HOU-NE grades: Patriots CB Logan Ryan earns top mark in playoff victory

Highest-graded players and top takeaways from the Patriots' Divisional Round victory over the Texans.

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Logan Ryan

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HOU-NE grades: Patriots CB Logan Ryan earns top mark in playoff victory

New England Patriots 34, Houston Texans 16

Here are the key takeaways and highest-graded players from New England’s 34-16 win over Houston.

New England Patriots

Quarterback grade: Tom Brady, 48.6

Off night for Tom Brady

During the 2016 regular season, Brady set the NFL record for touchdown-to-interception ratio. On Saturday, however, he had as many interceptions (two) as he recorded in his previous 12 games. That being said, Brady continually gave his receivers a chance to make plays when given favorable coverage situations. What was most surprising was how long Brady was willing to wait to allow receivers to get open. His 2.86 second average time to throw was 0.47 seconds longer than his season average.

 Tom Brady vs pressure

Top offensive grades: 

WR Chris Hogan, 81.4

WR Julian Edelman, 81.1

RG Shaq Mason, 75.7

LG Joe Thuney, 73.7

LT Nate Solder, 70.6 

Hogan and Edelman impress

The Patriots WR duo of Chris Hogan and Julian Edelman only accounted for half of New England’s targets Saturday (16 of 32), but they totaled 80.8 percent of the team’s receiving yards (232 of 287). The pair made multiple contested catches that resulted from the receiver separating from coverage at the catch point, and not the throw position from the quarterback. Hogan averaged 23.8 yards per target on the day. 

Top defensive grades: 

CB Logan Ryan, 92.2

DI Alan Branch, 85.3

S Devin McCourty, 83.6

DI Maclom Brown, 80.5

ED Trey Flowers, 79.0

Logan Ryan with huge performance

On Saturday night, Texans QB Brock Osweiler recorded a 10.7 QB rating when targeting the receiver covered by cornerback Logan Ryan. Osweiler targeted Ryan’s man or zone seven times, completing just three of those attempts for 9 total yards, while Ryan registered two pass breakups and an interception. On the defensive line, Alan Branch registered a team-high three QB pressures (Trey Flowers also had three pressures) to go with an extremely impressive six stops (a stop is a solo tackle which constitutes as a loss for the offense, given the situation) in run defense.

Houston Texans

Quarterback grade: Brock Osweiler, 40.3

Ugly night for the Texans QB

Osweiler was able to connect with a wide open C.J. Fiedorowicz for a touchdown, but outside of that and two beautiful deep balls—that were both dropped—this was an ugly game for the Texans signal caller. Osweiler greatly struggled under pressure, completing just 4 of 11 passes for 28 yards to go with an interception and 7.0 QB rating on throws coming with pressure in his face. Osweiler competed eight of nine throws on passes that were between the numbers and traveled fewer than 10 yards in the air; outside of that quadrant of the field, he completed just 15 of 29 passes for 135 yards, a touchdown, three interceptions, and a 36.5 QB rating.

Brock Osweiler vs pressure

Top offensive grades: 

T Duane Brown, 75.4

HB Jonathan Grimes, 73.0

C Greg Mancz, 68.1

HB Lamar Miller, 60.5

WR DeAndre Hopkins, 52.5 

Lackluster performance from Houston offense

Osweiler deserves a fair share of the blame for Houston’s offensive struggles on Saturday night, but he certainly doesn’t get the full load, with really nobody on the offense standing out in a positive manner. Duane Brown allowed just two pressures (both hurries) on 47 pass-blocking snaps, while RB Jonathan Grimes made some key contributions as a receiver, hauling in all four targets sent his way for 43 yards, including 37 yards after the catch.

Top defensive grades:

OLB Whitney Mercilus, 85.1

S Andre Hal, 84.9

LB Brian Cushing, 81.2

OLB Jadeveon Clowney, 80.2

NT Vince Wilfork, 78.9

Cornerback A.J. Bouye bested 

One of the breakout stars of the NFL this season, A.J. Bouye didn’t allow 81 yards into his coverage until Week 7 this season. Against the Patriots on Saturday, he surrendered 81 total yards on six of nine targets. Bouye had a chance to make a game-changing play on the very first snap from scrimmage of the second half, but he dropped the ball that was thrown right to him by Brady. His early-game interception covering Michael Floyd came after he was beaten initially and he got lucky to have the ball tip off the receiver’s fingers.

PFF Game-Ball Winner: Logan Ryan, CB, Patriots

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  • 42DAHA

    Texans should have signed Chase Daniel and drafted Lynch.

    • Josh Knepshield

      So sign a career backup and draft a bust?

      • DaStrongSKRAWN

        Lol are you an idiot or…?
        Show us how Lynch is a bust? Watch him at Memphis and get back to us.

        • penile implant

          Lynch has the same PFF grade as Osweiler this season.

          • DaStrongSKRAWN

            Lynch is a rookie and played 3 games. Went 2-1. Like I said, watch the Memphis tape.

        • Matt

          LMAO more like show us the stats to prove that hes not…

          • 42DAHA

            Paxton Lynch threw the ball 68 times.. He has no stats. Therefor can’t be evaluated as a bust? “Bust” is subjective based on expectations.. Paxton Lynch was obviously seen as a project. So I guess in order for you to logically call him a bust you must have have been the only one with lofty year 1 expectations from him..

          • DaStrongSKRAWN

            Haha you’re better than this. He’ll beat out Siemian next season for the starting job.

        • Josh Knepshield

          You mean his bowl game where he shlt the bed? There’s a reason he wasn’t a top draft pick. When you draft a guy in the first round, then half the fans want them to sign tony romo the following year, he’s a freaking bust junior.

          • DaStrongSKRAWN

            Last 2 years at Memphis > One game.
            Dude played 3 games this year and barely got his feet wet.
            Log off, man. Don’t call me junior, you look like you can’t even see above a steering wheel.

          • Josh Knepshield

            Lost out the QB battle to a former 7th rd pick. The Broncos FO then says they see the 7th rd pick as the future, now they might go after Romo. You seem salty after being called a junior, is that what your dad called you when he spanked you like I am?

            Wow, you can tell a lot from a picture that shows just my face and hands. You’re just dumb. Move on.

          • DaStrongSKRAWN

            He took a backseat to a VETERAN QB that already knew the system. Like I said, what the Memphis tape, kid.

          • Josh Knepshield

            A veteran who never made a single start before this season? You’re a joke.

          • DaStrongSKRAWN

            You’re the joke. Teams will go with guys that know the playbook at a high percentage.

          • Josh Knepshield

            No, teams will go with the more talented player. By your logic, no rookie would ever start. Please stop, fool.

          • DaStrongSKRAWN

            Jesus, you’re an idiot. Can’t expect much from a millennial. Back in the day, rookies sat for 2 to 3 seasons and learned. Lynch is better than Siemian. Point blank.

          • Josh Knepshield

            That’s just not true about first round QBs. Siemian played in another league from Lynch this year, so how can you be so confident? There have been busts before, and Lynch is one. Yeah, it was millenials who voted for a retarded reality tv star for president.

      • Matt


      • 42DAHA

        Aren’t they all career backups until they’re not? Like how Brock Osweiler was? Good logic there guy. He had 7 games of experience and got 72 mil.. so yes the texans should not have done that. Chase Daniels cost was half of that. You don’t think Chase could have matched Brocks performance this season? Pretty sure any qb in the nfl could have. You don’t know if Lynch is a bust or not yet.. but at least your “qb of the future” who’s basically a brock clone anyways wouldn’t have destroyed your cap situation. Brock was an obvious reach. So tell me how what I proposed wouldn’t have been advantageous for the texans in essentially every way. I’ll wait.

      • Tim Edell

        To say Lynch is a bust was like saying Clowney was a bust.. he may well turn out to be but after 68 pass attempts junior it is a little too early to say

        • Josh Knepshield

          Not the same thing. Clowney dealt with injuries, and was a dominant college player. Lynch sucked on the field, and now they want to sign tony romo. A report just came out that the Broncos FO sees Siemian as the future. Thats a bust junior.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Well that might have gained the Texans another win on the season but it certainly wouldn’t have made any difference in a playoff confrontation against the Patriots. Houston is still a couple of years away from being at the level New England is but they have some solid building blocks on the defensive side to work with.

      • 42DAHA

        I mean they did lose 2 games in the atrocious afc south and it wouldn’t be too difficult to argue those could have been wins with an upgrade at qb from piss poor to at least below league average. Lol Which I guess would have resulted in a first round loss to the steelers and technically a worse season than with Brock I suppose. I guess maybe they did stare into a crystal ball and make the correct move for this season. But yes you’re correct the pats would still have beat the texans with a league average qb playing.

      • Eric

        If that team had even average QB play, they would be so dangerous with a healthy Watt pairing with Clowney next year. I’m sure they will be monitoring the Tyrod Taylor situation.

        • Paul Minot

          I’m a Pats fan, and have to admit that Tyrod with the Texans would be scary.

  • Mikkel Graff

    What did Logan Ryan do different than Brent Grimes when he (Grimes) earned a 99.9 overall grade? Ryan even had a sack and a run stuff to go a long with his fantastic coverage.

    • James Winslow

      not go against Brock Osweiler

      • Mikkel Graff

        Agree that it made the high grade easier to attain. But in all seriousness, grading is not really affected by overall QB play.