Possible sleeper at pass-rusher for Vikings

Journeyman D-lineman Justin Trattou really stood out in the Vikings' preseason game versus Pittsburgh.

| 2 years ago

Possible sleeper at pass-rusher for Vikings

It’s easy to focus on starting battles and rookies in the preseason, but sometimes under-the-radar veterans make an impact that serves as a precursor of regular-season success — and Vikings D-lineman Justin Trattou fits that description after his performance in Sunday’s Hall of Fame game versus Pittsburgh. Trattou racked up a game-high five pressures (two hits and three hurries) and added a batted pass.

Before we get too excited, it’s worth noting that Trattou has impressed in his last two preseasons with the Giants and Vikings, respectively, but he was only able to convert those performances into a total of 12 regular-season snaps in 2013 and 2014.

However, his display against the Steelers’ second- and third-stringers was very impressive, and if he keeps it up the Vikings will surely find it difficult to keep his season snap count in the single figures for a third year in a row.

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  • Waterman

    I agree not sure why Trattou never gets more season reps, he is always in position to make plays . I think it’s the Undrafted FA label he can’t shake for some odd reason or his in between size for a DE. But never understood why he isn’t a 10 play a game DE, tough smart and won a National Championship and Super Bowl, that can’t be coincidence. Glad he is a Viking.