PFF Preview: Browns @ Bengals, Week 10

Week 10 kicks off with a battle of teams from the highly contested AFC North between the Browns and Bengals with Andrew Stevens getting you ready right here.

| 3 years ago

PFF Preview: Browns @ Bengals, Week 10

2014-Prev-WK10-CLE@CINThis week’s Thursday Night Football matchup features the in-state rivalry between the Cleveland Browns (5-3) and the Cincinnati Bengals (5-2-1) at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati. Both teams come into this game on two-game win streaks.

A marquee matchup in this game will be between Browns cornerback Joe Haden, and Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green. These two have been battling since Green came into the league in 2011 with each side getting the better of the other at some point. In their most frequent meeting in 2013, Haden got the best of Green getting an interception on one of Green’s two targets while Haden was covering him. Green caught the other target for a 3-yard pickup. They were the only two passes thrown in Haden’s direction, which led to a quarterback rating of 16.7 for Andy Dalton when throwing Haden’s way.

Earlier in 2013, Green was targeted much more frequently, which resulted in more success for him. Green was targeted 10 times with Haden covering him, which resulted in five catches for 41 yards. Green accumulated only 6 yards after catch, though, and Haden was credited with two passes defensed. The last time Green was able to exceed 100 yards receiving while being covered by Haden was 2011 when he caught three of four targets for 110 yards.

Winning this matchup will be a key to success for both sides. Here are some other players to keep an eye on in this game.

Cincinnati Bengals

Andrew Whitworth – The Bengals’ left tackle is currently ranked first in the league in Pass Blocking Efficiency allowing pressure on just three of his 266 pass-blocking snaps.

Jeremy Hill – Jeremy Hill broke out in his first NFL start rushing for 154 yards. A total of 75 yards came on two runs of over 15 yards each giving him the second highest Breakaway Percentage of any running back in Week 9.

George Iloka – Iloka has been an important aspect of the Bengals’ secondary holding opposing quarterbacks to a passer rating of 26.0 when throwing to his coverage area. He ranks third in the league for safeties in that category.

Cleveland Browns

Joe Thomas – Thomas is currently rated as the best offensive tackle overall (+22.7), in pass blocking (+13.0), and run blocking (+8.6).

Tashaun Gipson – The Browns’ safety has been the league’s third-best safety in coverage (+8.2), and he currently leads the league in interceptions with six.

Karlos Dansby – The leader of the Browns’ defense currently tops the team in tackles, assists, and stops. He is also rated as the best inside linebacker in coverage in the league (+7.0).

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  • Chris

    Haden always brings his A game against Green. With Green still not fully healthy I’ll bet Haden holds him in check. However the Browns can’t stop the run and we just gashed the Jags. Their run game and offense has also struggled since Macks injury. Bengals have won 7 of 10 in this rivalry and the last 5 at home. I really can’t decide on whether they cover the 6 point spread or not. I can see Cleveland giving them a tough game but I don’t think they win outright. Cleveland has also played the easiest schedule thus far this year.

    • Andrew Stevens

      Oh yeah?

      • Chris

        Oh look at the cute Browns fan!! He’s so cute!!!

        Sorry i cant be right 100% of the time. I did say i dont think Cinci covers, so theres that.

        Congrats to them on a game well played. I knew they’d score some points due to our patchwork defense right now, but i had no idea our offense would completely fail to show up. That was the worst I’ve seen them look since Dalton was drafted.

        • Andrew Stevens

          Far from a Browns fan just wanted to see how you’d react to your team failing to live up to your bold statements.

          • Chris

            What bold statements? I said they’d win a close game?

          • Andrew Stevens

            Saying you just don’t know if they will cover a 6.5 point spread in a divisional game against a team right with them in the race for the divisional lead is a bold statement. But anyway, thanks for reading. I love when my articles can get some chatter. Good luck to your team the rest of the way.

          • Chris

            You’re welcome, brah. Keep up the good work.

    • eYeDEF

      I think the SoS argument cuts both ways. Some argue that beating less competitive teams means that they won’t be as good against better competition. I don’t buy it given the parity of this league. I remember the same arguments made about the 1999 Rams that Warner took to the championship. It was said that because of their horrible record the previous year that resulted in a cream puff SoS they would meet their maker in the postseason. We saw how that turned out.

  • Jason Williams

    let’s be honest with ourselves – the Browns have no shot of winning this game. They’ve been squeaking by against cupcakes for 2 weeks and now they’re walking into a hornet’s nest. I predict a very rude wakeup call for my second favorite team.

    • Jim Pike

      That’s what everyone said about Pittsburgh three-four weeks ago so I wouldn’t write them off so fast…..

    • Wkenya

      Are Pittsburgh and the Saints cupcakes? Also, no chance to win? So much ignorance in this post, ugh. It’ll be a very competitive game and fun to watch.

      • Chris

        They’ve played the Jags, Raiders, and Bucs the last 3 weeks, teams with like a 2-23 combined record, and they managed to lose one of those.

        The Browns have had the easiest SOS so far this season, don’t try to obfuscate facts.

        • Wkenya

          You based our entire season on the last 3 games, so yea I will bring up the other games the Browns have won.

          Considering that the Jags gave the Bengals and Pittsburgh trouble and Oakland came close to beating the Super Bowl winners last week, you are under estimating these teams.

          • Chris

            Those teams were 1-23 combined before the Jags blew out the Browns. LOL please they can’t be any more undermined than they already undermine themselves.

            And I didn’t base an entire season on 3 games. I said because in large part to those 3 games they have the easiest SOS in the league. That’s it.

            And now they’re going on the road against a playoff team where they haven’t won the last 5 years.

          • Wkenya

            So how does it feel to be dead wrong?

          • Chris

            Dead wrong about what? I said they had an easy SOS, which they have. That didn’t change because Dalton forgot how to throw a ball and our defense is decimated right now. Props to the Browns for winning a 1. big game 2. divisional road game, neither of which they had done in a while.

            Are you hostile for some reason in particular, or just because I said something bad about your precious Browns before the game?

    • Von

      How stupid do you feel now?

      • Jason Williams

        I don’t feel stupid at all. My team actually looks like a real NFL team – I’m THRILLED.

        • Andrew Stevens

          I’d say the Browns look like a real NFL team at the top of the toughest division in the NFL right now.

          • Jason Williams

            I had this fantasy this morning that the Browns went to Denver for the AFC title game and ripped their hearts out by winning a close game at the end, commemorating 30 years of misery brought on by John Elway.