49ers want Garnett to offer improvement in his 2nd year

San Francisco selected Garnett in the first round in 2016, but the rookie guard struggled through much of the season.

| 1 month ago
(Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

(Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

49ers want Garnett to offer improvement in his 2nd year

  • The San Francisco 49ers would like to see a second-year leap from Josh Garnett. Last year’s first-round pick struggled throughout his rookie year while starting 11 of 15 games.
  • Garnett posted an overall grade of 42.4 last year, which ranked 70 out of 72 qualifying guards.
  • As expected, he struggled in both pass- and run-blocking with grades of 40.4 and 42.4, respectively.
  • Garnett’s pass-blocking efficiency rating (a PFF signature stat that measures pressure allowed on a per-snap basis with weighting toward sacks allowed) had him ranked 61st out of 61 guards with a rating of 93.2 (minimum of 355 snaps).

Josh Garnett

  • Erich B

    and we couldve gotten Myle Jack .. imagine that next to Bowman and Foster. Baalke was such a tool

    • Indian-Homie

      Baalke was a fuckin asshole. Glad he moved out the Bay Area, actually wouldnt mind if he just died tmrw. Dude was a cancer

  • Monte Van Vleet

    Garnett ranked 70 out of 72 guards overall? I’d say he has some room for improvement. Maybe Baalke whiffed on him as well. Kwame Harris, anyone?

    • Andre Taylor

      No i don’t think he is a bust, Garnett comes from a power run scheme at Stanford to the gimmick offense that Chip Kelly ran that put the O-lineman on the field for way to many plays. Not to mention that Garnett is a natural LG, Kyle Shanahan’s offense is a zone-blocking run based scheme. Which will suit Staley, Garnett, Zutta, Brown, and Gilliam. The 49ers offense and O-line will be much improved.

      • OverseasRedskinsFan

        That’s a nice insightful comment. I liked Garnett’s game at Stanford, I look forward to him hopefully improving this year

        • Andre Taylor

          Thank you, most fans look at players, teams, and schemes as they want to. Not as it should be, in the 2016 draft projections Garnett was seen as a run blocking mauler. Who was pretty good in his pass sets, but needed coaching. Of course it didn’t help that Chip Kelly overdrafted the guy, which put more pressure on the kid. Not to mention the fact that Kellys scheme wasn’t a good fit, and the coaching staff played him out of position at RG. All those things matter in the development of any young prospect, especially an O-lineman.