Marshall could dramatically boost Giants’ redzone offense

The veteran receiver could bolster New York's redzone passing game, an area in which they struggled in 2016.

| 4 weeks ago
(Al Bello/Getty Images)

(Al Bello/Getty Images)

Marshall could dramatically boost Giants’ redzone offense

  • At his best, Brandon Marshall is a scoring machine, having totaled 83 touchdowns over his career.
  • He was particularly effective in the redzone two seasons ago, using his bulky frame to box out defensive backs on fades and slant routes.
  • Marshall managed to convert nine of his redzone (20 yards or closer) opportunities in 2015 into either a first down or touchdown, eight of those catches resulting in the latter.
  • Although the Giants’ receiving corps was effective last season, the passing game frequently bogged down within sight of a score.
  • Eli Manning converted only 35 percent of passes with a short field, only 20 percent of which scored six.
  • If Marshall can return to his peak (he failed to convert a single redzone opportunity out of 18 targets in 2016), the Giants will pose a formidable threat deep in enemy territory in 2017.


New York Giants WR Brandon Marshall

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  • crosseyedlemon

    So Marshall was 0-17 in the red zone and still being targeted by the QB. Makes you wonder at what point the Jets offensive coordinator would see the light bulb and think “Maybe this isn’t working out too well”.

    • Andre Taylor

      It would seem that your user name is more of reality than fiction. The QB play for the Jets last year was nothing short of an abomination, the O-line was even worse. Former QB Ryan Fitzpatrick held out, never got into a rhythm with Marshall or Eric Decker. While Marshall played hurt most of the year, Decker went down with a season ending injury. The only bright spot was veteran RB Matt Forte, and even he has alot of miles on his tires. So get your prescription checked bud, Brandon Marshall is still an excellent WR and will have excellent production opposite ALL-PRO WR Odell Beckham JR.

  • paul

    Hm, but according to PFF Eli Manning simply sucks on his own. How can Marshall catch any of his passes? It has nothing to do with his surrounding pieces. He is simply declining down a cliff at breakneck speed. Smh

    • Andre Taylor

      Paul ill bet you $500 that baring injury, Brandon Marshall will have over a 1000 yards receiving. PFF and any other sports publication sound stupid saying anything negative about 2 time Super Bowl winning QB Eli Manning. Behind a below average O-line, no semblance of a running game. Manning has had his 2 most productive year’s, these last 2 year’s. So please get a clue