PFF Pick’em: Week 7

| 3 years ago

PFF Pick’em: Week 7


Another kind week to our pickers as four notched 11+ wins even with the short schedule and a tie mixed in. Gordon’s 11 were enough to keep him out front with 62 correct calls on the year (and pushing 70%), now two wins ahead of both Steve and Khaled.

As a group, our six consensus picks resulted in a 4-1-1 mark, lifting us to a 26-10-1 record that is still recovering from the 2-5 battering we took in Week 2. There are seven games this week that we’ve all submitted the same winners for… NE, BAL, WAS, SEA, BUF, GB, and DAL. Any others we should have? Let us know in the comments below.


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staff-gordon neil-face-new staff-steve
Ben Gordon Khaled Nathan Neil Rick Sam Steve
 NewEngland100  NewEngland100  NewEngland100  NewEngland100  NewEngland100  NewEngland100  NewEngland100  NewEngland100
 Baltimore100  Baltimore100  Baltimore100  Baltimore100  Baltimore100  Baltimore100  Baltimore100  Baltimore100
 Washington100  Washington100  Washington100  Washington100  Washington100  Washington100  Washington100  Washington100
 seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100
CLE @ JAX  Cleveland100  Jacksonville100new  Cleveland100  Cleveland100  Jacksonville100new  Cleveland100  Cleveland100  Cleveland100
 Cincinnati100  Indianapolis100  Cincinnati100  Indianapolis100  Indianapolis100  Indianapolis100  Indianapolis100  Indianapolis100
 Buffalo100  Buffalo100  Buffalo100  Buffalo100  Buffalo100  Buffalo100  Buffalo100  Buffalo100
MIA @ CHI  Chicago100  Chicago100  Miami100  Chicago100  Chicago100  Chicago100  Chicago100  Chicago100
NO @ DET  Detroit100  Detroit100  NewOrleans100  NewOrleans100  Detroit100  Detroit100  Detroit100  Detroit100
 GreenBay100  GreenBay100  GreenBay100  GreenBay100  GreenBay100  GreenBay100  GreenBay100  GreenBay100
 KansasCity100  SanDiego100  SanDiego100  SanDiego100  KansasCity100  SanDiego100  SanDiego100  SanDiego100
ARZ @ OAK  Arizona100  Arizona100  Oakland100  Arizona100  Arizona100  Arizona100  Arizona100  Arizona100
 Dallas100  Dallas100  Dallas100  Dallas100  Dallas100  Dallas100  Dallas100  Dallas100
 Denver100  Denver100  Denver100  Denver100  SanFrancisco100  Denver100  Denver100  Denver100
HOU @ PIT  Pittsburgh100  Pittsburgh100  Pittsburgh100  Pittsburgh100  Pittsburgh100  Pittsburgh100  Houston100  Pittsburgh100
  Ben Gordon Khaled Nathan Neil Rick Sam Steve
This week: 11-4 12-3 9-6 10-5 12-3 11-4 10-5 11-4
2014 63-42-1 74-31-1 69-36-1 64-41-1 66-39-1 64-41-1 66-39-1 71-34-1
2014 Win % 60.2% 70.6% 65.9% 61.1% 63.0% 61.1% 63.0% 67.8%











































  • Leon Sandcastle aka

    #HowBoutThemCowboys six in a row

  • Bryan Ortiz

    I think most of you screwed up the Miami – Chicago game picks…I am betting Chicago loses.

    • jnevill12

      Based on?!? I’ll take that bet.

      • corners

        Because the dolphins defense is severely underrated and is probably one of the better defenses in the nfl.

        They are legitimately about 7 deep on the d-line

        • JC Harris

          Top ten D and top 5 running game.

      • Bryan Ortiz

        I should have taken it huh…

        • jeffy1951


    • JC Harris

      Spot on man :-)

  • Chris

    I’m a 49ers fan and it’d be a miracle to beat the Broncos this week. Defense has stepped up with the injuries but at some point they just become unbearable. Bowman, Willis, Smith, Dorsey, Brock, Ward… I would be shocked if the Broncos didn’t put up at least 35.

    • Josh Knepshield

      Have more faith in your team. Perrish Cox, Chris Culliver, Antoine Bethea (who knows Manning well), Eric Reid, and Justin Smith are ready.

      • Brian Dugan

        Yeah… good call, Josh.

        • jeffy1951

          You know what they say about “hindsight” eh Brian?

          • Brian Dugan

            I don’t know what “hindsight” is Jeffy, but I definitely know what hindsight is. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking hindsight, foresight, or Enzyte, thinking that 49ers linebacking group/secondary was even going to slow Manning last night was bananas. Antoine Bethea “knows Manning well” haha sheesh.

    • jeffy1951

      Good call Chris! 42!

  • B34R51

    Who doesn’t know how to count? Is it 7 games y’all? Or 8??

  • DrAWNiloc

    No love for New York! I can understand the lack of votes for the Jets but the NYGs-Dallas unanimity is a tad surprising (albeit much less so than the performance of the Cowboys so far in 2014).

    • [email protected]

      Not really. Giants have beaten the Texans, Redskins, and Falcons and only the Redskins were away. They haven’t done anything in years to inspire any confidence. Rashad Jennings is the MVP so far, i’m surprised more people didn’t want him.

  • Max

    Check out these guys Week 7 picks at they are pretty good.

  • JC Harris

    Khaled needs to just … stop … seriously … LOL