10 worst players from Sunday’s Week 11 NFL action

Patriots TE Martellus Bennett, Titans CB Perrish Cox highlight our list of Week 11's worst performances.

| 7 months ago
(Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)

(Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)

10 worst players from Sunday’s Week 11 NFL action

Every Tuesday, PFF will be releasing its Team of the Week, representing the highest-graded players at each NFL position for that week. But Senior Analyst Sam Monson gets a jump on that by picking out the 10 least-impressive individual performances from Sunday’s games.

Here are the 10 worst players from Sunday’s Week 11 action:

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1. Perrish Cox, CB, Tennessee Titans

It doesn’t get much worse for a corner than the performance from Cox this week. Targeted six times, Cox allowed a catch on each occasion, and those passes went for 142 yards (23.7 yards per catch) and a score. Andrew Luck had a perfect passer rating of 158.3 when targeting Cox in the Colts’ win, despite throwing the touchdown right into his hands, only to see Cox let it slip through them and into the waiting arms of his intended receiver, T.Y. Hilton behind him.

2. Garry Gilliam, T, Seattle Seahawks

Competing weekly in the competition of which Seahawks lineman can surrender the most pressure, Gilliam this week emerged victorious in Seattle’s win over Philadelphia, with six pressures to his name. Gilliam also had a false start penalty in the game and was beaten a further four times off the line but the ball came out before it could become pressure. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he was poor in the run game, surrendering a tackle to Bennie Logan and Fletcher Cox, and being squeezed into the running lane on more than one occasion.

3. Ereck Flowers, T, New York Giants

This performance brought back ugly memories of a season ago for Flowers and the Giants. In a win against the Bears this week, Flowers was beaten for nine pressures and a holding penalty. The pressures came from all angles and multiple different Chicago defenders, but the player that gave him the most trouble was rookie edge rusher Leonard Floyd, who beat him for pressure five times in the game before going off injured. Flowers began this season well, but this punctuates a steep decline in his play in recent weeks and looked far more like his disastrous rookie campaign.

4. Daniel Kilgore, C, San Francisco 49ers

There wasn’t a whole lot that went right for Kilgore in the Niners’ loss against the Patriots this week. He surrendered five pressures overall — a huge amount for a center and more than two players at his position (Max Unger and Nick Mangold) have allowed all season, but he also had a false start penalty and in the third quarter snapped the ball along the floor, getting lucky that QB Colin Kaepernick was able to recover it and get a pass away without any dire consequences.

5. Martellus Bennett, TE, New England Patriots

With no Rob Gronkowski, the Patriots had been able to get excellent play out of Bennett already this season, but against the 49ers it just wasn’t there. Bennett’s blocking was particularly poor in this game, struggling both in the run game and as a pass-blocker, which could have been forgiven had he been an impact player as a receiver, but he finished the day with just 14 receiving yards and a single catch. This was one game where the Patriots could have done with Rob Gronkowski, or even the real Martellus Bennett.

6. Damontre Moore, DE, Seattle Seahawks

The primary job of an edge rusher is to get pressure, so when you rush the passer 31 times and come away with absolutely none, that’s a problem. In fact, despite 42 snaps of action against the Eagles, Moore was effectively blanked from the stat sheet entirely. Only a penalty for jumping offside was proof that he was even on the field this week, and it marked the biggest volume of playing time he has logged this season.

7. David Parry, NT, Indianapolis Colts

Parry is an undersized nose tackle who can struggle against power. The Tennessee Titans have one of the league’s most powerful road-grading offensive lines. This went exactly as you’d think it would. Parry was just controlled by the more powerful Titans line and though DeMarco Murray averaged only 3.3 yards overall, he averaged 4.4 straight up the gut either side of center. Parry did notch a sack, but it was the only pressure he managed across 27 passing snaps.

8. Kelvin Sheppard, LB, New York Giants

You will have to go a long way to find a worse collection of linebacker performances than those from the New York Giants trio this week against the Bears. All three Giants linebackers ranked among the worst performances of the week, and Sheppard was just destroyed by Chicago linemen every time one made it to the second level to block him. Sheppard lost battles to four of the five Chicago linemen at the second level, only escaping punishment from RT Bobbie Massie.

9. Keenan Robinson, LB, New York Giants

Joining his teammate on the list of ugly performances is Robinson. Robinson wasn’t nearly as bad against the run, but was victimized in coverage. Thrown at five times, Robinson allowed three catches that went for 79 yards, with 38 of them coming after the catch to three different players. In 41 total snaps, all Robinson could muster on the stat sheet was one solo tackle and one assist.

10. Josh McCown, QB, Cleveland Browns

Once again Cody Kessler begins a Browns game at QB and McCown finishes it for him, but this week it was an injury-enforced change and not voluntary. For the second week running McCown was extremely poor when he did get in the game in the loss to Pittsburgh. Overall he completed just 51.9 percent of his passes but the biggest errors are mistakes that a third-round rookie like Kessler would be chided over. Down in the shadow of his own goal line, McCown spun away from pressure only to hold the ball for long enough that it caught him up again and forced a fumble.

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  • Mike

    I don’t know how Nelson Agholor doesn’t make this list. He played 70 snaps, had 3 targets, 0 receptions including a really bad drop, and an illegal formation penalty that brought back a 57 yard TD that would have tied the game. His only contribution was one block and a 2 point conversion in garbage time.

    • gomer_rs

      Agreed. The horrendousness of Agholor against the Seahawks was almost indescribable.

      On the formation penalty he’s 5 yards from his coach his screaming, jumping up and down, and just can’t contain himself, Agholor – completely oblivious.

  • JimmyCrackCorn

    Not one player from the Packers’ secondary? I find that hard to believe.

    • osoviejo

      “I find that hard to believe.”

      Most common phrase found in PFF comments.

    • Nelson Cobb

      Right, I was expecting it to just list “Packers Cornerbacks”, cause Hyde, Gunter, Rollins and Goodson forgot to show up in Washington last night. Wonder how all those Casey Hayward haters who said Packers didn’t need him feel right now. I tried to tell them, but they didn’t believe me, and told me I was an idiot.

  • TheBeasters

    3 Giants on the list. Its no wonder they got crushed yesterday, unlike that stellar Packer defense.

  • Rolo Tomassi

    Ayyy fuuuny
    The stat padder Aron Rogets moved up 2 spots after losing another game

  • MosesZD

    Reaser of the 49ers should be on this list. He played 14 snaps and allowed four catches on six targets for 77 yards and two TDs plus blew a number of tackles allowing defensive stops to turn into long gains.

    That’s giving up a point-a-snap while on the field. I don’t think anyone else was that bad this past week.

  • crosseyedlemon

    The Broncos had a bye week so Donald Stephenson probably feels like one of those death row inmates that get a last minute reprieve from the governor.

  • L Garou

    The crap referees literally stole the show in Mexico!
    Along with the crappiest on-field performances of not only the week, but the year!

    What a piece of crap game, with crap referees, played in a crappy
    Mexico stadium. Why could I see, from my chair at home, the running back
    roll over the player, never touching the ground, only to get screwed out of a first
    down? Why didn’t the pathetic refs see it? Why didn’t OBrien or his
    spotter see it and challenge the spot! Three times bad calls went un-challenged!!

    Hell, it looked like after one TD miss-called right from the get-go, and three first down calls missed and not one of them challenged, like OBrien himself was in on it.

    Now I’m even wondering if it wasn’t an off duty referee in the stands with that laser pointer shining it in the Texan QBs eyes..
    Soooo obvious the Raiders were ‘chosen’ to win the game. No wonder the fans are tuning out in droves. I know I am..