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Premium Statistics

Player Grades

See who performed best at every position on the field every game and every season. It’s not just the QB’s we’re evaluating, it’s every position down to the punter and special teams contributor.

player grades position
Check out the top 10 quarterbacks from the 2016 season.

Filter Your Data Hundreds of Ways

Easily filter the player’s performance to the subset of games you are most interested in. This allows you to answer questions on specific matchups (ie. How did Dallas’ receivers do each time they played the Eagles?)


Career View

Look at Jason Witten’s career below, he was a Pro-Bowler in 2013, but not in 2011, despite having the exact same grade. What could have caused him to miss out? Quickly glance and see a player’s performance over the course of his entire career.
View each player’s ranking based on overall performance and sort by various metrics for the offense and defense.

career view
Jason Witten’s career from 2007-2016

Season Breakdown

With Premium Stats, you’ll have access to a full breakdown of offensive line play. Answer questions like: How did the Cowboy’s offensive linemen do in run blocking? How did this rank amongst other offensive line units?

season breakdown
Travis Frederick dominated the run game in 2016 as shown above.

Field Breakdown

Quarterbacks and receivers naturally have favorite parts of the field. Some quarterbacks like throwing to the right side and some receivers feel more confident lining up on the left side. At Pro Football Focus, we can detail out the performance of both a QB and WR based on the location of the field. You’ll be able to see the areas of the field a WR is most dangerous and where a QB might be must vulnerable.

points per opportunity
Tom Brady’s performance in 2016 and how it broke down across the field.

Signature Stats

QB Rating

PFF has built a series of exclusive metrics for each and every position group called Signature Stats. As an example, QB Rating goes a step further than the basic QB rating. Ours takes into account drops, throw aways and spikes, along with the work a receiver does after the catch. This wraps up into a much more accurate picture of the impact a QB really has on the game.

Quarterback rating
See how the NFL’s Top QBs stacked up against one another every year.

Yards Per Route Run

What are the best metrics to indicate production for wide receivers? Our signature stats has a metric you can’t find anywhere else. Yards per Route Run (YPRR) shows the yards a receiver picks up on a per route basis. It takes into account the number of snaps a player went out for a pass, providing a better indicator of production than Yards per Reception or even Yards per Target.

yards per route run
Top 10 Receivers based on YPRR in 2016.

Fantasy Football

Average Depth of Target for Receivers

For Fantasy Football, we have created a number of proprietary metrics that can only be powered by PFF. aDOT (Average Depth of Target for Receivers), shows where players are on the field when they are targeted. More predictive than yards per catch and it enables you to identify big play receivers downfield. Below is a ranked list of the 2016 receivers by aDOT.

2016 Receivers ranked by aDOT

Points per Opportunity

Another great Fantasy Football metric is PPO (Points per Opportunity). This shows how effective a player is as a fantasy scorer on a per opportunity basis. Did a team’s first or second string RB get hurt? If the third string guy has a high PPO, but hasn’t received a lot of reps, he’s worth considering. This metric can really help point you in the right direction in terms of roster moves.

points per opportunity
Top running backs in 2016 by PPO

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