Pro Football Focus’ top edge rushers through Week 7

Neil Hornsby and Cris Collinsworth get together to rank our top 3 edge rushers so far this season.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Ben Margot)

(AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Pro Football Focus’ top edge rushers through Week 7

Neil Hornsby joins Cris Collinsworth to unveil Pro Football Focus three highest-rated edge rushers through the first seven weeks of the NFL season, including Cameron Wake and Von Miller.

  • Scott Kohler

    Cam Jordan is a straight beast

  • zach morano

    Disappointed in these rankings, Chandler Jones leads the league in sacks through seven games, and like all the other New England edge rushers, you can’t run stretch plays on him

    • SterlingMalloryArcher

      There’s a lot more to grading edge rushers than sacks. Chandler Jones is +3.9 cumulatively (+2.6 pass rush) for the year, counting last nights game against the Dolphins. For comparison purposes, Khalil Mack (+27.2 overall, +13.3 pass rush), Justin Houston (+24.6 overall, +13.2 pass rush), Von Miller (+23.2 overall, +20.8 pass rush), Cameron Jordan (+29.7 overall, +21.0 pass rush), and several other players all have outplayed Jones by a mile through 7 weeks.

      Bottom line, Jones grades out as the 37th ranked edge defender in the league so far this year. Impressive sack total, though.

    • Engaged Reader

      I’m a Pats fan, but even I’m willing to admit that Jones has been pretty good, but not great. The sack last night on that botched screen pass is a prime example–Grissom got to the QB first, then Jones got the cleanup sack. He’s not consistently generating quick pressure in the way that other guys can. He’s a good solid edge defender, but not a standout.

  • Riffle,Rod&Fly

    Von Miller absolutely mugging David Carr is next level stuff just like the rest of that Denver D.

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