team you will face next week and get hype from an eventual win

        • Tom

          Care to revise your statement?

          • rodrigo pedro

            Broncos lost to the Raiders last year too.
            Theh also got embarrassed by the Chiefs.
            Look how that turned out.

          • Tom

            The Raiders were 5-7 and out of the playoff hunt last year by time they beat the Broncos. “how it turned out” had already been determined. Abstracting two similar factors from season to season makes you less credible. You would have been better off admitting that your projection was incorrect then trying make delusional abstracts.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Both teams know they have areas of their game that need to be improved if they want to go anywhere in the playoffs.