Cowboys’ David Irving facing 4-game suspension

Irving finished 2nd on the team with his 37 total QB pressures last season.

| 1 month ago
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Cowboys’ David Irving facing 4-game suspension

  • Dallas Cowboys DE David Irving is reportedly facing a four-game ban for violation of the league’s rules on PEDs.
  • Despite receiving consistent snaps around Week 8, Irving recorded 37 total QB pressures, one less than Cowboys leader Tyrone Crawford had on 60 fewer pass rush snaps.
  • Most of Irving’s pressures came when lining up at the left end position but he was also able to move inside and effect the passer by collecting three sacks from the defensive tackle spot. This gives the Cowboys the ability to load up one side with Taco Charlton and David Irving on passing downs.
  • Affecting the pass game is bigger than ever in today’s pass-friendly NFL and Irving will help the young Cowboys defense in that area.

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  • Patrick

    Cowboys’ pass rushers cannot stay on the field. What bad luck.

    • Andre Taylor

      I don’t think its bad luck, from Randy Gregory, to Demarkus Lawrence and now David Irving. At some point there is going to have to be some accountability from the team, the Dallas Cowboys have a legitimate shot at making a Super Bowl run. After years of bad to mediocre football, to now have a franchise QB, and RB, 3 ALL-PRO offensive linemen, and talent all over their roster. Any player that is that selfish to put his personal wants over the team should be cut, a undrafted free agent like Irving should be walking on eggshells to establish himself and do all he can do to help the team. Not be in sports headlines for a possible suspension. If im the Cowboys front office, id cut him and Randy Gregory to send a clear-cut message to the rest of the team.

      • Levin Adkins

        did you read up on the circumstances? he had an endorsement deal with a supplement and evidently something in the supplement is on the banned substance list. You think he would be so blatant and endorse a product he knew he wasnt allowed to take? If he gets suspended then so be it but it hardly qualifies as a problem when it was unintentional. There are so many substances on that list that you just never know what will be on that list that causes you to get suspended

        • Andre Taylor

          Levin i played D1 football in the mid-90’s, even back then on the pro-level coaches were beating it into us to be accountable to what your putting in your body. Sure guys make mistakes, however with the NFL really cracking down in the last 5 years. Handing out stiff fines and suspensions, its the athlete’s job to check whatever they are taking and or endorsing to make absolutely sure that it isn’t something that could cause them any problems. Especially if you’re not on a long term deal, when a fine cuts into your money and how you take care of your family. It may have been an honest mistake, however its up to the individual to cover his own ass. Roger Goodell doesn’t give two shits that if it was a honest mistake. With the American public so freaking hypocritical, on one hand craving the violence, hard hitting and physicality of the sport, yet quick to judge, ostracize, and bash a guy for taking something to heel faster, play with the pain, or do whatever it takes to make it in the NFL. Take it from me as someone who personally saw guys take different things back then, whats so sad is 90% of the guys who take steroids, or HGH, or any of that stuff, take it to heal faster. Not that they are try to become the incredible hulk, guys don’t want to let their brothers and teammates down.

  • dbonedig

    This is what happens when one cannot play the game naturally. It seems hard for some, to play the game on an regular, legal diet. Generally happens, to those who didn’t attend College or where taught to cheat while in College.