Broncos No. 1, Cowboys on rise in PFF’s NFL Power Rankings for Week 5

See how every NFL team stacks up in the Week 5 edition of PFF's Power Rankings.

| 9 months ago
Broncos OLB Von Miller

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Broncos No. 1, Cowboys on rise in PFF’s NFL Power Rankings for Week 5

Week 4 of the NFL season is in the books, and with it, a fourth week of 2016 grades in the PFF database. With a quarter of the season now behind us, the Pro Football Focus analysis team is excited to release our NFL Power Rankings, listing all 32 NFL teams in order by overall grade to this point in the season.

You can check out the complete Power Rankings here.

NFL Power Rankings

Each team’s overall grade is a cumulative metric that takes into account the grade of every individual player on a team’s roster—which can be even further broken down to a snap-by-snap level.

We’ll be updating our Power Rankings each week through the remainder of the 2016 season.

Heading into Week 5, the Denver Broncos top the list, with their well-balanced defense doing most of the heavy lifting to this point. It’s certainly worth noting, however, that Gary Kubiak’s offense is a top-four graded unit this season, due largely to impressive receiving and run-blocking.

At No. 10 overall, the Dallas Cowboys have impressed thus far in 2016, trailing only the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC East by half a game. Rookies Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, along with strong O-line play from Zack Martin and Travis Frederick, have the offense currently grading among the league’s five best units. On the defensive side of the ball, however, there’s certainly room for improvement, with Dallas earning the ninth-lowest defensive grade thus far, largely due to issues along the front-seven.

Be sure to check back next week for PFF’s updated NFL Power Rankings entering Week 6.

  • crosseyedlemon

    Want to thank the staff for bringing back the team power rankings which have always been a popular and much anticipated feature at the site. Every reader is going to have a different opinion on the ranking order but there is nothing wrong with that, as an exchange of ideas (respectfully submitted), can often lead to insights not previously considered.

  • David Japhet-Mathias

    The Broncos are the 4th highest graded offensive unit? Even as a Broncos fan I’m surprised.

    • crosseyedlemon

      They do all those little things that don’t show up in the box score very well and when you play together as a disciplined unit you usually don’t have to rely on individuals posting eye popping numbers.

  • avsblow

    Hahahahaha this is awful

  • Mnstorm99

    I get that this is based off of the PFF scoring system, but it isn’t even close. I would say this just further exposes the PFF system as flawed. When looking at this stuff for individual players, cases can be made, but it really messes up the team system.

  • Mike Weisel

    Should not be called power rankings, should be called aggregate score rankings, or something. This does nothing to show how good teams are.

    • Kenny Wilson

      And you’re basing that assessment on what exactly? Please enlighten us with the golden formula that tells which teams are best.

      Because many of the teams themselves can’t seem to figure it out. Pitt was supposed to be this world beater…. until they faced this rookie QB and his 1st year coach who slaughtered them. The rest of their wins arent that impressive. KC is a good team, but Doug Pederson came from their so Pitt had a little advantage in basically facing the same offense 2 weeks in a row.

      I mean a lot of the so called best teams in the NFL have had a game in this young season where theyve been exposed. And that result is just as real as them playing well in another. Pitt getting blown out really happened, and its really a reflection of who they are. NE being run all over by Buffalo actually happened.

      Carolina’s secondary has been exposed and they’ve been beaten handily two weeks in a row. Denver, Baltimore, Eagles, Falcons, Packers, Seahawks, etc.. have shown weaknesses and havent always been dominant but their lows are minor and have been corrected or overshadowed by other facets of their game.

      Minnesota for how dominant their Defense has been, their run game and offensive lines are in serious trouble. There will come a time when they face another very good defense and the team who can run the ball and control the clock, or make a couple plays on offense will win. And their ST unit hasnt been good with Walsh missing kicks. It hasnt cost them yet, but it will. Book it.

      • Mike Weisel

        So you’re telling me you find no flaw to how this was put together? Basically what this has done is made it how madden does their ratings and team scores. Sorry but I and many people find that extremely flawed. Plus read their description it dones not take into account coaching, scheme, injuries, which are huge. There is way more to assessing TEAM strength than just the sum of player scores, based on subjective system. And saying a kicker with the yips will cost the Vikings (again) well, yeah that’s obvious. I woukd still take them to beat most of the teams above them some of which they already did.

        • crosseyedlemon

          Your team didn’t get the ranking you wanted so the grading system is obviously bogus….wish I had a dollar for every time someone used that argument.

      • Pat

        Vikings are lower then the Packers?? Your power rankings suck. Clearly Vikings have the second best defense. And you guys get paid for your knowledge. Pathetic.

        • Matt Voldness

          I would definitely say the Vikings have the best defense.

  • Maki

    Are they stupid? Vikings are 18 and the Steelers are 20!! This is a joke!

  • Justin Cole

    Not sure what worse, Ravens being number 2 or Vikings being 18th….

  • Kellan Weyer

    I get that this is based off scores or whatever…
    But when your scores don’t match the eye test, something is wrong.

  • Patrick

    Interesting, but I wouldn’t call those “Power Rankings”. And I do think scheme, coaching, record, strength of schedule, time of possession, turnover differential, etc. should be factored in to a true “Power Rankings” score. Some definite flaws in the formula used to put this together when tops teams in the NFL like the Vikings are rated so low. Almost like there is a prejudice against great defensive play.

  • Miles Dittberner

    When are these Power Rankings from, 2012? What a joke. How is anyone supposed to take these seriously? Immortally flawed. Scrap the list and system and start from scratch or don’t start at all.