Giants appear to be planning on more 2-TE sets

By adding Rhett Ellison and Evan Engram to the roster this offseason, the Giants have given themselves the chance to go 2-TE more often.

| 3 weeks ago
Will Tye

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Giants appear to be planning on more 2-TE sets

  • On Saturday, Jordan Raanan noted that the Giants were working on more two-TE sets than in the past, along with using a fullback.
  • This would be a complete change-up for a team that led the league using 11 personnel (one RB, one TE), doing so at a rate of 90 percent in 2016.
  • Newly signed Rhett Ellison looks to take playing time away from Will Tye and pair with first-round pick Evan Engram if the Giants are in 12 personnel.
  • New York coveted Engram’s receiving ability, he led the 2017 tight end class with 2.59 yards per route run.
  • Ellison brings his blocking ability to the position. When Minnesota used him last season he ran a pass route just 27 percent of the time. While he’s played fullback in the past, it has been just 16 percent of his career snaps.


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  • Malachi

    i guess if you’re going empty backfield it’s ok, but i wouldn’t want any of the three receivers off the field ever if healthy