Giants to deploy rookie Evan Engram as inline tight end

Ryan Smith takes a look at the Giants' plan to use former Ole Miss tight end Evan Engram in 2017.

| 2 weeks ago
Evan Engram

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Giants to deploy rookie Evan Engram as inline tight end

  • Giants OC Mike Sullivan explained how the team intends to employ rookie Evan Engram as an inline tight end this season, rather than as a big slot receiver — his primary role during his final season at Ole Miss.
  • The Giants ran 90 percent 11-personnel (1 RB, 1 TE) and just 6 percent 12-personnel in 2016. Moving Engram to the slot would likely send second-year receiver Sterling Shepard to the bench.
  • Engram ran 73.2 percent of his routes from the slot in his final college season and led the TE draft class with 2.59 yards per route run.
  • Engram’s run-blocking grades progressively declined each year: 76.3 (2014), 68.1 (2015), and 49.1 (2016).
  • Engram has shown that he can run-block, but just not on a consistent basis, so there is a lot of projection in this move that the Giants plan to implement.

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