CHI-GB grades: Jay Cutler, Kyle Fuller continue to show improvement

Here are the top takeaways and highest-graded players from the Bears' 17-13 victory over the Packers.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps)

(AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps)

CHI-GB grades: Jay Cutler, Kyle Fuller continue to show improvement

Here are the top takeaways and highest-graded players from the Bears’ 17-13 victory over the Packers:

Green Bay Packers

–Even with the preseason injury to Jordy Nelson, an inefficient passing game would surely have been one of the last things Packers fans feared this season. That is exactly what we are seeing, though, with Aaron Rodgers (-0.3) really struggling to connect with two of his key targets last night. 15 targets were split between Davante Adams (-2.9) and James Jones (-2.7), with Adams snagging the only two receptions from those targets. More passes hit the ground off Adams’ hands (three drops) than he brought in.

–The most consistent force on the Packers’ entire roster this season has been Mike Daniels (+7.4), who produced yet another career-best grade in a season where he has emerged as one of the NFL’s best defensive linemen. Held without a hit or a sack for the first time since Week 4, Daniels still racked up four pressures and added a pair of stops and disrupted running lanes to boot. Daniels has improved every season, and the Packers should be eager to lock him up for the long term.

–Second-round cornerback Quinten Rollins appeared in a career-high 28 snaps last night, producing a strong all-around display (+2.4) with it, performing well in coverage and adding value blitzing off the slot with a sack and a hurry on his three blitzes. Targeted twice, Rollins didn’t surrender a completion, earning one pass defensed in coverage on Zach Miller (-0.1).

Top performers:

DE Mike Daniels (+7.4)

RG T.J. Lang (+6.9)

C J.C. Tretter (+4.3)

LG Josh Sitton (+3.9)

LT David Bakhtiari (+2.7)


Chicago Bears

–QB Jay Cutler (+1.8) has rebounded after a poor 2014 season to put together a solid 2015 campaign, and he had another strong showing against the Packers Thursday night. The offense leaned heavily on screen passes, with WR and RB screens making up 28 percent of Cutler’s throws, completing 7 of 8 with one drop. But Cutler also had some strong throws down the middle of the field, completing all four passes aimed 10-plus yards downfield between the numbers for 64 yards, earning a +2.4 PFF passing grade on those four attempts.

–The solid run of form continues for Willie Young (+0.6) with the Bears’ outside linebacker racking up multiple pressures for the fourth straight week, this time producing a season-high seven pressures (one sack, two hits, four hurries) on Rodgers. This was Young’s most productive performance since arriving in Chicago before last season, recording multiple hits or sacks for only the fourth time as a Bear.

–After surrendering 106 yards and two touchdowns in the first two games of the season, it looked like it was going to be another tough season for Kyle Fuller (+1.8), but the Bears’ second-year corner has turned things around since, with last night’s game his third-highest grade of the season. Since Week 2, Fuller is among the 10 highest-graded corners in the NFL, having conceded fewer than 200 yards on 43 targets in that spell. The Bears will hope that more games like this prove to be the launch point of a stellar career from last year’s first-round pick.

Top performers:

RB Matt Forte (+2.1)

CB Kyle Fuller (+1.8)

QB Jay Cutler (+1.8)

LG Matt Slauson (+1.8)

WR Alshon Jeffery (+1.5)

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  • Elusive7

    Wow, can’t believe Porter didn’t make the Bears top 5.

    • kevin dwyer

      It has to be the result of that BS pass interference penalty that took his INT away (and gave Green bay their only TD).

      • Cant FixStupid

        1st off, it was illegal contact, and it was illegal contact, regardless of how weak it was. 2nd, I’m pretty sure that play didn’t give us a TD, the 30 yard screen to Eddie Lacy that the Bears couldn’t stop gave us that TD. You win the game and you still cry about the refs, wow. If anything, Packers fans should be bitching about the refs, as the OPI with Cobb’s catch to the 1 yard line was BS, and the fact that they blew the offsides on Chicago dead after letting them play for a couple seconds, resulting in Cobb catching what likely would have been a long TD. Also, a drive extending DPI on Randall on 3rd n 14 that was just as weak as the illegal contact. But, yeah, you go ahead and continue to cry about the refs like you’re the only ones who had bad calls go against you.

        • kevin dwyer

          Hah… cry. I’ll leave that up to you and the rest of the butt hurt Packer fans. You’re right. The officiating was horrible for both sides. I was simply answering the posters question about Porter’s stats. But on the subject of the refs, if they were going to call that type of weak penalty, they could have been consistent. They could call that on every pass. Slight hand checks and the DBs using their body to divert WRs from their routes are part of the game. Even the pro-Packer/Favre announcers questioned it.

          Btw, Good decision from McCarthy going for the 4th down to start the game, I’d like to personally thank him for setting the tone for the Bear’s D. Maybe he’ll have more respect next time.

        • Tim Edell

          Someone is upset the lost!! This just in Adams just dropped another pass!!

          • crosseyedlemon

            Maybe the guy should apply cheese to his hands to improve his grip.

        • Johnny Hatelak

          Dude don’t quote rules verbiage, and than ignore it when you mention that pass to Cobb. First the defense stopped defending when the whistle blew or else Cobb was likely going to be covered there by Porter not standing near the sidelines waiting to see what the penalty was. Second, thats unabated to the QB. Meaning the whistle automatically blows dead to prevent the QB from getting killed with an unblocked free shot. Stop being such a homer and think with your brain not your heart. Especially when posting something to correct another fan by using an incorrect fact as the reason for doing so.

        • Matthew Ford

          I’m not crying, just celebrating the big win!

    • Tim Edell

      Porter had a phenomenal game last night!! He should of also had another INT as the PI they called on him was atrocious.

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      • derek lundeen

        Yeah if Cutler would’ve thrown the INT they wouldn’t have called it.

    • GorillaWrrior Billy

      He played the best overall in my opinion, especially in the biggest moments, making him stand out even more. I rewatched yesterday – he just looked amazing.

  • Greg Mueller

    What was Davante Adams’s grade? Where are the lowest rated players???

    • southsidechicago

      adams was terrible, i big factor in the packer’s loss.

  • Jacob Furness

    Coming from a Packers fan, I’m surprised Rodgers got -0.3. I think he deserved a grade worse than -5.0

    • Kenn Korb

      This show you that, at least by their measures (which are undoubtedly a much more in-depth process than what your eyes alone would process in a singular live viewing), Rodgers may not have done nearly as bad as you might think.

      Also, that you are likely exaggerating the depth of the issue and where the blame for the problems occurring belongs.

  • SkolBro

    Pounding the ball out of I-Formation and converting on 3rd downs.

    Then the Packers would randomly come out in spread/shotgun/pistol formations and go 3 and out over and over again.

    Dumb. Smh.

  • Johnny Hatelak

    Yet another case proven of just how flawed this site’s grading system is. In a direct contradiction it awards super high grades for Lang and Bakhtiari, yet even by this page’s own admission Young was a holy terror. This with out the mention of Lamar Houston who too had a great game, and even the hurting Pernell McPhee gimped his way through some big time pressures, and some big time stops against the run.

    Good to see PFF is finally giving Fuller the just grades he deserves. last season it was clear most his issues was due to where the coaching positioned him and he was helpless to defend passes that were thrown 5-10 yards in front of him on a consistent basis with that ridiculous off coverage yet he’s graded the worst CB?

    It’s things like this that this site doesn’t take into account that make this grading system a joke. And than Porter who was clearly the best CB on that field that day didn’t even crack the top 4? Keep in mind he should have had another pick if not for a terrible PI call. Yes the play didn’t count, but it CLEARLY helps show just how dominant he was. Please, please revise this grading system and add some credibility to your site.

  • Tommy

    they should grade the offensive and defensive play calling also. My god, your RB is averaging 6.2 per carry and he has 17 runs and your QB throws the ball 43 times in a driving rain storm……………………..D.U.M.B.