PFF’s Midseason All-Pro Team

With the season reaching the mid-way point, this team represents the best we've seen through 2013's first half.

| 4 years ago

PFF’s Midseason All-Pro Team

2012-All-Pro-Midseason-FEATNine weeks into the season seems as good a time as any to unveil our Mid Season All Pro team.

Unlike a lot of places we’re not going on what the box scores tell us or on the reputation players have. We’re not concerned with what people might think because in our method we trust and we take pride in having four sets of eyes (at least) on every snap of every game.

So sit back and enjoy.


Quarterback: Peyton Manning, DEN (+22.3)

Was there ever any doubt? Sure Manning hasn’t played nearly as well in his last three starts as his first eight, but he’s still ahead of the chasing pack. We’ll guarantee this though and that’s if he doesn’t find some of that early season form then come the end of the year someone else be in his place.

Second Team: Philip Rivers (SD)

Running Back: LeSean McCoy, PHI (+14.4)

He leads the league in rushing, has forced 39 missed tackles and tops our rushing rankings at his position. Still, after a strong start to the year, he needs to do more than he has done recently to hold off the challenge.

Second Team: Marshawn Lynch (SEA)

Fullback: Anthony Sherman, KC (+13.3)

The only man who looks like vaguely challenging Sherman is Collin “The Moonster” Mooney of the Titans, but with just 106 snaps he’s got some work to do. Instead Sherman has quietly become the most reliable fullback in the league. We did not see that coming after his exploits in Arizona.

Second Team: Mike Tolbert (CAR)

Tight End: Vernon Davis, SF (+9.4)

Davis separated himself from the pack because unlike the other two contenders he can block. So that left a fight between Gonzalez and Graham for the last spot. After much discussion, Graham and his ability to get into the end zone wins the day despite the quite frankly ridiculous attention that Gonzalez is receiving right now.

Second Team: Jimmy Graham (NO)

Wide Receivers: Calvin Johnson, DET (+14.9) and Andre Johnson, HOU (+15.8)

The Johnson boys have cemented their union as our first-team pairing with two incredible strong performances in their last game. For Andre that pushed him to the top of our receiver rankings, marginally ahead of Calvin who might rue missing some time hurt in his quest to rewrite the record books.

Second Team: Jordy Nelson (GB) and Antonio Brown (PIT)

Tackles: Joe Thomas, CLE (+15.3) and Doug Free, DAL (+12.9)

In choosing a left tackle we wanted a guy who excelled in pass protection above all else. With five sacks allowed it meant turning away from our top-ranked Nate Solder and instead looking at the always reliable Thomas who has coped extremely well with some quarterbacks not afraid to hold onto the ball. The right side was an even trickier selection after Sebastian Vollmer went down on injured reserve. While the play of Zach Strief and the transformation in Tyler Polumbus warrant mentioning, it was Free who got the nod even after his worst performance of the year.

Second Team: Trent Williams (WAS) and Tyler Polumbus (WAS)

Guards: Evan Mathis, PHI (+27.9) and Louis Vasquez, DEN (+15.2)

Is there any stopping Evan Mathis? It looks like he’ll get our All Pro nod for the third consecutive year as he maintains his excellent form since becoming an Eagle. Vasquez, who also filled in at right tackle successfully, has proved worth the money Denver paid for him and then some. He’s given up just four hurries all year. On the second string, DeCastro picked himself but the standard of guard play made picking a left guard somewhat less appealing.

Second Team: David DeCasto (PIT) and Kory Lichtensteiger (WAS)

Center: Chris Myers, HOU (+15.5)

Comfortably our top-ranked center, Myers hasn’t set the world alight but he has continued to generate movement to open up running lanes. He may never be the best pass blocking center, but he’s good enough that you can live with it.

Second Team: Manny Ramirez (DEN)


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  • Brannon

    How far behind Peyton is rivers?

    • Geo McDowell

      Approximately 4 light years. That’s physically and, especially, intellectually.
      Any more questions?

  • Justin

    The Nick Folk paragraph is missing the word kicker.

  • musicmansf

    Yeahhhhh, where are all the Rivers haters now?! You done goofed!

  • Chiny

    why is doug fee over Gross? he is graded higher than both him and joe thomas for that matter

    • Luke

      Gross is a Left Tackle.

  • Sup

    I find it shameful that you omitted long snappers from these rankings.

    • [email protected]

      You have to be a human being to make the rankings, turtles dont qualify.

  • Matt Dickson

    All Dustin Colquitt does is drop punts inside the 20 allowing the Chiefs D to feast on opposing offenses buried deep against their own line. But people still use avg length of punt to determine value.. I still think accuracy is more important than just a big leg. All the guys at this level can boot it, but a punter who can drop his kicks right up against the goal line is a weapon.

    • Brian Bigger

      And his brother, Britton is of the same cloth.

  • Geo McDowell

    Fullback? Who uses those anymore? Stop partying like it’s 1999 and put a third receiver in there. The only possible choice for third WR is Wes Welker.

    • [email protected]

      Teams that want to win still use fullbacks. Correct me if i’m wrong but 100% of the teams in the superbowl last year had pro bowl caliber fullbacks.

    • Pedro

      Half of the top teams lean heavvvvily on their running game, which in turn leans heavily on a blocking fullback clearing the way. If you think all the top teams are the ones just airing it out, you should watch some more football. I hear the Chiefs, Hawks and Niners are doing ok. And Tolbert’s been a bit of a Swiss Army knife.

  • Jim

    Seriously? Tyler Polumbus is second best right tackle?

    • Does it Matter

      Apparently, they haven’t scored Washington’s most recent games. Lately, their O-line has been allowing RGIII to get killed.

      • [email protected]

        I’m afraid its just a matter of time until RG3 suffers a catastrophic Joe Theisman-like injury on television. I hope i am wrong i like watching him play football.

  • NFL Buddha

    The same kind of logic that puts Peyton Manning up there would have to select Nick Foles over him. Foles has slightly less than half the TD’s and yards but no interceptions – Of course Foles did not get to play against Jacksonville or Minnesota. Also, where is Talib on this list?

  • Tracy Bessette

    Richard Sherman, second team? You’re out of your damn mind. Once again Revis is just living off his past accomplishments.

  • Mitch Henessey

    Lavontae David is Derrick Brooks jr. He is a beast.