Pro Bowl Cheat Sheet: Week 11

With eleven weeks of work put in, the most deserving candidates for Pro Bowl consideration are sorting themselves out. Khaled Elsayed checks in with the standouts at every position.

| 2 years ago

Pro Bowl Cheat Sheet: Week 11

2014-Pro-Bowl-CheatYour league needs you!

Or at least the players do. You see voting on the Pro Bowl isn’t just a bit of a fun – it’s a responsibility. To the players plying their trade and putting their bodies on the line, your say can impact the adulation thrown their way, the legacy they leave and, in some cases, their contract incentives.

So we’re doing our bit by hopefully pushing you in the right direction with our Pro Bowl Cheat Sheet!

(Note: for positional choices we’re following the ballot at



Starters: Aaron Rodgers (GB) and Ben Roethlisberger (PIT)

Backups: Tom Brady (NE), Matt Ryan (ATL), Drew Brees (NO) and Philip Rivers (SD)

Breakdown: The top two picked themselves. They’ve been the standouts. Behind them? Well it was any four from seven with Andrew Luck, Tony Romo and Peyton Manning all being guys we wouldn’t object to starting (even if they feel like more stat/ team-win based selections).

Running Back

Starters: Le’Veon Bell (PIT) and Marshawn Lynch (SEA)

Backups: DeMarco Murray (DAL), Jamaal Charles (KC), Matt Forte (CHI) and Justin Forsett (BAL)

Breakdown: Bell, Murray and Lynch are all worth the start, with the deciding factor being the woes of Murray in the passing game and his propensity to fumble. He’s still having a fantastic year, though.

Wide Receivers

Starters: Antonio Brown (PIT), Jordy Nelson (GB), Demaryius Thomas (DEN) and T.Y Hilton (IND)

Backups: Emmanuel Sanders (DEN), Jeremy Maclin (PHI), Dez Bryant (DAL) and Mike Evans (TB)

Breakdown: Brown and Nelson seem to fly under the radar but consistently deliver, with 2014 no different. Outside of that, it’s great to see Maclin not just rebounding from injury, but looking a better player in the process. Of the rookie receivers, Evans is one to watch, he’s getting better before our very eyes.


Starters: Anthony Sherman (KC) and Jerome Felton (MIN)

Breakdown: Sherman is proving last year was no fluke with a fine effort that earned him a contract extension. Felton was really the only other candidate, despite his limited playing time.

Tight End

Starters: Rob Gronkowski (NE) and Jimmy Graham (NO)

Backups: Jason Witten (DAL) and Dwayne Allen (IND)

Breakdown: Such is the year Gronkowski is having that he’s earning legit MVP talk — incredible for a tight end to have that kind of impact. His position seems cemented, so now it’s a battle for the spots behind where the receiving of Graham has him ahead of the all-around work of Witten and Allen.


Starters: Joe Thomas (CLE) and Ricky Wagner (BAL), Jason Peters (PHI) and Sebastian Vollmer (NE)

Backups: Andrew Whitworth (CIN) and Zach Strief (NO)

Breakdown: Call us old fashioned but we want left and right tackles in the mix, so we’ve split it evenly between the two. Thomas is having a year that rivals his best, which is saying something for the sure-fire Hall of Famer. The unlucky one is Branden Albert, who was right in the left tackle mix until injury.


Starters: Marshal Yanda (BAL), Kelechi Osemele (BAL) Joel Bitonio (CLV) and Zack Martin (DAL)

Backups: Josh Sitton (GB) and Brandon Linder (JAX)

Breakdown: That’s a lot of rookies right? The tandem of Yanda and Osemele have been a big part of a Ravens line that has been better than anyone imagined it could be, with their work in the run game particularly effective, while both Bitonio and Martin have hit the ground running.


Starters: Nick Mangold (NYJ) and Max Unger (SEA)

Backups: Corey Linsley (GB) and Maurkice Pouncey (PIT)

Breakdown: Alex Mack was on his way to securing a spot before injury, but his loss is the gain of others. Mangold is back to his best and the Seahawks really feel a difference when their center isn’t on the field.


See Page 2 for the defense and special teams…

  • riffly

    One Bengal Player and yet this young team is said to have been so loaded and underperforming by only making playoffs for the last 3 years. Not a knock on PFF, but the media in general either ignores them when they’re ok or criticizes them when they are good. Small market players must hate it when Pro Bowl voting comes around.

    • John

      PFF was touting Geno Atkins way before anyone in the mainstream heard about him.

    • corners

      the bengals deserve whatever comes from their big hole they dug themselves.

      • Chris

        As a Bengals fan, I honestly have no idea what this was supposed to mean.

        • corners

          you need a new head coach. You shouldnt be ok with just 7 games over .500 with a sample size of almost 200 games.

          0-5 playoff record in 11 years with some very good teams.

        • Bill

          corners mean your team is mediocre and have been the punching bag of the Steelers and the Ravens for years. Also the Bengals are one and done in playoffs last three years lol. WHO DEY?

  • Alan

    Man Tashaun Gibson for the Browns is leading the league in INTs. Feel like he should have a place in the Pro Bowl (or at least a mention) because he is a large part of the Browns actually being half-good this year.

  • Jason Pevitt

    Kyle Williams doesn’t play for Detroit btw

  • Super Buc

    No Gerald McCoy or Lavonte David? What a joke

    • Super Man

      Both Trash just like the whole Franchise.

  • techvet

    Nit: Josh Sitton plays for GB, not DAL.

    • Kim Sara

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      • Football

        It’s not really that impressive, but whatever

  • van

    Might want to check the rushing stats there my friend. Murray FAR AND AWAY deserves #1 RB billing. Propensity to fumble? Huh? 3 whole fumbles. CHARLES HAS JUST AS MANY WITH FAR FEWER CARRIES BUT YOU DON’T HOLD THAT AGAINST HIM?

    Frigging Cowboys hater.

    • corners

      did you check the stats? Charles has had 3 fumbles, lost only 2.

      Murry has had 5 fumbles, and lost 5. Yes, 5 fumbles lost is a lot in just 10 games. Rbs tend to not fumble for years sometimes, so its no excuse for the “#1 rb” to fumble so much

      Charles also has half the carries and more td’s and a better avg per run

      • PetEng

        Charles has a 1.9% fumble rate per touch, Murray has a 1.8% fumble rate this year.

        • corners

          just twisting the facts around.

          5 fumbles is not the same as 2, sorry.

          • Lelouch vi Britannia

            Total number of fumbles is what matters. After you fumble, there’s about a 50/50 chance of recovery for each team. Unless Charles personally recovered the one fumble that his opponent did not claim, that doesn’t matter. 2.5 expected turnovers vs. 1.5 expected turnovers is what this is all really about.

          • Bill

            Stop Watching Football Man. Murray is going to break the rushing record stop hating. Jamal is not even better than Marshawn or Justin Forsett.

  • Bona4Zona

    One starter and one reserve for the team with the best record in the league.

    • a57se

      While the 2-8 NY Jets have Two starters!!!

      • eYeDEF

        And those two starters are completely deserving of their spots and it’s not even close. Goes to show that outstanding play from a couple guys can only take a pathetically moribund team otherwise comprised of garbage only so far.

  • Rod

    No Brent Grimes or Reshad Jones? I can understand Grimes not being in, there’s a lot of high level corner play out there, but they gotta show Reshad some love…

    • Lobo

      Reshad Jones was suspended, and therefore is not eligible for a Pro-Bowl.

      • corners

        suspended for peds, specifically. Had he said it was adderol,he would have gotten a recreational drug slap on the wrist instead and would be eligible

        • Annette Rogers

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        • eYeDEF

          Any idea how dumb you sound? He doesn’t get to tell the league what drug he pissed dirty. They determine that independently of whatever he might have to say about it.

          • corners

            Dumb? Prepare to insert foot into your mouth

            “The N.F.L. is forbidden under the terms of the drug-testing agreement
            with the players union from announcing what substance players have
            tested positive for — the urine test does not distinguish among types of
            amphetamines — and there is some suspicion that at least a few players
            may claim they took Adderall instead of admitting to steroid use, which
            carries a far greater stigma.”

          • eYeDEF

            Whoa. Maybe you’re just too ignorant to recognize that your quote is wrong. A piss test might not be able to distinguish between different types of amphetamines, but NOT ALL PEDS ARE AMPHETAMINES. In fact the vast majority of PEDS are not amphetamines. The only way that would work is if the PED he took WAS IN FACT ADDERALL in which case he could try and claim it was meth instead but that’s pretty weak gruel.

          • corners
          • corners

            Just curious, why call someone dumb when you had no clue what you were talking about? At least dont be lazy and double check your bad info.

            The nfl and the players union both have interests in players not looking like they are still doing steroids. What high school kid hasnt tried adderol though?

            Ok im done, hope you are too.

          • eYeDEF

            You were done already. You just can’t help but dig yourself in deeper. YoU didn’t make sense the first time around and your reply was even less coherent if that’s even possible.

    • corners

      Jones is inelibable, but Grimes not even on here is a travesty. How many cb’s have faced more top talent than grimes in 11 games?

      Grimes leads all cb’s with 5 ints btw and we have the #2 passing defense in the nfl

      • John

        he also has been blown up by Jordy Nelson and was one underthrow pass away from a 2 TD 156 yard game to Megatron, he isn’t on here for a reason

        • George C. Brown

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        • corners

          Why you giving stats to megatron he didn’t get? How many yards and catches did megatron get after that first td?

          • Johnny Bigrig

            Why are you taking away stats that he gave up? “pushoff”

          • corners

            Your one of those guys that just likes to go in circles and chase your tail huh?

          • eYeDEF

            Oh the irony.

          • corners


        • corners

          i dont think nelson even avg 10 yards a catch that game. Remember the pushoff that wasnt called(if you want to knitpick)

          • Ashley Moran

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      • Bill

        Yeah Ok, Grimes is average at best he is no Desmond Trufant, Richard Sherman, or Patrick Peterson. Watch the film man.

        • corners

          grimes looked bad last game against denver.

  • Rene Martinez

    I figured Dan Williams (Cards), Jelani Jenkins (Fins), and James Ihedigbo (Lions) might have been considered. Each of them has made a huge difference in their team’s current performance.

  • Lobo

    Michael Thomas is out for the season with a torn pectoral. His name may be in the ballot because somebody screwed up with the ballots, but he is not making it.

  • Chris

    So many people getting butthurt about players on their team not making it LOL

    • Johnny Bigrig

      Is this your douchey way of trying to act like you’re better because you don’t? And nice use of “butt-hurt” 2007 wants their sweet insult back.

      • Gil

        Why Butt-hurt Bum

      • Hannah Hayes

        u mad, bro?

  • Davis

    Maybe a little biased since I’m a skins fan but no djax? only redskins player actually producing and at a high level

  • davathon

    Cameron Wake should be on the list twice. He’s so awesome!

  • Riley

    No Clay Matthews??