Has Richard Sherman already seen his best days?

It looks like the CB will be staying with the Seahawks after trade rumors briefly swirled.

| 3 weeks ago
Seahawks CB Richard Sherman

(Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Has Richard Sherman already seen his best days?

  • After attempts to trade the star corner, it appears that Richard Sherman will remain with the Seattle Seahawks in 2017.
  • Sherman’s overall grade of 84.6 in 2016 tied with his rookie year for the lowest of his career, but still ranked 13th overall in 2016.
  • Quarterbacks’ passer rating when targeting Sherman in coverage in 2016 was the highest of his career in 2016 at 63.8, which was sixth-best overall in the league.
  • Sherman is still an above-average NFL corner, but he’s probably already seen his peak.

  • AZCardsFan85

    I remember Arizona’s WR JJ Nelson absolutely torching Sherman last year, taking a slant route for an 80+YD reception. Nelson ended up with 3 recs for 132YDs/1TD AVG 44YDs per catch. Nelson spun Sherman around like a top and made Sherman look like an absolute idiot!!!! Nelson is developing into a borderline Elite intermediate-deep threat putting up 35 receptions AVG 16.9YDs per reception w/ 568YDs receiving & 7TDs AVG 94YDs receiving per game IN JUST 6 STARTS!!!! Over 16 starts or a full season that equals 91 receptions for 1,515YDs & 15-16TDs !!!!

  • AZCardsFan85

    Richard Sherman is in Decline. Sherman never had Elite 4.3-4.4 caliber CB speed to begin with , he ran a 4.59 coming out of college & probably runs a 4.70-4.80 now @ at almost 30 years old now!!! I think Sherman is still a good #1CB but is no longer an Elite #1CB , Its why no team would trade for him. When Elite CBs come on the market teams trade pick them up in trade quickly, Revis came off the market quick back when he was still in his prime, Patrick Peterson would be trade very quick if AZ was dumb enough to get rid of him. The SEA Secondary is no longer the elite unit it once was with major holes at both slot CB & #2CB as Jeremy Lane IS HORRIBLE and Cannot play along with SEA starting a rookie 3rd-4th round CB in Shaq Griffin who will get worked over as a rookie.

    The best CB in the NFL right now is Elite pure cover CB Patrick Peterson making the Pro-Bowl every year of his distinguished NFL Career as a 6X Pro-Bowler & 4X 1st team All-Pro Cornerback, he is an absolute MONSTER!!!!!!! Behind Peterson I believe is CB Marcus Peters as the #2nd best corner in NFL.

    • JudoPrince

      If Sherman never relied on speed to be an elite corner, age won’t effect him as much as other players. He likely be one of the best in the league still.

      • GBPFan12

        A move into the Slot CB spot would probably help him extend his career, ala Woodson. That way he can just play football and not have to cover any deep routes.

        • AKjester

          I haven’t seen any decline in his ability to cover the deep routes. Where you see a difference is his break on the ball when it is in the air. He seems to break up less short throws than in the past. QBs know not to throw the fade in his direction.