PFF Week: Down South, Week 7

Jai Waddell runs through the week's content at PFF, highlighting that of concern to the AFC and NFC South divisions.

| 4 years ago

Jai Waddell runs through the week's content at PFF, highlighting that of concern to the AFC and NFC South divisions.

PFF Week: Down South, Week 7

PFF-Week-Down-SouthIt’s your last chance to get caught up on the happenings at PFF before the next slate of games is upon us and our new ‘PFF Week’ posts provide quick access to the week that was. The ‘Down South’ edition covers all things pertaining to the AFC and NFC South divisions for a one-stop Saturday shop built to keep you in the loop and on top of your football-watching game.

Week 6 Wrap

It wasn’t a good weekend for the South in Week 6, with just the Carolina Panthers managing a win. Both the Jaguars and Titans gave good accounts against two of the leagues best, while the Saints threw away multiple chances to close out a victory. On the other hand, both the Colts and Buccaneers will have felt they had winnable games and the Texans will have wanted a win, not the blowout they received from the St Louis Rams. Our team took a look at all the games, picking out the performances of note.

ReFo: Panthers @ Vikings, Week 6
ReFo: Eagles @ Buccaneers, Week 6
ReFo: Rams @ Texans, Week 6
ReFo: Jaguars @ Broncos, Week 6
ReFo: Titans @ Seahawks, Week 6
ReFo: Saints @ Patriots, Week 6
ReFo: Colts @ Chargers, Week 6

Our review of the week doesn’t stop there though. Our team released the PFF Team of the Week, with the offensive line featuring two players from the AFC South and two from the NFC.  The “Had a bad day” team was also released, which featured just three starters, but a number of players with dishonorable mentions. We’ve also looked at the First Round Rookies to see how they have been adjusting to life in the NFL. However some of the best rookies this year are from later in the draft, and the Race for Rookie of the Year picks out the top 10 as well as some names to look out for in the coming weeks.

Looking to Week 7

Week 7 features another prime-time game for the Colts, another week in which the Buccaneers and Jaguars look for their first win, another NFC West powerhouse for the Titans and a new starting QB for the Texans. While the Saints have a week off, the Falcons come back from theirs to a home division game, while the Panthers host the newly resurgent Rams.

3TFO: Buccaneers @ Falcons, Week 7
3TFO: Texans @ Chiefs, Week 7
3TFO: Rams @ Panthers, Week 7
3TFO: Chargers @ Jaguars, Week 7
3TFO: 49ers @ Titans, Week 7
3TFO: Broncos @ Colts, Week 7

Our team also released their Power Rankings and their picks for the weekend. They don’t make for good reading though, with just one team in top ten and two at the bottom of the Power Rankings and the picks predicting a better week than this, with half the predicted wins coming in the NFC South division game.

And Additionally…

Gordon McGuinness picked out his Secret Superstars of Week 6, featuring three players that will be lining up on opposing teams this week.

Thomas Maney released the Third Phase, ranking the special teamers from around the league.

Nathan Jahnke’s 32 Observations this week moved onto the defenders from around the league. In the AFC South he focuses on linebackers, while pass rushing ability features heavily for the NFC South.

Palazzolo’s Pitch moves onto looking at how the rookie running backs are doing around the league.

Of course, Week 7 has already begun and we have refocused the NFC West match up, while Sam Monson had his Analysis Notebook out to break down one of the key plays.


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