Pro Podcast: Week 14 preview

Senior Analysts Sam Monson and Mike Renner look ahead to the week's upcoming NFL matchups.

| 6 months ago

Pro Podcast: Week 14 preview

Sam Monson, Mike Renner, and David Tuchman run through this week’s upcoming NFL games, analyzing potential upsets, contenders, and of course, the worst bets.


  • tweetilydee

    There was some discussion on either this podcast or the previous one of how Eli peaking in his mid-30s could be normal because the likes of aikman and marino also peaked in their mid-30s while Brady and Peyton playing into their late 30s make them exceptions. Haven’t the rules protecting qbs gotten a lot stronger between aikman/marino and brady/peyton tho? Might that be a factor leading to greater qb longevity and brady/peyton being the norm instead of the exception? Anyway, just some thoughts.