PHI-ATL Grades: Falcons WR Julio Jones impresses

Eagles QB Sam Bradford posts -1.4 overall grade in first outing.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Rogelio Solis)

(AP Photo/Rogelio Solis)

PHI-ATL Grades: Falcons WR Julio Jones impresses

Here are the top takeaways and highest graded players from the Eagles-Falcons game:


– It seemed unlikely that QB Sam Bradford (-1.4) would score a positive grade after a poor first half, and so it proved. He completed just four passes over 10 yards in the air all night, as the Eagles took advantage of their up-tempo style, coupled with the Falcons’ confusion, to pick up big yards after the catch (204 out of 336).

– Where was the pass rush? The defense managed a sack, two hits and three hurries all night (as well as a sack on a play called back) with only DE Fletcher Cox (+1.8) making his presence felt. Given the struggles of the Atlanta line in preseason, it’s disappointing that OLB Connor Barwin (-2.5) and OLB Brandon Graham (-0.8) turned a combined 54 pass rushes into just one disruption.

– ILB Kiko Alonso (-3.6) did produce a highlight-reel play, but that didn’t overshadow his rough return to action. He had some trouble meeting Falcons FB Patrick DiMarco (+1.4) in the hole, and was far from on point with his tackling. It may take awhile for him to get back to his best, though the 49 snaps suggest he’ll be a big part of the Eagles plans this year (RILB DeMeco Ryans, -2.0, managed 28).

Top Performers:

NT Bennie Logan (+3.1)
SS Malcolm Jenkins (+2.9)
RT Lane Johnson (+2.8)
HB Darren Sproles (+2.2)
ILB Mychal Kendricks (+2.1)


– Not the usual outing you’d expect from QB Matt Ryan (-1.1). He threw two bad picks and nearly gave up one more (the dropped interception was more the result of a wide receiver slipping). It wasn’t all bad, however, as he hit three-of-four balls over 20 yards in the air, and looked comfortable with an offensive line doing a stellar job.

– First rounder DE Vic Beasley (-1.9) had a largely quiet day, save for two moments. His first was a heads up batted pass, but the truly exciting play (from the Falcons’ perspective) was his hit on Eagles QB Sam Bradford (-1.4). He turned the corner on one of the best LTs in the game, Jason Peters (0.2), and delivered a crunching hit within 2.5 seconds of the ball being snapped. More plays like that will soon justify his 2015 top-10 draft selection.

– It would be rude and foolish not to comment on the excellence of WR Julio Jones (+5.7). The standout player in this game, his 141 yards receiving and two touchdowns didn’t tell the whole story, as he had a further three first downs called back. Overall, it was a monster game for Jones.

Top Performers:

WR Julio Jones (+5.7)
RG Chris Chester (+2.8)
WR Roddy White (+2.6)
DT Ra’Shede Hageman (+1.8)
FB Patrick DiMarco (+1.4)

  • Tony Argo

    Glad to see Hageman may pan out after essentially redshirting 2014.

    • Vitor

      I remember the coaches calling him “cupcake” in Hard Knocks lol

      • Eonizzle

        that was a different dude. Donte Rumph I think his name was.

        • Vitor

          Oh, my bad

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  • AKjester

    Why do the comments about receivers only note how they did when the QB actually threw to them? If a grade is given just on the WR’s performance, you would assume the commentary would state how the receiver did on all the routes, not just when the QB actually threw that receiver the ball.

    • Malachi

      the comments are just comments, the grade comes from every aspect of every snap

      • Izach

        Actually I don’t know about that. As far as PFF has said WRs and DB are only graded when involved they don’t grade every route, they record for stat purposes but only grade when thrown to. If thrown to but play in an penalty they still keep grade that, but if WR or DB slips but QB doesn’t see it so they never throw the ball that play doesn’t matter, or if WRs get open but QB gets sacked before throw or balls swatted at the LoS those routes don’t get graded.

        • Malachi


        • NP_Truth

          I thought I read there’s a normalization factor for DB’s when they aren’t targeted. Wide Receivers I have not read into, but I’m sure there is something else there as well

          • Izach

            Like I said as far as I kno, they record what happens but only grade based on involvement in play, so even if they do partly grade it if they aren’t involved in the play they aren’t graded as harshly. So if a DB get burned but pressure gets to QB a throw is never made, then the negative grade for getting burned isn’t as bad as if the throw was made, if it’s grades at all.

  • Malachi

    julio jones is a scary individual