PFF Team of Week 6

The best of Week 6 make the Team of the Week as Khaled Elsayed sorts out the top performances from around the league to put together a lineup full of ...

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PFF Team of Week 6

2013-TOTWEach week the staff at Pro Football Focus watches over a combined 400 hours of football to ensure we know who the best players are. It makes us the premier outfit in player evaluation, used by NFL teams and fans alike to understand which guys are getting the job done and which guys aren’t.

It’s with this knowledge we can put out our Team of the Week, going beyond the box scores and the highlight reel plays to see who were the best players on every play of every game.

Here’s the Team of Week 6.

(Note: Team will be updated after Monday Night Football games are analyzed and on Wednesday when All-22 footage helps us study plays in even more detail where needed with an asterisk noting any changes.)


Quarterback: Tom Brady, NE (+6.1)

It could have been very different but he overcame seven drops from his receivers to lead his team to a memorable victory.

Honorable Mention: Matthew Stafford (DET)

Running Back: Arian Foster, HOU (+3.3)

He’s running well right now and his 143 yards proved it. Not the kind of guys to break tackles, but an extremely decisive runner at his best.

Honorable Mention: Giovanni Bernard (CIN)

Fullback: Anthony Sherman, KC (+3.2)

As well as Tolbert played, we like our fullback to make a bigger impact with his lead blocking. That’s why we’ve gone for Sherman who is excelling for Andy Reid.

Honorable Mention: Mike Tolbert (CAR)

Tight End: Vernon Davis, SF (+3.0)

A big receiving day for Davis who turned 11 targets into 180 yards and two touchdowns. That’s a promising sign for the 49ers’ offense.

Honorable Mention: Greg Olsen (CAR)

Wide Receivers: Antonio Brown, PIT (+3.8) and Justin Blackmon, JAX (+2.6)

In catching 9-of-11 targets for 86 yards Brown made defenders miss and made the most out of every opportunity. It was a different type of outing for Blackmon who saw the Jags’ offense run through him. Still despite the extra attention he ended with a very healthy 190 yards.

Honorable Mention: Riley Cooper (PHI) and Brandon Marshall (CHI)

Tackles: King Dunlap, SD (+5.7) and Demar Dotson, TB (+4.5)

How about that from Dunlap? It’s rare you see a left tackle exhibit so much dominance in the run game. As for Dotson he doesn’t get any much attention around the league but it’s time people started to recognize the player he has become.

Honorable Mention: Trent Williams (WAS) and Anthony Davis (SF)

Guards: Travelle Wharton, CAR (+3.7) and Brandon Brooks, HOU (+3.7)

With the team losing Amini Silatolu they needed Wharton to step up and boy did he in this one with a dominant display of run blocking. On the other side, Brooks hasn’t always looked like the best fit in Houston but you wouldn’t have known the way he played on Sunday.

Honorable Mention: Evan Mathis (PHI) and Todd Herremans (PHI)

Center: Chris Myers, HOU (+3.9)

The ever-reliable Myers is our top-ranked center on the year and if he keeps playing like this there’s very little anyone will be able to do to change that.

Honorable Mention: Alex Mack (CLE)



Each week we put forward a hybrid defense that features two edge rushers (4-3 defensive ends or 3-4 outside linebackers), three players on the “interior” of the defensive line (defensive tackles or 3-4 defensive ends) and two linebackers (all inside linebackers and 4-3 outside linebackers).

Defensive Interior – Ends: Fletcher Cox, PHI (+5.1) and Jason Hatcher, DAL (+5.6)

Chip Kelly described the play of Cox as the best he’s seen from him in his time. We’d go one step further, with it the highest grade we’ve ever given him. On the other side, Hatcher had a breakout campaign last year and he’s not letting the Cowboys’ defensive scheme change slow him down. He was superb this week with two sacks and three hurries.

Honorable Mention: Geno Atkins (CIN) and Cedric Thornton (PHI)

Defensive Interior – Nose: Damon Harrison, NYJ (+5.0)

An ideal fit in the Jets’ scheme, Harrison is more than just a space eater with an ability so shed blocks and make plays around the line of scrimmage.

Honorable Mention: Brandon Mebane (SEA)

Edge Rushers: Elvis Dumervil, BAL (+6.2) and Brian Orakpo, WAS (+3.6)

Another big pass rushing day for Dumervil who took full advantage of a favorable matchup to pick up two sacks, two hits and a hurry. Orakpo didn’t get the quarterback down but did have five hurries and added some good work in the run game.

Honorable Mention: Jerry Hughes (BUF) and Sio Moore (OAK)

Linebackers: Erin Henderson, MIN (+2.8) and Jamari Lattimore, GB (+3.0)

Good work against the run and some pressure rushing the passer meant Henderson finished the week with his head held high. Filling in for the injured Brad Jones, Lattimore coped with an increased workload to really look the part, especially in run defense.

Honorable Mention: Curtis Lofton (NO) and Karlos Dansby (ARZ)

Cornerbacks: Brandon Carr, DAL (+4.8) and Carlos Rogers, SF (+4.5)

How about this for a day from Carr. Thrown at 12 times, allowing just four completions and breaking up three. Not too bad at all. Rogers had himself a pick while picking up four defensive stops.

Honorable Mention: Tracy Porter (OAK) and Darrelle Revis (TB)

Safeties: Yeremiah Bell, ARZ (+3.4) and Eric Weddle, SD (+3.5)

It’s telling that Bell was able to get this grade despite getting beat for a couple of touchdowns such was his impact on the other 96% of his snaps. Fine work in coverage by Weddle who saw five targets but only allowed 18 yards with one pass break up.

Honorable Mention: Morgan Burnett (GB) and Eric Reid (SF)


Kicker: Strong stuff from Shaun Suisham who kicked all four of his attempts.

Punter: It feels good to be home for Brian Moorman.

Returner: Was there ever any doubt that Dwayne Harris would be the guy?


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  • P

    No Tamba Hali?

  • P

    No Tamba Hali?

  • RobDX

    No Talib?

    • Jordan MacGeever

      he played one half…..

      • RobDX

        It was more than a half and he dominated the best tight end in the league.

        • donnie johnson

          He got beat in the endzone on the Saints first touchdown, but Brees threw it to Travaris Cadet instead. That kind of thing counts on this website. He also whiffed on several tackles, and barely played half the game.

  • Josh Knepshield

    If Lemonier continues to play this way, could he make Ahmad Brooks expendable in the offseason? We know the 49ers are not shy of making bold and aggressive moves.

    • Mark7425

      It’s amazing how underrated Brooks is…No way Lemonier ever takes his job unless it is only as a situational player on obvious passing plays.

      • Mark7425

        Brooks’s talent at holding off the edge is a very important part of what holds this run defense intact.

        • Josh Knepshield

          There have been a lot of games where Brooks has had a negative run defense grade.

  • Josh Knepshield

    I wonder what shaun suisham has done since coming to pittsburgh? He is automatic and extremely accurate, even on the home field where it is hard to kick.

    • Tom Kislingbury

      10/10 this year but 6 of those were from less than 40 yds. And no attempts over 50

      • Josh Knepshield

        Im just saying he has been very accurate. 42yd game winner vs ravens

  • Fred

    So you shut down the NFL’s leading reciever and dont get Cornerback honors, Talib got snubed

  • Ya Boy

    Surely Yeremiah Bell was a mistake as an honorable mention. He was beat by Vernon Davis repeatedly. Tyrann Mathieu played really well, perhaps you meant him?

  • Tom Kislingbury

    For the several who have mentioned him Tamba Hali had an awesome week rushing the passer with 12 pressures but was terrible in coverage and below average in the run game. 2 missed tackles and NO succesful ones (bar pressure)

    • P

      Yeah, I figured as much. Just curious re the exact reason.

    • scomstock55

      12 pressures? what about the sacks? the hits? Tamba deserved this

      • Tom Kislingbury

        4 sacks. 1 hit. 7 hurries.

        Given that you’ve watched his performance so carefully (like they do at PFF of course) I thought you’d know this. That’s what this site is for – to tell you this stuff because no-one has time to watch every snap of every player individually.

        BTW – this article by Khaled is a good read on the overvalued sack:

    • Mark7425

      The only thing i don’t like about PFF is player losing credit for an awesome game because of one part where he didn’t do too well. Tamba Hali has been ripped off like this before too with a monster day pass rushing but losing lots of points for coverage. Also penalties being part of the grade doesn’t make things any better.

      • Tom Kislingbury

        This is really interesting. Isn’t that just comparing pure pass-rushing then? What if another OLB last week had no pressure but 12 stops in the run game? Who would win? Surely the point is to look at all aspects of their game together?

        What about other positions? If a LT has a perfect game in protection but is abysmal in the running game should he be player of the week?

        Clearly I disagree with this but It’s a curious concept – would love to hear your rationale

  • derp

    haha, moorman getting the punter of the week honors is laughable. some great punts, but he clearly outkicked his coverage on the last punt of the game and basically guaranteed a loss.

  • scomstock55

    where is Tamba? that singular omission renders your opinion less valuable

  • GBPfan

    so when Brad Jones returns – bench AJ and let Lattimore and Jones kick butt in the middle.