Eagles rise to No. 4, Chiefs to No. 10 in PFF’s Week 8 NFL Power Rankings

See PFF's latest NFL Power Rankings entering Week 8 of the season.

| 8 months ago
Fletcher Cox

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Eagles rise to No. 4, Chiefs to No. 10 in PFF’s Week 8 NFL Power Rankings

Week 7 of the NFL season has come and gone, and with it, a new week’s worth of grades are in the Pro Football Focus database.

PFF’s Power Rankings are based off of Senior NFL Analyst Sam Monson’s ordering of all 32 NFL teams, offenses, and defenses. He uses PFF’s overall cumulative grades as a starting point, and makes necessary subjective adjustments to account for things that aren’t captured in the grading system, such as injuries.

The PFF Power Rankings will be updated every Tuesday morning during the NFL season—view the latest edition entering Week 8 here.

NFL Power Rankings

With a win over the Minnesota Vikings—and their former quarterback—the Philadelphia Eagles rise from No. 9 to No. 4 in heading into Sunday night’s meeting with the Cowboys. Quarterback Carson Wentz has cooled off over the last two games following his ROY-caliber start, earning just a 37.6 grade against the Vikings. The impressive performance of the Eagles’ defense, however, lifts the team to this spot. Through seven weeks, Brandon Graham has earned the second-highest grade (88.4) among all NFL edge defenders, while Fletcher Cox owns the fourth-best mark among all interior defenders. Both safety Malcolm Jenkins and linebacker Jordan Hicks have earned top-10 grades at their respective positions.

Making one of the bigger jumps of the week, the Kanas City Chiefs rise from No. 19 to No. 10. Coming off back-to-back wins over high-powered offenses (Raiders and Saints), the Kansas City defense has been anchored by the performance of cornerback Marcus Peters. For the second year in a row—and only his second season in the NFL—Peters leads all CBs in interceptions, with five. Safeties Eric Berry and Ron Parker each have earned top-15 grades at their position, as well.

The Baltimore Ravens experienced a significant drop from No. 12 to No. 24 after the team’s fourth straight loss—this time to the Jets. A franchise that seemed to be on the rebound earlier this season, Baltimore’s offense has failed to support the team’s stout defensive unit. Joe Flacco owns just the 21st-highest grade among NFL QBs this season, at 72.2—down only slightly from his 72.5 mark a season ago. Center Jeremy Zuttah and fullback Kyle Juszczyk are the only Ravens offensive starters to have earned grades above 76.0 so far this season.

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  • crosseyedlemon

    So let me see if I have this right…Carolina ranks higher in both offense & defense than Miami but overall is 8 spots worse?

    • rodrigo pedro

      >and makes necessary subjective adjustments to account for things that aren’t captured in the grading system, such as injuries.

      Miami looked like a top 5 team these last games.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Of course once “subjective adjustments” are allowed as part of the equation then the whole process becomes only slightly more valid than throwing darts or shaking the mystic 8 ball.

  • Sensi Star

    So Wentz has the worst comp pct for QB”s if you take away every pass he throws within 3 yards of the line of scrimmage. He throws more screens and short passes than anyone. Even with them his pct isnt good. He has some seriois accuracy issues. The offense has only scored once in two games. They beat a terrified Bradford who’s always terrified when you blitz. Yet they are ranked 4th over Denver.

    Thanks for playing but no one should take these rankings seriously.

    They are a joke.

    • Rick Darcy

      It is a huge Joke! Philly has 1 offensive TD in 2 weeks! Got thrashed vs Skins but w a smoke and mirror k.o. return & pick 6, the score “looked” respectable. Matt Jones ran for 200+ yds. Vs Vikes, The k.o. return for TD and subsequent 2 ptconversion turned big mo to Philly. Philly will wilt and prove this writer is clueless in the evaluation methods employed to rank teams. Very poor analysis!!! Rck

      • Todd

        Why not create a statistic that shows how often a higher ranked team beats a lower ranked team using these off rankings? Then if someone really has time, compare off rankings against other experts.

        • Todd

          PFF not off

        • Rick Darcy

          Who cares? When the Eagles get beat by Dallas they should drop down to where they belong. #8.

    • Jay V Of Considerable Influenc

      PFF has had a weird pro-Eagles bias for a couple of years now. Even as the season was disintegrating last year, PFF kept them in their top 10.