PFF’s 2008 Second Round Re-draft

Khaled Elsayed continues his look back at the 2008 NFL Draft, this time evaluating the good and the bad from the second round.

| 4 years ago

PFF’s 2008 Second Round Re-draft

Yesterday I spent the day re-drafting the 2008 draft class. In between telling you who should have been selected I found some time to grade each of the picks.

Well, today I’m going to do that for the second round as well.

I’m going to see what they’re up to, look at what they achieved and then hand out the usual PFF grade that goes between a +2.0 and a -2.0.


1. (32) Phillip Merling, DE, Miami Dolphins

Role: After another disappointing season in Miami, a new regime let him go. He went on to play 48 snaps with the Packers in 2012 and is now signed with the Redskins.

Impact: Threatened to be what the Dolphins hoped for when they drafted him with an encouraging sophomore year, but injuries seemed to take away what explosiveness he had.

Grade: -1.0

2. (33) Donnie Avery, WR, St Louis Rams

Role: After his time with the Rams came short spells with the Titans and the Colts. Now signed up to be a deep threat for the Chiefs.

Impact: He had that rookie year where he flashed big-play ability, and followed it up with a second year where you started to cool off on him. Injuries were the final straw, and he wasn’t exactly in demand when he was cut.

Grade: -1.0

3. (34) Devin Thomas, WR, Washington Redskins

Role: After being cut by the Redskins, and not catching on in Carolina, he found himself a special teams ace for the Giants. After briefly flirting with retirement Thomas is now with the Lions.

Impact: When you spend an early second rounder on a receiver, you’re looking at more than 40 receptions for 435 yards, but that’s all the Redskins managed to get from him, even if Thomas did show a talent for forcing missed tackles (13).

Grade: -1.5

4. (35) Brandon Flowers, CB, Kansas City Chiefs

Role: Starting cornerback for the Chiefs.

Impact: Had some difficulties as a rookie, but always flashed the talent. He then started to show-off what he was capable of with an impressive second year, followed by a superb start to the 2010 season. While he hasn’t been able to maintain that pace, Flowers remains one of the top cornerbacks in the league.

Grade: +1.5

5. (36) Jordy Nelson, WR, Green Bay Packers

Role: One of a number of Packers receivers Aaron Rodgers is throwing the ball to.

Impact: Would Nelson be quite as effective without Aaron Rodgers, or would he be more effective if he didn’t have his snap count impacted so heavily? The two probably balance themselves out and you’re left with a receiver who knows how to get open deep. Tremendously productive.

Grade: +1.0

6. (37) Curtis Lofton, MLB, Atlanta Falcons

Role: Starting linebacker for the Saints after Atlanta weren’t prepared to pay the price to keep him.

Impact: Lofton burst onto the scene with the kind of downhill play that you love to see from a rookie. Unfortunately, he’s struggled to make the same kind of impact with an every-down role expected out of him and that’s what contributed heavily to him leaving Atlanta.

Grade: +0.5

7. (38) John Carlson, TE, Seattle Seahawks

Role: Just taken a pay cut to stay in Minnesota after the Seahawks let him leave at the end of the 2011 season.

Impact: Had that rookie year where his athletic ability caught teams off guard. Since then? Well, he’s regressed as a receiver and he can’t block. He is not what you’re looking for in a tight end, and Seattle are better off without him.

Grade: -0.5

8. (39) Chilo Rachal, G, San Francisco 49ers

Role: Currently a free agent after an unsuccessful stint in Chicago.

Impact: One of these players who can look sublime on one play, and ridiculous the next. In some respects that made him a liability in San Francisco and contributed to a quick exit when Jim Harbaugh took charge. A waste.

Grade: -0.5

9. (40) Tracy Porter, CB, New Orleans Saints

Role: After losing his starting spot for the Broncos now finds himself a free agent.

Impact: An interesting player. Porter has proved a capable corner and of course had himself that interception of Peyton Manning that helped the Saints win their first Super Bowl. However, his recent tape isn’t exactly convincing, and he left New Orleans without them too sad about it.

Grade: +0.0

10. (41) James Hardy, WR, Buffalo Bills

Role: Waived by the Ravens and currently out of the league.

Impact: Physical tools don’t always equal success in the NFL. Hardy is proof of that, as the 6’5’’ receiver managed 318 career snaps where he caught 10 balls and dropped two.

Grade: -1.5

11. (42) Eddie Royal, WR, Denver Broncos

Role: Underutilized receiver for the Chargers.

Impact: A revelation as a rookie, Royal got “McDaniel’d” and has never quite been the same player. Still, there were some pretty big moments where Royal showed himself to be a true game changer.

Grade: +0.5

12. (43) Tyrell Johnson, S, Minnesota Vikings

Role: Backup for the Lions after bouncing around since the Vikings let him go.

Impact: He didn’t look too bad as a rookie and he played quite well in Year 2, but he lost his starting spot in 2010. Still got on the field in 2011 but turned his 336 snaps into a -6.2 grade. That, along with an injury, saw him cut.

Grade: -1.0

13. (44) Matt Forte, HB, Chicago Bears

Role: Starting running back for the Bears.

Impact: Was always good in space, but looked to be a one-year wonder after a horrible second year. Since then has gotten better and better, with him becoming one of the true feature backs in the league. Now, if only Chicago could support him with a decent offensive line.

Grade: +1.0

14. (45) Jordon Dizon, LB, Detroit Lions

Role: Out of the league.

Impact: Little. Even before blowing out his knee in 2010 Dizon struggled to make much of an impact.

Grade: -1.5

15. (46) Jerome Simpson, WR, Cincinnati Bengals

Role: Trying to better a poor first year in Minnesota as a starting receiver.

Impact: His best memory remains an acrobatic flip-come-touchdown as he’s struggled to develop into a rounded receiver. Has the kind of physical skill set that earned him a look from the Bengals consistently, but they eventually soured on him as legal issues mounted.

Grade: -1.0

16. (47) Trevor Laws, DT, Philadelphia Eagles

Role: Current free agent after spending all of 2012 on injured reserve with the Rams.

Impact: If you draft a guy in the second round, you want him to become an eventual starter. Laws never worked his way into being that guy for the Eagles and was instead a purely situational talent who never looked worthy of the snaps he got.

Grade: -0.5

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  • Carlton

    I see draft grades but no “re-drafting” going on….

  • Soren

    PFF’s 2088 Second Round Re-draft |

    You might want to fix that typo in the HTML

  • Thatman

    The receiver needy 49ers passing on local talent DeSean Jackson TWICE for cruddy lineman was my most disappointing draft moment as a 49er/Cal fan. boooooo

  • Not Vinny Cerrato

    The Redskins could have drafted Brandon Flowers, Calais Campbell and Ray Rice… FACE PALM

  • Pauly S.

    What does a player have to do to get a +2.0? Be Superman? Ray Rice will go down as one of the best all around running backs of the last 25 years and he only gets +1.0? I guess 1700-2100 yards every year isn’t that impressive in the writer’s mind. Oh but he doesn’t run between the tackles well, OK.