PODCAST: NFL Week 5 preview

Sam Monson, Steve Palazzolo, and David Tuchman get you set for Week 5 in their weekly preview podcast.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/John Froschauer)

(AP Photo/John Froschauer)

PODCAST: NFL Week 5 preview

Sam Monson, Steve Palazzolo, and David Tuchman get you set for Week 5 with their weekly preview podcast, tackling the following subjects and much, much more:

– Has Andy Dalton really turned the corner?

– Previewing the Seahawks-Bengals game.

– Progression of Derek Carr.

– Keys to the Cowboys’ struggles.


  • flyerhawk

    I have to say I was really disappointed in your analysis of Russell Wilson. They really smacked of using specific data points to disprove a larger observation.

    When you were talking about Wilson and your critique of is play you would say “The OL isn’t very good but” as a way to minimize the impact of their play on Wilson’s play. Later in the podcast when talking about the Seahawks overall play, you were more than willing to point how how poor the OL has been. A little consistency would be nice.

    Wilson was pressured at an ungodly 48.6% of drop backs last Monday. He leads the league in being pressured. But instead of acknowledging that when a QB gets pressured on every other drop back, he is likely going to not always make the best choice, you attempt to paint him as a bad decision maker.

    Additionally, you said that Wilson is turning over the ball more frequently this year. Except that isn’t true. He is on the same rate as he was last year.

    I would hope that you guys would use your own stats to provide more interesting arguments than “Wilson should have better ball security” because he had two fumbles in a game in which his OL did their best imitation of a matador for most of the game

    • David Stinnett

      He must not have watched the game. Wilson looked amazing in week 4, and had a 77% completion rate and 11 YPA !! All while running for his life. He’s a freakin magician and gets insulted. To hell with all the disrespectful pinheads.

  • Tim Edell

    Matt Forte will not get traded.. The problem with Denver is the OL they are not going to trade a draft pick to rent a RB for the 2nd half of the season.

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