Pro Bowl Cheat Sheet: The NFC

Who in the NFC should really go to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl? Khaled Elsayed gives his recommendations for your balloting selections.

| 2 years ago

Pro Bowl Cheat Sheet: The NFC

Every two weeks we get down to it. Cutting through all the propaganda to give you guys the lowdown on which players have truly earned themselves a spot on your Pro Bowl team.

We’re only sticking to guys the NFL lets you vote for, so it leads to me being somewhat handcuffed at certain positions, and just scratching my head at others.

Now here’s the list.

NFC Offense

Quarterbacks: Matt Ryan (ATL), Aaron Rodgers (GB) and Robert Griffin III (WAS)

How competitive is this? Ryan and Rodgers should have done enough to secure your vote, but picking between RG3, Brees, Manning and Wilson isn’t easy. I’ve plumped for my rookie of the year candidate Griffin. He’s devastating and avoids turnovers. What more could you want out of a quarterback, let alone a rookie?

Running Backs: Adrian Peterson (MIN), Marshawn Lynch (SEA) and Doug Martin (TB)  

While the all-around play of Ahmad Bradshaw deserves some consideration, how can you look past these three guys? Adrian Peterson is playing like an MVP candidate, such is his brilliance. Martin and Lynch have slowed down a little which means down the line it’s conceivable that Alfred Morris, Frank Gore or even Steven Jackson could earn the endorsement.

Wide Receivers: Calvin Johnson (DET), Roddy White (ATL), Vincent Jackson (TB) and Brandon Marshall (CHI)

It’s really a shame that Percy Harvin has missed so much time. Not so much for me mind you. Five into four didn’t go, and the lack of playing time for Harvin allowed me to keep him out. As it is, I’m pretty happy telling you that Johnson, White, Jackson and Marshall deserve your vote. However, you probably knew that already.

Fullback: Bruce Miller (SF)

I was close to going in the direction of Jerome Felton, but in the end the extra consistency of Miller won my approval.

Tight Ends: Vernon Davis (SF) and Tony Gonzalez (ATL)

Davis is an easy selection. Even though the 49ers aren’t making use of him in the passing game he’s still doing a fantastic job with his blocking. Choosing between legends like Jason Witten and Tony Gonzalez wasn’t easy, and I wouldn’t hold it against anyone going a different route. Ultimately, I can live with the blocking of Gonzalez because of what he does as a receiver, especially in the red zone.

Offensive Tackles: Phil Loadholt (MIN), Joe Staley (SF) and Matt Kalil (MIN)

Joe Staley was an easy decision. He’s the best tackle in the division right now with his run blocking something to behold. The choice of Kalil over Trent Williams was made easier with Williams form dipping as he plays hurt. That’s a shame because before then he was playing some top-level tackle. Loadholt gets the nod at right tackle for his superior run blocking, but anyone opting for Tyson Clabo, Gosder Cherilus or Anthony Davis should go with their gut.

Offensive Guards: Evan Mathis (PHI), Alex Boone (SF) and Mike Iupati (SF)

No change here, though I would understand the final guard nominee going to Jahri Evans, Josh Sitton or Rob Sims. Its the run blocking of Iupati that wins me over. He’s a real mauler and I can really appreciate that.

Centers: John Sullivan (MIN) and Will Montgomery (WAS)

Brian De La Puente is making a late run for one of these spots, but he’s got some work to do to catch both Sullivan and Montgomery. A special word for Sullivan who has been so good over the past two years you could make a case that he’s the best center in the league.

Turn the page for the Defense

  • Nick

    I’ll take Goldson over Rhodes, Williams over Staley or Loadholt, Suh over McCoy at this point in the season, and Vincent Jackson (or 2 or 3 other guys) over Roddy White.

    • Phresh

      Gerald McCoy is way better than Suh… Suh cant beat double teams, & is more of an anchor/ big body DT… McCoy is disruptive in tha pass game & against tha run…

  • Nick

    Also, Casey Hayward isn’t even on the ballot (deserving though he may be)

  • Gweez

    Was Darell Young given consideration at FB? Seems like such a great player to me. Just wonder how the stats bear out?

    • GSiggs

      As a Niner fan who watches every game, I can tell you that Miller’s stats aren’t much, maybe 1 TD, but he’s a really great blocker, very reliable receiver, and averages 5 yards a carry (but so do Gore and Hunter).

  • Lars Lundahl

    Matt Ryan has dropped his performance those last weeks. Dude has to be more sharp. He’s coming at a age where criticism gets more and more amplified. He’s has to have a breakout year as soon as possible. He’s a first rounder. AND, he needs to deliver come playoff time. Brees is playing awful.

  • Crash

    Jason Witten’s only about to break the single season record for catches by a TE. No reason to give him Pro Bowl recognition. /sarcasm

  • DCBlueStar

    Dez Bryant, Jason Witten certainly deserve honorable mentions.

  • lol

    no witten is a joke.

  • Colonel Crazy

    I’m not sure how you give Tony Gonzalez a berth for the Pro Bowl. I mean, going by the rankings here, he has a -12.3 for run blocking. That’s absolutely atrocious, regardless of his very impressive +17.4 receiving grade. When you have both Jason Witten and Martellus Bennett with higher overall rankings in the NFC, why do you give the berth to Gonzalez?

    I apologize if this comes off as rather vindicative, but I’m confused on your thought process here.