PFF Week 5 pick ’em

The PFF staff makes their predictions for every Week 5 NFL game, and updates the picks leaderboard.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Bob Leverone)

(AP Photo/Bob Leverone)

PFF Week 5 pick ’em

Every week of the season, the PFF staff will be making picks for all NFL games. Here’s how the voting broke down for Week 5—we’ll update each week with who is in the lead.

The panel: Mike ClayJeff Dooley, Rick Drummond, Khaled Elsayed, Neil Hornsby, Nathan Jahnke, Gordon McGuinness, Sam Monson, Steve Palazzolo, and Ben Stockwell.


Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans

Colts: 5 (Drummond, Elsayed, Monson, Stockwell, Collinsworth)

Texans: 6 (Clay, Dooley, Hornsby, Jahnke, McGuinness, Palazzolo)


Chicago Bears at Kansas City Chiefs

Bears: 0

Chiefs: 11


Seattle Seahawks at Cincinnati Bengals

Seahawks: 6 (Dooley, Drummond, Elsayed, Jahnke, Palazzolo, Stockwell)

Bengals: 5 (Clay, Hornsby, McGuinness, Monson, Collinsworth)


Washington Redskins at Atlanta Falcons

Redskins: 0

Falcons: 11


Jacksonville Jaguars at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jaguars: 8 (Clay, Elsayed, Hornsby, Jahnke, Monson, Palazzolo, Stockwell, Collinsworth)

Buccaneers: 3 (Dooley, Drummond, McGuinness)


New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles

Saints: 2 (Dooley, McGuinness)

Eagles: 9 (Clay, Drummond, Elsayed, Hornsby, Jahnke, Monson, Palazzolo, Stockwell, Collinsworth)


Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens

Browns: 0

Ravens: 11


St. Louis Rams at Green Bay Packers

Rams: 0

Packers: 11


Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans

Bills: 8 (Clay, Drummond, Elsayed, Hornsby, Monson, Stockwell, Collinsworth)

Titans: 3 (Dooley, Jahnke, Palazzolo)


Arizona Cardinals at Detroit Lions

Cardinals: 10 (Clay, Dooley, Drummond, Hornsby, Jahnke, McGuinness, Monson, Palazzolo, Stockwell, Collinsworth)

Lions: 1 (Elsayed)


New England Patriots at Dallas Cowboys

Patriots: 11

Cowboys: 0


Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders

Broncos: 11

Raiders: 0


San Francisco 49ers at New York Giants

49ers: 0

Giants: 10


Pittsburgh Steelers at San Diego Chargers

Steelers: 1 (Jahnke)

Chargers: 10 (Clay, Dooley, Drummond, Elsayed, Hornsby, McGuinness, Monson, Palazzolo, Stockwell, Collinsworth)


Standings through Week 4:

1. Gordon McGuinness 45/63 71.4%
T-2. Khaled Elsayed 43/63 68.3%
T-2. Sam Monson 43/63 68.3%
T-4. Jeff Dooley 42/63 66.7%
T-4. Neil Hornsby 42/63 66.7%
6. Mike Clay 41/63 65.1%
7. Steve Palazzolo 40/63 63.5%
8. Cris Collinsworth 38/63 60.3%
9. Rick Drummond 36/63 57.1%
10. Nathan Jahnke 34/63 54.0%
11. Ben Stockwell 33/63 52.4%
  • Kason Edell

    You should have an upset of the week every time you do a pick ’em.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Well if you have been following this post regularly you will know that everyone is content to just form a unanimous consensus for the most part.
      If they actually want to create some interest and discussion here they should abandon SU teams picks and have each staffer submit a different prop bet they would favor for that week. eg. Carson Palmer gaining more yards passing than Aaron Rodgers.

  • Kason Edell

    You should have an upset of the week every time you do a pick ’em.

  • crosseyedlemon

    Based on the win percentages of the staff and statistical probability we can conclude that at least 3 of the 7 teams that got zero respect will find a way to win. I’ll take the Bears, Browns and 49ers.


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    • Tyler

      You were a last second Giants comeback from being 3/3.