GB-OAK Grades: Packers’ tackles hold Khalil Mack to season-low mark

The top takeaways and highest-graded players fromthe Packers' 30-20 win over the Raiders.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Tom Gannam)

(AP Photo/Tom Gannam)

GB-OAK Grades: Packers’ tackles hold Khalil Mack to season-low mark

Here are the top takeaways and highest-graded players from the Packers’ 30-20 win over the Raiders:

Green Bay Packers

– A week after Khalil Mack’s (+0.1) massive five-sack day in Denver, the Packers’ tackles Bryan Bulaga (-2.0) and David Bakhtiari (+4.3) held PFF’s highest-graded edge defender to one of his lowest grades of the season. Mack picked up an early sack against Bulaga, winning inside with a spin move at 8:45 of the first quarter, but for the rest of the game, had less of an impact than to what we’re used to seeing. What was most impressive was that the Packers mostly left their tackles one-on-one without chips or double team help.

– Safety Morgan Burnett (+2.8) missed multiple games in the first half of the season due to injury, but lately he’s been playing as well as anyone at that position—since Week 9, he has the highest-overall grade among safeties. That continued on Sunday, as Burnett collected three pass defenses. Among those plays was 9:29 of the second quarter when he impressively went over TE Clive Walford (+0.2) to knock the ball away in the end zone. Oakland beat him for a touchdown on a similar corner route to Amari Cooper later in the quarter, but otherwise he had a good day in both coverage and run defense (two stops).

– Another solid game from QB Aaron Rodgers (+0.9). His use of the no-huddle put a lot of pressure on Oakland’s defense at times—and he got a touchdown out of it at 5:52 of the third quarter, snapping the ball before the defense was fully set and hitting a wide open James Jones for a 30-yarder. The late interception was inexplicable, with pressure in his face; Rodgers often opts to toss the ball out of bounds instead in that situation. He saw pressure on just over a quarter of his dropbacks, but struggled when Oakland blitzed, whether or not they actually got to him. His passer rating ended at 27.1 on those plays, with a -1.3 raw grade compared to a +2.3 and 113.0 passer rating against a standard rush.

Top Performers:

LT David Bakhtiari (+4.3)
S Morgan Burnett (+2.8)
CB Quinten Rollins (+2.6)
LG Josh Sitton (+2.2)
DE Mike Daniels (+2.0)


Oakland Raiders

– Amari Cooper added another drop to his league-leading total, but otherwise had one of his best games of the season. Nine targets resulted in 120 yards and two touchdowns, and this was his first time reaching the end zone multiple times. Most of his work came against fellow first-rounder Damarious Randall (-0.9), who surrendered a catch on all five targets against Cooper for 101 yards and was called for pass interference on another play (first quarter, 4:48).

– When targeting Cooper, Derek Carr (-3.3) had a 149.3 passer rating, which including some big-time throws. Outside of that, he struggled, throwing back-to-back interceptions in the first quarter and a few more passes that could have been picked at other points in the game. He graded negatively from both a clean pocket and when pressured (41.5 percent of dropbacks), while connecting on just six of 22 passes targeted more than 10 yards downfield. The inclement weather certainly didn’t help, and neither did three drops, including two from Andre Holmes (-3.3). Those factors combined resulted in Carr’s lowest grade of the season.

– While CB T.J. Carrie (-4.3) had a rough day in slot, David Amerson (+2.7) played an outstanding game at right corner. He hauled in an interception late in the fourth quarter, and earlier in the game got his hands on two more passes to force incompletions. In his matchups with Green Bay’s receivers, he shut out WR Jeff Janis (-1.2), while seven targets against Davante Adams (-1.6) and James Jones (0.0) yielded just 37 yards. Over the last five games, Amerson’s +12.0 grade is the highest of any corner.

Top Performers:

CB David Amerson (+2.7)
C Rodney Hudson (+2.3)
WR Amari Cooper (+2.0)
DE Shelby Harris (+2.0)
LT Donald Penn (+2.0)

  • jdg3

    Mack was held badly on quite a few occasions

    • idgafkurt

      So was Daniels, on numerous occasions. The officiating left a lot to be desired.

    • Reality92

      Peppers would of had 5 sacks if he wasn’t held all game long.
      Devante Adams had a TD on that 3rd & 14 throw, but got mugged by the Raider’s DB…

      • James Winslow

        Yeah D linemen shouldn’t be complaining about holding calls. They basically get get free reign over the offensive linemen, in what they are allowed to do to them and what O linemen allowed to do back.

    • Cant FixStupid

      Yeah, and Clay, Peppers n Daniels were blocked cleanly all game long huh?? You people who cry about no call holding are ridiculous. You people want anything that looks like holding called, but fact is majority of them aren’t holding. If there were that many missed holds on Mack, they would have mentioned it here.

  • Jeremy

    Key word is held

  • Matt

    Amerson got beat on the touchdown to James Jones. Oakland was in Cover 1 and it was Amerson’s responsibility to cover Jones, it looked like he passed him on to Woodson. Bone head mistake on Amerson.

    • heLLpaso

      You’re wrong. The entire D (besides Amerson) didn’t seem to know what was going on. There were at least 5 guys wide open. It’s anyone’s guess who was wrong but I believe it was C-Wood’s. Just before the ball was snapped Woodson was standing there with his arms up, asking what was the playcall.

      • Matt

        No, I’m not. Lol look at the tape. Woodson was the single high safety on the play every other DB was in man, and linebackers were in zone. Since they were in man I don’t know why Amerson passed him along to the lone safety.

    • Twinkie defense

      The mistakes there were 1) zone defense, and 2) TJ Carrie wasn’t there when Amerson passed off coverage to the safety.

    • Charles King

      It was nearly a 100% break down on defense on that play, the snap seemed to have caught the raiders off guard. Inexcusable, and they paid for it.

    • Joe Doe

      What surprised me most on that play was that Woodson didn’t call a time out. Jones was wide. The WR on the left was also wide open for a touchdown. The slot WR was wide (although the only WR that would’ve had to make a juke to score), and Kuhn was sitting open just behind the defensive line. I don’t put the fault on him, just figured he would’ve recognized the breakdown and called the time out.

  • Tommy

    I’m a Packer fan and I thought OAK was basically just as good of a team as GB, they are clearly an ascending franchise in my eyes. If Carr hadn’t just had such a bizarre start and spotted GB 14pts it could have easily ended up an OAK win.

  • Tommy

    Also I think that Aaron Rodgers should give half of his salary to Jordy Nelson. How can the absence of one WR take a top 5 passing offense, into a bottom third passing offense with the “supposed” best QB in the game?

    • Brian Dugan

      Right, because Jordy Nelson’s absence has been the only difference from last year’s offense… not the inconsistent/oft-injured OL, not the inconsistent RB play, not the revolving door of disappointing WR/TEs with all of their drops and inability to get off the LOS.

      Rodgers has had a disappointing year by his standards, but you sound foolish.

    • James Winslow

      He is the only good reciever they got. Cobb has always been overrated, and on top of that he has been hurt this year.

      • Tim Edell

        It’s funny that people like you will only say a player is overrated while he is having a down year.

        • James Winslow

          Nah I always thought he was overrated, and this year just proved me right. GO me

    • Joe Doe

      I saw Tom Brady have similar struggles with Gronk out for that game against Philly.