CHI-NYG grades: Defense rises to occasion in Giants win

Here are the highest-graded players and top takeaways from the Giants' win over the Bears.

| 7 months ago
(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

CHI-NYG grades: Defense rises to occasion in Giants win

New York Giants 22, Chicago Bears 16

Here are the highest-graded players and top takeaways from the Giants’ win over the Bears.

New York Giants

Eli manages team to win

Quarterback grade: Eli Manning, 47

Manning was 21-of-37 on pass attempts with two drops for 227 yards. Under pressure Manning was stable completing 10-of-15 pass attempts for 131 yards and a touchdown. Manning didn’t find much success on deep passes as he completed only two of six attempts for 68 yards. Manning failed to find success passing off of play action as he was two of six for only 31 yards and on a day with the weather not cooperating for drop back passing, it was tough at times for Manning.

Top offensive grades:

C Adam Gettis, 72.4
RB Rashad Jennings, 72
T Bobby Hart, 70.3
WR Roger Lewis, 67.7
WR Victor Cruz, 67.3 

Giants offense productive when needed to earn win

The offense struggled with the wind conditions and Manning’s inability to find his rhythm, but Rashad Jennings had the hot hand in the backfield for the Giants as they were forced to run the ball more than usual. On 21 rushing attempts Jennings forced only one missed tackle, but he also forced a missed tackle receiving out of the backfield and managed to break through on a long run. Overall there weren’t many stand out performances for the Giants, but they did manage to move the ball and put up some points.

Top defensive grades:

S Landon Collins, 89.8
DE Jason Pierre-Paul, 84.5
DE Oliver Vernon 84.2
DT Damon Harrison 80
CB Trevin Wade 78.4

Giants defense rises to the occasion in win

The Giants defense struggled to start the game but the pressure up front and ability to blanket the Bears receivers especially in the second half was key to the Giants victory. Jason Pierre- Paul had three sacks and two hurries in a great effort. His counterpart Oliver Vernon was nearly as good generating a sack and five hurries. The D-line’s ability to make Cutler move under pressure on his drop back pass attempts helped the back end of the Giants defense. Landon Collins made plays all over the field both in run defense with two tackles and an assist but also in coverage. Collins was targeted four times and yielded only one reception for 23 yards.

Chicago Bears

Quarterback grade: Jay Cutler, 71.0

Cutler has mixed day in the Meadowlands

Playing against a brutal wind and a good defensive effort by the Giants Cutler made some nice throws, but ultimately the Bears’ inability offensively to convert third downs in the second half led to several 3-and-outs and ultimately the loss. On the day Cutler dropped back to pass 35 times, completing 17-of-31 pass attempts for 252 yards with a touchdown and interception. Cutler was victimized by four drop passes and also sacked four times. Including the late-game interception, Cutler was four-of-six on passes of 20 yards or more for 111 yards. Under pressure Cutler struggled, completing only three-of-12 pass attempts with one drop for 64 yards and an interception.

Top offensive grades:

TE Zach Miller, 83.0
C Cody Whitehair, 82.1
G Josh Sitton, 81.7
G Ted Larsen, 74.7
WR Josh Bellamy, 73.0 

Zach Miller has nice day

Bears TE Zach Miller caught all three passes thrown to him from Cutler as the duo connected for 61 yards and a touchdown including twice on passes of 20 yards or more. As the grades above reflect, the interior of the bears offensive line played well both protecting Cutler but also creating seams in the outside zone scheme running attack for Jordan Howard and Jeremy Langford. Left tackle Mike Adams struggled to protect Jay Cutler and ultimately the Bears failed to have offensive success throughout the game after a nice start.

Top defensive grades:

CB Bryce Callahan, 87.2
LB Jerrell Freeman, 87.1
ED Leonard Floyd, 83
DT Akiem Hicks, 82.9      
ED Sam Acho, 81

Defense gives Bears opportunity to win

Though far from a perfect effort from the Bears defense, there were bright spots that gave the Bears’ offense chances to win the game. Up front Akiem Hicks was fantastic in run defense and rushing the passer. Hicks had a hit and three hurries to disrupt the Giants offense. Leonard Floyd had five hurries in his effort to get to Manning. Jerrell caused havoc from the linebacker position with four tackles and three stops in run defense while allowing two receptions for 21 yards on three targets covering the pass. Bears CB Bryce Callahan was targeted seven times yielding four receptions for 23 yards.

PFF Game-Ball Winner: Giants S Landon Collins

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  • AC2

    Eli gets a 47
    Cutler a 71

    What. The. Fk. Lmao.

  • MikeC4

    Eli Manning: 58.3 comp, 227 yards, 2 TDs, 0 ints, 95.5% rating equates to a 47
    Jay Cutler: 56.7 comp, 252 yards, 1 TD, 1 int, 81.5% rating equates to a 71

    PFF, are you guys suffering from CTE? Bill Belichick was quoted last week basically trashing sites like PFF and their metrics. I can totally understand why. Lmao.

    • Eric

      I actually think Cutler’s grade is reasonable, even though he also had a fumble. The INT came at a point where he had to take chances, and after Zach Miller got hurt he was throwing to a bunch of no names behind an overmatched, patchwork offensive line. His TD throw to Miller was a beauty.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Belichick is an old school dinosaur who loathes technology or anything resembling advanced metrics because it’s beyond his understanding. Fortunately for Patriot fans there are others in the organization who have an appreciation for such things and can use the information effectively.

      • Pete Jordan

        Yeah, it obvious the game has passed Belichick behind. Why do these “dinosaurs” insist on they know anything about today’s game.

        /sarcasm off

        • crosseyedlemon

          Obviously you completely missed the point. Belichick is very good at the old school hands on approach but dealing with the advanced metrics offered by sites like this is delegated to others who have a better comprehension. It takes a team effort to succeed and Bill will be the first to acknowledge that he has good people in the organization assisting him.

          • TheBeasters

            I don’t think you understand. There is no one helping Bill with these stats, because they are useless. They don’t mean anything and absolutely are not needed by an “old school” coach like Bill B.

            Do you think the next time the Pats play the Giants, Bellichick will be saying “don’t worry fellas I know Eli has hurt us in big games in the past, but Jim in accounting says he only got a PFF score of 47 against the Bears so we should be fine”

          • crosseyedlemon

            So your saying PFF is only generating this data for their own amusement and none of the NFL teams bother with it? If that was the case this site would have vanished long ago.

  • Carl Center Jr.

    Couldn’t agree with the other 2 posts more. Someone has to explain to me how Cutler’s grade was 24 points better than Eli’s. I thought I was seeing things when I saw the difference between the two grades.

    • KMax

      Cutler fell apart once Miller came out. Eli looked in command the entire game and played a very smart game with McAdoo. The comment about Belichick dismissing PFF is on the money.

      PFF, you guys gotta figure out how to evaluate QBs better. It’s embarrassing.

  • J C

    I’ll never understand what Eli did to piss off PFF lmao

    • crosseyedlemon

      Their contempt for Eli would make sense if he was bringing Trump to the games, but he won’t do that knowing that one lunatic on the sidelines (Beckham) is enough.

  • Nunya Biz

    This Eli thing is starting to border on the absurd.

  • rxwankel

    Whoever the giants throw in to play left guard ends up with a great grade. Pugh was leading the leagu:e with his PFF score then Bret Jones had a good game in basically his first game ever and now Gettis

  • John Murray

    PFF I agree with your assessment of Eli. Bellichek should know a lot about PFF when the NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS hired them in the weeks leading up to to the Super Bowl in 2007 season. If you don’ believe me , there is a Wall Street Journal read about what happened from 2008. Google it. There are a lot of Eli apologists out there. He put two pick sixes in defenders hands that were dropped, He has become a check down QB. If you watch a guy like say Russell Wilson today its like two different skill levels. Cutler made some clutch throws today and his WR’s dropped balls that were also serious arm talent throws. There is a reason the Giants are not blowing out a team like the Bears and its their QB.

    • KMax

      You are so stupid it’s funny.

      • John Murray

        I’m sorry, I went over your head.

  • KMax

    Roger Lewis got a higher grade than Eli and knuckleheads here think PFF makes sense. LOL.

  • Mark Michaels

    Eli took a bunch of deep shots. Although he didn’t hit many of them it did keep the Bear defense honest and helped a productive offensive day.

    If the Giants didn’t sit on the ball for the entire 4th quarter, his number inflate. It’s called winning football games.

  • stanley

    PFF QB analysis is so inaccurate how is they gonna rate Eli manning at 47 when Eli had 200+ yards passing and two touchdowns and no INTERCEPTION no fumble and he didn’t even get sacked but PFF rate Jay Cutler 71 when Cutler had 196 passing with one touchdown and one INTERCEPTION and he got sacked 4 I mean 4 times and they rate Cutler higher than Eli it’s so redicilious.

  • Sportsmania

    I like PFF except when it comes to QB’s. When it comes to offensive and defensive lineman as well as edge rushing linebackers its great but when it comes to QB’s its horse crap.