PFF Week: Down South, Week 9

PFF gets you up to speed for this weekends game with a quick rewind of the past week and a heads up on this weekends games for you here.

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PFF Week: Down South, Week 9

PFF-Week-Down-SouthIt’s your last chance to get caught up on the happenings at PFF before the next slate of games is upon us and our new ‘PFF Week’ posts provide quick access to the week that was. The ‘Down South’ edition covers all things pertaining to the AFC and NFC South divisions for a one-stop Saturday shop built to keep you in the loop and on top of your football-watching game.

Week 8 Wrap

It’s almost time to move the clocks back an hour which means it’s just that much longer until the next set of games rolls around for everyone to enjoy. So while the PFF analysts replace the batteries in their fire alarms, remotes and wireless mice let’s take a quick step glance at last week’s games. The Panthers mauled the hapless Bucs to set the tone for the weekend with the Saints making short work of the depleted Bills that weekend. The Falcons went out West and couldn’t get into rhythm against the Falcons while the Jaguars went way East and were less than inspiring in the Queen’s country. The rest of the AFC South enjoyed their much needed bye weeks with the Texans and Colts planning on how to work around injuries to several key players sustained beforehand. Meanwhile, the Titans paid their respects with the passing of respected owner Bud Adams. More information on last week’s games is available right here.

Carolina at Tampa Bay | Buffalo at New Orleans | Atlanta at Arizona | San Francisco vs. Jacksonville

Each matchup gives individual players in the league a chance to go out and seize glory and find a place on Khaled Elsayed’s PFF Team of the Week for everyone to admire. Some are overcome by the challenge and for a myriad of reasons end up on the not as illustrious ‘Had a Bay Team’ for Week 8. In the NFL there are no scholarships available and rookies are under the microscope from the day they are drafted.

This week, in addition to reviewing the weekly performances of the First Rounders, Khaled also broke down how the Second Round rookies have done so far in 2013. Want to know who the top performing rookies are for this season? Yes, yes you do and you can get that information right here in the PFF Race for Rookie of the Year, Week 8 edition. This week’s Secret Superstars by Gordon McGuinness may not have a player from the AFC or NFC South on it but the quartet earned their chance in the spotlight here.


In the NFL, if you aren’t getting better than you are getting worse as there will always be someone wanting it more. Here at PFF it’s all about getting better and that includes the special teams aspect which has an expanded full coverage unit featured in The Third Phase post by founder Neil Hornsby. Also the true impact of the so-called ‘Dual Threat’ quarterback is explored by Rick Drummond with an emphasis on this year’s production.

Continuing with the passing theme is Palazzolo’s Pitch: Unblocked Pressure detailing which QB faces the most and the least unblocked pressure as well as who is bringing it the most both individually and as a team. Also covered this week is the very popular Signature Stats: Drop Rate review which analyzes which receiver has a superior level of craft in catching the ball and which needs to go out and hit the Jugs machine a little bit more after practice. This week’s 32 Observations by Nathan Jahnke highlights team defensive efforts around the league for your interests.

Looking Ahead to Week 9

Heading into the next slate of games its good to have a reference of where the AFC/NFC South teams are in relation to the rest of the league which is where the PFF Power Rankings, Week 8 come in. With all the information having been broken down, it’s a good starting point for what is on the horizon. This week in the AFC/NFC South the Falcons try to stay with the pack as they face the Panthers. The Bucs make a long trip to the Pacific Northwest as they try to gain some respect against the Seahawks. It’s all about family as the Saints Rob Ryan squares off against the Jets and his brother Rex. The Titans reunite with long-time head coach Jeff Fisher at St Louis while the Colts and Texans duel on Sunday Night Football as they overcome their injury problems.

Atlanta at Carolina | Tampa Bay at Seattle | New Orleans at NY Jets | Tennessee at St. Louis | Indianapolis at Houston (SNF)

Want to know who the PFF Analysts believe are going to come out ahead this week? Then check out the PFF Pick ‘Em, Week 9 volume and see if you agree with them. Get the chores taken care of ahead of time and sit back and relax with this week’s list of games knowing PFF has it covered for you starting on Monday morning. 



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