PoF: Best Single Games – Cornerbacks

Today's Page of Fame honors the best single-game performances we've seen from the league's cornerbacks since 2007.

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PoF: Best Single Games – Cornerbacks

Welcome to the Pro Football Focus Page of Fame for cornerbacks, where only the best one-off performances during our time grading (2007 – Present) are mentioned.

If this is your first visit to a “PFF PoF” then the rules are pretty simple. Each game is it’s own island, and only the highest grades make it onto the list.

Anything at or over a +6.0 grade for this position will get the recognition it deserves!


1. Vontae Davis, 2013 – WK7, DEN @ IND: +8.0

Pass Rush: 0.0, Coverage: +7.8, Run Defense: +0.1, Penalties: +0.1

Does it get much better than this? Eight times Davis was thrown at and he graded positively on each and every throw, whether it be for his ability to close and make tackles for short gains (three of them), pass break ups (two) or just excellent coverage that may the throw impossible (five of them). A display of top end talent against top end receivers.

2. Terrell Thomas, 2009 – WK15, NYG @ WAS: +7.3

Pass Rush: +1.7, Coverage: +4.4, Run Defense: +1.1, Penalties: +0.1

One of those days were Thomas did a little bit of everything to earn the highest grade of all cornerbacks in 2009. In coverage, he allowed 37 yards on nine targets while intercepting one pass and breaking up another three. Rushing the passer, he picked up a hit and two hurries. And in the run game he was good enough to make a run stop. Days like this made you realize what a top talent he was at one point.

3. Darrelle Revis, 2009 – WK14, NYJ @ TB: +7.1

Pass Rush: 0.0, Coverage: +6.9, Run Defense: +0.1, Penalties: +0.1

Make no mistake about it, this was all about the blanket coverage of Darrelle Revis. In one of the greatest seasons ever by a cornerback this game was the standout, as he responded to being thrown at nine times by giving up 25 yards into his coverage, intercepting one ball and defensing another three.

4. Brandon Carr, 2010 – WK13, DEN @ KC: +7.0

Pass Rush: 0.0, Coverage:+7.3 , Run Defense: -0.4, Penalties: +0.1

Try as the Broncos did, they just couldn’t find a way past the Chiefs’ Carr all game long. Rather incredibly, they threw at him eight times. The outcome? Zero pass completions and six pass defenses. Wow. That was good enough for the highest rating of any cornerback in 2010.

5. Johnathan Joseph, 2009 – WK9, BAL @ CIN: +6.7

Pass Rush: 0.0, Coverage: +6.5, Run Defense: +0.1, Penalties: +0.1

It was performances like this that made Jospeh such a hot property when his contract expired a year later. Entering shutdown mode, he would allow only three of the 11 balls into his coverage to be complete. Meanwhile he intercepted one and broke up another four. Joe Flacco’s quarterback rating throwing at him? 2.1.

6. Lardarius Webb, 2013 – WK10, CIN @ BAL: +6.6

Pass Rush: +1.5, Coverage: +5.3, Run Defense: +0.7, Penalties: -0.9

Webb had his problems early on in 2013 as he made his way back from injury but he put all that to rest with a superb effort against the Bengals. 11 times he was thrown at and the end result saw just three balls completed for 53 yards. More impressively he himself broke up four balls and intercepted another.

7. Charles Woodson, 2009 – WK12, GB @ DET: +6.3

Pass Rush: +0.4, Coverage: +6.2, Run Defense: +0.6, Penalties: -0.9

In a year where he was voted Defensive Player of the Year, Woodson saved his best for the divisional rivals from Detroit. Sure he conceded a touchdown, but he did give up only 4-of-10 balls into his coverage, while intercepting two and deflecting another.

8. Antoine Winfield, 2008 – WK5, MIN @ NO: +6.1

Pass Rush: +2.3, Coverage: +2.1, Run Defense: +1.6, Penalties: +0.1

As you’d expect from Winfield, it wasn’t just his coverage that earned him the top mark among cornerbacks in 2008. No, he contributed in every phase of the game like a true pro. Rushing the passer, that meant a sack and a hurry. In run defense, it equated to three defensive stops on 21 run defense snaps. And in coverage? Well, just 15 yards were allowed into his area. A complete performance.

9. Champ Bailey, 2008 – WK14, KC @ DEN: +6.1

Pass Rush: +0.0, Coverage: +4.4, Run Defense: +1.6, Penalties: +0.1

A Bailey classic as the shutdown corner worked his magic against a beleaguered Chiefs offense. Targeted just three times, he allowed one reception while intercepting another ball and breaking up one more pass attempt. Not bad work when you get your hands to the ball more than the receiver you’re covering.

10. Darrelle Revis, 2011 – WK16, NYG @ NYJ: +6.0

Pass Rush: 0.0, Coverage: +5.6, Run Defense: +0.1, Penalties: +0.3

Just another day for Revis on his way to obtaining the highest grade for any cornerback in 2011. While everyone was talking about Victor Cruz after this contest, the real star was a Revis who allowed only 2-of-8 balls into his coverage to be complete, while breaking up six passes.



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