PFF Pick’em: Week 8

A 12-win week pushed Gordon over the 70% mark for the season and further out front of the PFF pack. Can he hold his lead for another week?

| 3 years ago

PFF Pick’em: Week 8


A 12-win week pushed Gordon over the 70% mark for the season and further out front of the PFF pack. Only Steve is within shouting distance now and is the other picker with 70+ correct calls. Seattle was the lone consensus pick to let us down as we went 6-1 on those in Week 7 to take our season record to 32-11-1 and approaching 75%.

This week’s across-the-board picks: Denver, Kansas City, Seattle, Miami, New England, Cleveland, and Dallas.


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staff-gordon neil-face-new staff-steve
Ben Gordon Khaled Nathan Neil Rick Sam Steve
 Denver100  Denver100  Denver100  Denver100  Denver100  Denver100  Denver100  Denver100
 Detroit100  Detroit100  Detroit100  Detroit100  Atlanta100  Detroit100  Detroit100  Atlanta100
 KansasCity100  KansasCity100  KansasCity100  KansasCity100  KansasCity100  KansasCity100  KansasCity100  KansasCity100
 Houston100  Houston100  Tennessee100  Houston100  Houston100  Houston100  Houston100  Houston100
MIN @ TB  Minnesota100  TampaBayNEW100  TampaBayNEW100  Minnesota100  TampaBayNEW100  TampaBayNEW100  TampaBayNEW100  TampaBayNEW100
 seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100
 Cincinnati100  Cincinnati100  Cincinnati100  Baltimore100  Baltimore100  Baltimore100  Baltimore100  Baltimore100
MIA @ JAX  Miami100  Miami100  Miami100  Miami100  Miami100  Miami100  Miami100  Miami100
CHI @ NE  NewEngland100  NewEngland100  NewEngland100  NewEngland100  NewEngland100  NewEngland100  NewEngland100  NewEngland100
 Buffalo100  NewYorkJets100  NewYorkJets100  Buffalo100  Buffalo100  NewYorkJets100  NewYorkJets100  NewYorkJets100
 Arizona100  Philadelphia100  Philadelphia100  Philadelphia100  Arizona100  Philadelphia100  Arizona100  Philadelphia100
OAK @ CLE  Cleveland100  Cleveland100  Cleveland100  Cleveland100  Cleveland100  Cleveland100  Cleveland100  Cleveland100
 Indianapolis100  Pittsburgh100  Indianapolis100  Indianapolis100  Indianapolis100  Indianapolis100  Indianapolis100  Indianapolis100
 NewOrleans100  NewOrleans100  GreenBay100  GreenBay100  GreenBay100  GreenBay100  NewOrleans100  NewOrleans100
WAS @ DAL  Dallas100  Dallas100  Dallas100  Dallas100  Dallas100  Dallas100  Dallas100  Dallas100
  Ben Gordon Khaled Nathan Neil Rick Sam Steve
This week: 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
2014 63-42-1 74-31-1 69-36-1 64-41-1 66-39-1 64-41-1 66-39-1 71-34-1
2014 Win % 60.2% 70.6% 65.9% 61.1% 63.0% 61.1% 63.0% 67.8%











































  • Chris

    Tough week for Cleveland – they have to play Oakland and Seattle at the same time?

    • Pedro

      Johnny Football time!

    • Bobby W

      Lol, yeah somebody fell asleep on the prediction couch

    • RustyHilgerReborn

      Not back to back, they have to play them on the same field, at the same time! 11 on 22 Doesn’t seem fair.

  • Chris

    I’m also surprised 3 picked Cincinnati. Unless Burfict, Lamur, Maualuga, and Hall come back the defense is still going to suck ace. And if Green plays, which is no lock, he definitely won’t be 100%. Even though they’re better at home and Baltimore struggles to score points comparatively on the road I don’t see how Cinci wins this game with their current depleted defense.

    • Troll Chris

      Nice try, Nostradamus

      • Chris

        Hey guess what! Burfict, Lamur, and Hall all played!!! W00 :)

  • corners

    I hate it when everyone picks the dolphins. They either all pick them to lose, or all to win. It almost never works out like they pick em.

    • JC Harris

      As a Fins Fan I have to agree. Every time to all pick them to win they end up losing.

  • ed

    Dolphins helmet – it’s been two seasons already. You think you can get it right? The ugly Bucs redesign is already updated. c’mon guys…

    • JC Harris

      Seriously …

    • Barron Buc

      Our helmet design isn’t ugly, it’s the uniform design that sucks

  • Fintasy

    The Cards and Eagles should be an interesting game. Neither team is playing to the best of their abilities, but both keep winning.

  • [email protected]

    Its funny how they pat themselves on the back for having 75% in ‘consensus’ picks. Those are are just obvious picks with a heavy favorite considered by everybody.