Armstead might not play much on passing downs

San Francisco's changes over the offseason could mean Arik Armstead doesn't see as much time on passing downs.

| 1 week ago
(Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

(Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Armstead might not play much on passing downs

  • Grant Cohn of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat believes that offseason additions will prevent San-Francisco 49ers’ edge defender Arik Armstead from contributing on passing downs. This offseason the 49ers moved Armstead to base end to better fit their new 4-3 defense.
  • Armstead had a disappointing sophomore campaign filled with injury and regressed level of play earning a low 44.1 overall grade ranking 93rd out of 127 interior defenders. As a rookie, Armstead earned an 80.8 overall grade and ranked 26th at his position.
  • Armstead has shown to be very effective rushing the passer, leading all 3-4 defensive ends in pass-rush productivity each of the past two years at 12.3 in 2015 and 11.2 in 2016.

Arik Armstead


    Bill walsh got a guy on,y to rush the qb in the 4th quarter. He helped us win 2 super bowls. Fred dean. The oremise is that walsh knew his team could score, but to keep the lead ( in 1980 tampa i believe marched down the field and won with a field goal) . The fact that the 49ers are getting more quality linemen means they can rest them more. Great pass rushers make the libebackers and dbs look better than they are. ( buddy ryan philosophy behind the 46 defense)

    • Ron Bo Stuart

      In fact before the 49ers defense turned to poo poo in 2014 the pass rush included a focused and serious Aaron Lynch, Ahmad Brooks, with 6 contest including Aldon Smith in his final season with the team with Ray McDonald and “THE COWBOY” featuring Glen Dorsey & Ian Williams and the secondary led the league in INT’s in 2014

  • Matt

    Just the facts, please. Grant Cohn is a speculative pot-stirrer. It is disappointing that a data-driven analysis site like PFF would repeat wild speculation. Grant’s article speculating that Armstead will not play on passing down has some careless assumptions, including: 1. AA is beat out by four other pass rushers (including Brooks and Thomas), and 2. those same four pass rushers will play all passing downs. The former is unknowable. The latter has been specifically and repeatedly refuted by Saleh, as he plans to use a deep and heavy rotation along the D-line. I’ll believe Saleh over Cohn on this one.

  • Cheyne Johnson

    You lose all integrity for your site if you use information from Grant Cohn

    • Matt

      List of citable 49ers beat writers: Matt Barrows, Matt Maiocco, Kevin Lynch.

  • au8277

    Grant Cohn is unrepentant provocateur (i.e. pot stirrer, [email protected] starter, click-baiter, etc.) of the highest order. The fact that this website (which I respect greatly) attributed meat-and-potatoes article info to him is a major let-down for this reader. To each his own, but Cohn’s particular brand of all-seeing bs is created explicitly for the sole purpose of trolling his readership to get them to comment on his outlet’s 49ers webpage. I can’t deny that he’s built an audience for himself, but his typical NFL “analysis” are hack-ish, off-the-wall declarations that have little to no basis in fact.

  • Ron Bo Stuart

    The charting has me confused…It seems the graph would indicate AA should be inserted during passing downs. Is it me or what? I don’t get it…

  • Indian-Homie

    Go 49ers!! …. Also Grant Cohn is an asshole. I stopped reading as soon as I saw his name. Pretty cool Armstead rates somewhere near JJ Watt in ANYTHING haha

  • Aaron Lennon Ochs Linn

    I personally cannot stand Grant Cohn’s use of language, and how he comes to his conclusions. He’s up there with all the terrible (useless, besides the point, looking for controversy) questions sports reporters ask whoever at the podium.

  • Gavin Varitech

    If you wanted to find a way to lose all credibility this was certainly it. Not only do you offer no insight or analysis for why he he might not play on passing downs (other than telling us how he rated as an interior linemen, where he rarely lined up), the entire thesis of this post is based on the words of a sports tabloid know-nothing (Cohen).

    We expect A LOT more from PFF. Hopefully this is just a one time thing.

  • Todd Oien

    Good grief, read the article people!! They are showing Cohn is wrong…

    • au8277

      Um, even IF arguing Cohn’s assertion was the point of the article, the title and the article itself scream “NO.” Why cite someone as full of bs as Cohn in the first place? And why title the article “Armstead Might Not Play Much on Passing Downs” if you’re going to statistically refute it? Clickbait? Or just a badly sourced article? PFF isn’t known for setting up straw-man arguments. It’s an uninformed reference, and those who took advantage of their right to comment/complain/whine (take your pick) were merely informing Mr. Whitefiled of his folly.