PFF Preview: Dolphins @ Jets, Week 13

The Dolphins couldn't quite upset the Broncos and they will want to bounce back and stay in the playoff hunt. Their division rival Jets will want to stop them and ...

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PFF Preview: Dolphins @ Jets, Week 13

2014-Prev-WK13-MIA@NYJThe Miami Dolphins will look to continue their playoff push as they visit the struggling New York Jets on Monday Night Football. The Jets have had nothing go right for them this season, but will look to finish the season with some pride by ruining opponent’s playoff hopes.

It’s no secret that Cameron Wake is the best player on the Dolphins’ defense. He’s a pass-rushing machine and the Jets are going to have to find a way to slow him down, something much easier said than done. Wake is nearly unstoppable, his nine sacks and 46 total pressures both rank fifth among all defensive linemen. No 4-3 defensive end has a higher pass rush grade than Wake’s +25.5. Until last week’s game, Wake had had at least three QB pressures in every game this season.

The Jets will have to rely on right tackle Breno Giacomini to deal with Wake, and that’s something they might not be confident in. Giacomini has allowed 30 total pressures all season, and his Pass Blocking Efficiency of 94.7 is only 35th in the league among offensive tackles. The Jets would be wise to use their tight ends and running backs to help Giacomini, whether it be through staying in to double team Wake, or at least chipping him off of the line to slow him down. Otherwise it could be a long day of Giacomini helping quarterback Geno Smith up to his feet.

Here are three other players from each team that have been playing at a very high level this season.

Miami Dolphins

Olivier Vernon – Vernon’s overall grade of +15.4 ranks 4th among 4-3 defensive ends. He and Wake have combined for a ridiculous 81 total pressures on opposing QBs

Brent Grimes – Thanks largely in part to his five interceptions, quarterbacks throwing at Grimes have a QB rating of 63.9, ninth lowest among corners .

Ryan Tannehill – Tannehill has the sixth best Accuracy Percentage this season at 76.3%. His +8.6 passing grade is the 10th best in the league.

New York Jets

Nick Mangold – Mangold has only allowed an unbelievable five pressures all season, giving him a Pass Blocking Efficiency of 99.1, the best of any offensive lineman this season.

Muhammad Wilkerson – Wilkerson has made 27 run stops, giving him the second-best Run Stop Percentage among 3-4 defensive ends at 11.9%

Sheldon Richardson – His four sacks and 29 total pressures gives him a Pass Rush Productivity of 7.5, ninth best among 3-4 defensive ends.

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  • Brad

    Ummm Brandon Albert is out for the year. It doesn’t help to compare the top performers on both teams when one has been on IR. step it up pff

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    How many pick-sixes will Geno throw for on MNF?

    • Steven Brown

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      -> CH­E­­CK HE­R­E WH­A­T I D­­O… <-

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        Shut up

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    Wow Miami Gardens vs. New Jersey. what a boring game

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      IKR? This is the worst MNF game in a while

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    “Muhammad Wilkerson”

    Is out for this game