#PFFHacks: Cardinals’ dominant passing game

Here's how Carson Palmer and the Arizona offense have been able to produce so well this season.

| 2 years ago

#PFFHacks: Cardinals’ dominant passing game

The Cardinals’ vertical passing game was on full display in their “Monday Night Football” win over the Baltimore Ravens. Arizona is currently PFF’s No. 1-ranked passing offense, with Carson Palmer also our top-graded quarterback.

What makes them so good? We took to the white board to break down the Xs and Os in the debut edition of #PFFHacks.

  • wiesengrund

    I’m at a loss, about what this format exactly provides? It seems like it’s designed for … I don’t know, office toilet-breaks maybe? Since when is throwing some key words into a 30 seconds power-point-like presentation gotten confused with analysis? Together with the Maddenification of the rest of the content, I cannot remember when a site has lost so much of it’s appeal in such a short amount of time. Sad to say, but I won’t pay for this service anymore.

    • CJ

      The sharks are already circling.

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  • Keith Buckingham

    Sadly I think the SPAM from Wanda Urbina below was more informative then this hot garbage… Seriously, was this informative to ANYONE?

  • FisherStache

    Hahaha this plus the “texans will be alright without Mallet” article – interns running things today?

  • FisherStache

    Hahaha this plus the “texans will be alright without Mallet” article – interns running things today?

  • Patrick Mitchell

    Is this a joke? PFF needs to spend it’s time more wisely…..

  • jjthetraveler

    Another botched call by the zebras.