PFF Week: Back East, Week 3

Joe Thomson links to all of the week's content that pertains to the AFC and NFC East divisions.

| 4 years ago

Joe Thomson links to all of the week's content that pertains to the AFC and NFC East divisions.

PFF Week: Back East, Week 3

PFF-Week-Back-EastIt’s your last chance to get caught up on the happenings at PFF before the next slate of games is upon us, and our new ‘PFF Week’ posts provide quick access to the week that was. The ‘Back East’ edition covers all things pertaining to the AFC and NFC East divisions for a one-stop Saturday shop built to keep you in the loop and on top of your football-watching game.

Week 3 has already seen one ‘Back East’ team play and lose, but the week is still young. The Giants, Redskins and Cowboys are looking to get back on track while the entire AFC East, with the exception of the Jets, look to build on wins from Week 2. Our coverage from this week will help you understand why your team succeeded or failed last week and look at how they’ll fare in Week 3. Here are links to the content that involved the teams back East:

Week 2 Wrap

Week 2 was extensively covered by our analysts in the Re-Focused articles from this week. The Manning Bowl proved to create more questions than answers for the Giants going forward, the sloppy Thursday-Nighter between the Jets and Patriots focuses on New England’s passing attack and a budding star on the Jets’ O-line, and Miami might be the class of the division after beating the Colts.

REFO: NY Jets at New England (TNF)
REFO: Washington at Green Bay
REFO:Dallas at Kansas City
REFO:Carolina at Buffalo
REFO:Miami at Indianapolis
REFO:San Diego at Philadelphia
REFO:Denver at NY Giants

The Reaction Blog was chocked full of quick dissection, from our Analysis Team, of the NFC and AFC East games this week. Khaled Elsayed’s Had a Bad Day Team and Team of the Week, both had players from all over both divisions. You take the good with the bad I guess. Nathan Jahnke looks at some interesting trends that would have been hard to predict two weeks ago in this week’s 32 Observations. The Race for Rookie of the Year saw two NFC Easters fall off the board leaving only two AFC Easters in the Top 10. Sam Monson broke down the Thursday Night Football between the Jets and Patriots, and the mental errors that factored into into the outcome, in his Analysis Notebook.

Looking Ahead to Week 3

The Week 2 Power Rankings were not kind to the teams on the East teams, with the exception of the Patriots. Palazzolo’s Pitch looks at versatile big men and their impact around the league. Week 2’s Secret Superstars had no East players but highlighted a few players East teams will see this week. PFF Pick’em looks at how our analysts feel each team will fare in Week 3.

Finally, get up to date with the Three to Focus On previews for this week’s games and the matchups those in the East will face.

3TFO: NY Giants at Carolina
3TFO: Buffalo at NY Jets
3TFO: Atlanta at Miami
3TFO: Detroit at Washington
3TFO: Tampa Bay at New England
3TOF: St. Louis at Dallas
3TFO: Kansas City at Philadelphia (TNF)


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